Wrapping Bicycle Handlebar Tape

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V.O.F. Geven-Dohmen: Aan het einde het stuurloos schuin afknippen en de tape niet op het stuur plakken.
Slordige werkwijze.

jbird Perez: just curious why not start from the top ???

Brian Weymouth: Very helpful video, thanks.

Scott May: Great viddy... I'm taking a shot at it this weekend..  
Sweet ride by the way..   Izoard XP ?

David Fong: Good job--very clear about the opposite directions. You got done in 4 minutes, it takes other videos to say it in 11-13, lol. Nice Figure 8 trick, too!

jrgti80:2:02  I noticed you already had the ear plug in. 

john smith: Great video which I have to refer to every time I re tape my bars. Thanks for posting it.

Bob Mitera: Well done explanation.  Professional.  Clean.  Makes it easy. Cheers.

sweetchuck75: What brand of tape is that?  All bar tape now is so short, you can't really do a figure 8.  You have to use those stupid small strips.

Beach Life: good video. i find it funny that every time i search a bike video its always a man with an english or austrailan accent

Becky Urbansky: You made it look so easy.  Thanks for a very clear explanation/demonstration. 

Hystrix Lignum: Perfectly explained, Thank You!

gabriel pablo: Thank you!!!!

Benji Applepie: Great video, loved the figure of eight technique, this seasons cross bike looks spot on thank to nicely wrapped tape.

manuel uy: you wrapped it neat and nicely  sir!

Pat Rice: Brilliant idea with the figure 8, my bars look/feel perfect now.  Thanks!

Khoa Dang: Nice guy !

James Frew: The down side of wrapping the levers in a 'figure of eight' method is bulkiness. Others use strips and no figure of eight so that the hoods pop beautifully over the lever assembly perfectly. Whatever you like, I suppose.

Luca Leresche (Ultra): Thats seriously a beautiful bike 
Wrapping bicycle handlebar tape 5 out of 5

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Wrapping bicycle handlebar tape