2013 Fiat 500 Turbo Review

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2013 Fiat 500 Turbo review
2013 Fiat 500 Turbo review
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catman2130093: just a quick correction-my 2013 Abarth has a body colored dash panel (rosso). 3 years old,30k mile,zero issues,36.5 mpg

cerrystyle: I love the 500 body style design in general I know it's almost the same but between this and the Abarth version 'id go for the A500 for sure!

rye d: In Ontario these things have depreciated a fair bit. You can get one similarly equipped in this video for under $15,000 with less than 30,000 KM. I've spoken to a lot of sales people as well and most all of them say that they received the T as a trade on used Abarths.

That being said though, having owned and traded an Abarth I have to say in hindsight that I would much, MUCH rather have had the T. The former was a joyous way to overload the senses when driving on twisting back roads, but it was a choppy, loud, and conspicuous car that very quickly became irritating when driving anywhere else more than a half hour away. Its kind of like what Matt Farah said in one of his "One-Shots" being that its a great car to blast through the canyons or on a windy road for 15 minutes, but too much to live with on the regular. The Turbo is honestly just as rambunctious and playful on the same roads, but its a bit softer and more forgiving on long journeys, and hides its extra power behind the veil of the cuter and significantly less threatening Fiat badges. If the Abarth is what you crave than by all means go for it, its still an absolute blast to drive, but if you want something a bit more practical for use everyday that is still exciting and fun, pick up a second hand T and enjoy it.

Paul Michael Recchia: DAMN ! $25,000 is actually on the expensive side.

Olivia A: brilliant he says. hmm.

The Chin: Great review!

Rodolfo: Nice. review. I have the exact car. Lots of fun. Fyi, volume control is also on on back of the steering wheel for easy access. The turbo is great. After driving it for a few years the question now is can i get it tuned from 135 HP up to 160 like the Abarth? Same suspension, why not? We'll see what the dealer says.

princeston: !Update!: Available in an Aisin 6-Speed Automatic for 2015 models (so does the Abarth 500) :D

Bill Blinky: Thanks mate, that was a good review. Ages ago, when I had hair and lived in the city, I used to drive a Fiat 500 with a 500cc donk as my daily commute & I always wondered what it would be like with more pep. These days I live in the country & down a dirt road, so this car is not for me. But I've never forgotten my Italian love affair. ;-) 

Pellegrini Productions: Fiat is a great car company I don't know why these dumb people still think that fiat's are crap. Fiat now owns Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge. So keep in mind next time you comment about your big V8 it might have been designed by FIAT!

mauisku: love the armrest, get the freak off my armrest im the driver lol

Viperfast1992: I have one just like this, however mine has red leather seats to match. i love it

kklamps: I love my fiat 500 turbo, but I am one of those people that just need it to commute to work. Very economical!

dan Beu: Its a gay clown car

Johnny Unitas: Great vid!

rodimo dubb: Fiat owns 85% of dodge helped the American automaker to bounce back from recession, fiat also has to factorys back east in the us that builds both the 500 and the 4door 500L. So im glad that fiat help us in the u.s.

simone michielon: orgoglio italiano!!

eddiesushi: Although the review was well executed, I still think these cars a joke. I can see how they appeal to people who don't like parking and driving larger cars, but they are grossly overpriced. For the same amount of money you can easily find many 2-3 year old cars that are much more comfortable and have twice the horsepower and interior room. And worst of all, based on Fiat's terrible reputation in regards to reliability, those 2/3 year old cars will most likely also outlast this car too.

BulldozerJack: Why is that? It's a very european car, perfect for the city. You don't prove your manliness by driving a pickup truck.
2013 Fiat 500 Turbo review 5 out of 5

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