DIY Whole Home DVR With XBMC And NextPVR

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DIY Whole Home DVR with XBMC and NextPVR
DIY Whole Home DVR with XBMC and NextPVR
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6 of 7 Kodi NextPVR LiveTV DVR
NextPVR XBMC Addon Preview
NextPVR XBMC Addon Preview
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Intel NUC MythTV/Kodi PVR/DVR with HDHomeRun Extend Tuner

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Andrew T Love: Excellent video. Very informative.

Gary Welsby: FYI Hauppauge is pronounced
Hop hog

Blake.TV: Do you live near the US/Canada border? Just wondering, as I saw KBTC, KOMO, KING (Seattle TV broadcasters) in your lineup.

Adez Zaeem: Leave the guy alone, this guy was very efficient in this tutorial for us.... Great video man.

Aceguy2001: Hi can you record from plugins such as DexterTV

homes24: you remind me of the guy from office space.

WoobieWookie: Can we have an update (we're up o KODI now) - I will be attempting to set this up in Win7 with a cablecard tuner. Crossing fingers...

Mike Sheedy: FYI. Hauppauge is a place in NY.  It is pronounced "Hop-awg." ;)

Bret Price: Is that your parent's entertainment center?

FedDavidics: Just get a Amazon Fire TV. Instal XBMC and you got more channels, esp. international, then Directv, TWC, etc. Or just buy a XBMC setup.

Tech_Geek97: If you use digital cable try a Ceton InfiniTV

Joseph Walker: I purchased a Roku 3 before I saw your video. How would I used it in your system?

piratesmvp: Excellent video! I'm considering adding DVR functionality to my XBMC system, so this was very helpful.

Niki Kircher-Ross: Thank you for a clear and concise walk through!  I have been looking for an hour for someone who can speak clear, to the point, and organized about this set up and you were the best!  No constant rambling...No jumping around...Just Simple and Clear! LOVE IT

Melvin Keelen: I have tried everything and can't get any sound from nextPVR can someone help me?

Jermaine Pulley: I use a centon infinitv 4 it uses a digital cablecard and gives me 4 tuners. They also have one with 6 tuners in one device. That's the way to go. I did this so I wouldn't have to spend money on renting cable boxes every month. Now I don't spend anything on boxes.

Bill Stine: Excellent! I'm considering going OTA and setting up something similar to what you described and had pretty well settled on NextPVR and XBMC on the clients. I was considering using Raspberry Pi running Raspbian/Raspbmc for the clients. Didn't know about XIOS DS Media Play. Can you comment on Raspberry vs XIOS? Worth building a special server or just buy a capable used PC?

sander201: why is it necessary to install xbmcbuntu instead of just ubuntu for windows?

christopherve7alb: The revo has more codec support just because it is running a full Linux OS beneath XBMC, the pivos does have very good support as well (I have tested it with mkv, avi, mp4 (h264), mpeg2 - both SDTV and HDTV). The PVR settings will be different for mthtv as NextPVR and MythTV are two different server applications. You will actually use a different PVR addon for mythTV (I believe XBMC has an official MythTV addon)

christopherve7alb: Yes but generally it will be four tuners of the same type. I need separate tuners for FTA, OTA and my subscription satellite.
DIY Whole Home DVR with XBMC and NextPVR 5 out of 5

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DIY Whole Home DVR with XBMC and NextPVR