MCProHosting - FTP FileZilla/Multicraft Tutorial

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N3xus: how do i get the Multicraft password, i dont understand!

DirectorAlexFilmz: Can somebody help me I put plugins in the Plugin Folder but they don't enable

JimboevanCraft: This does not work this is old that changed how it works this is so old MAke a new version to get My server map

chrissr123: If I get a server. Can I grant another friend access to the file cusomization? :) 

Gabe Bullard: i downloaded filezilla and on my control panel under files is only the bukget what do i do?

Moore Nation: can you do on a tutorial on how to actully fix a missing file

Lord Fluffeh: You didn't actually show how to upload them tho -_-

VirusTheFallen: I tried to use filezilla to upload a map onto the server but it didnt work....

Jack Hurley: I can't download my world file off the server it's pissing me off I want to back up my world

StonyTeckdude: is the servers automatically whitelist only when you buy them or do you need to set that up?

Breaking Limits: Hey guys, I need you to reply REALLY quick thanks :) Alright so im importing a new world and i need to change the name and blah blah blah dont worry about that, anyway the problem is when i click World on the control pannel thing, it says Add world, Delete world. I cant add a world and i cant delete them, its bugged?? I restarted my PC and all but it wont work, caz i need to add a world called ''Factions-Spawn'' It used to help, Please reply asap TY!

RAGExBehindUx: Thanks really helped :P

DY: thx bro your beast mode

MrSparksMinecraft: I Cant LogOn

The Unknown: +MCProHosting How do i upload a plugin to my server?

PerseusOfLights OfDarks: The mcpc+ ghat i installed and the plugin are not working

Adam McIntosh: does it work for Mac?

Arnold Ortega: how do i upload it ?

lukeaway: this isnt helping me 1 bit im trying to install tekkit lite into my server and i dont know how :-: pleaze help!

msieurmagnifique: I downloaded FileZilla  Installer and it won't let me install the program without installing some crap searchbar
MCProHosting - FTP FileZilla/Multicraft Tutorial 5 out of 5

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MCProHosting - FTP FileZilla/Multicraft Tutorial