Taurus TCP 738 Magazine Extension For Pinky Finger

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David Hunt: Brilliant idea!!!

bigd18784: what is your shop called? and crossroads?

bigd18784: @multiholsters ok yeah im in Troy maybe we can do some business. about 45 mins away roughly

multiholsters: my shop is in livonia

bigd18784: I am from michigan, where are you located?

Chris Lepley: I just ordered some from amazon. They said it for the Taurus pt 738. I hope I don't have to drill into my mag's.

multiholsters: Works great! more control

Rick Chayer: so did the piny extenstion work or is it cosmetic only?

multiholsters: $5 shipping in the US

Sgttdc: Thanks,does that include s&h?

multiholsters: pocket holsters are $39.95

Sgttdc: Informative video how much would you charge for a left handed pocket holster?

multiholsters: should be no problem. just let me know what you would like

kingtchr1: How did the extension perform when you fired it?

multiholsters: @williebwright I do not keep any "in stock". If youd like I can purchase one, put the extension on it and send it over. Please let me know if I can help

Willie B Wright: Just curious if you make have any of the clips w/ extensions for the tcp738 for sell already to use. I'd be interested in purchasing one.

fenderrocks84: If you go on ebay and type in taurus tcp extension, there is a guy fabricating them and selling them. He also makes + 1 extensions.
Taurus TCP 738 magazine extension for pinky finger 5 out of 5

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Taurus TCP 738 magazine extension for pinky finger