MCProHosting - FTP FileZilla/Multicraft Tutorial

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MCProHosting Review
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~5000 TNT blowing up on a McProHosting Server!!
Mcprohosting minecraft server hosting
Mcprohosting minecraft server hosting
Best Minecraft Server Host! (MCProHosting Skit)
Best Minecraft Server Host! (MCProHosting Skit)
How to add Plugins to mcprohosting servers! Sub my new channel!
How to add Plugins to mcprohosting servers! Sub my new channel!
MCProHosting - FTP FileZilla/Multicraft Tutorial
MCProHosting - FTP FileZilla/Multicraft Tutorial
Best Minecraft server host ever!!!! Mc Pro hosting!
Best Minecraft server host ever!!!! Mc Pro hosting!
how to buy a server on mcprohosting
how to buy a server on mcprohosting
Uploading Plugins to Multicraft
Uploading Plugins to Multicraft
ProPack   An easy to use high performance modpack from MCProHosting
ProPack An easy to use high performance modpack from MCProHosting

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12AzaA1: I downloaded FileZilla Installer and it won't let me install the program without installing some crap searchbar

BintonGaming: So in order to manage your files, you can't do much without downloading a completely different program? Wow, what great design! A lot easier to use than if the file manager on the website was actually functional!

Adam McIntosh: does it work for Mac?

Arnold Ortega: how do i upload it ?

Ore Slime: Can you please update the video!

Blead Productions: FileZilla is not installing it says I do not have internet connection

ThePandemicMoon: This video is really old, the control panel didn't even look like that when I bought my server nearly a year ago. Also, if you guys have any questions, just fill out a thread on the MCPH forums, here: .

TheVgahan: do i upload on browser or on filezilla??

TheVideoBoy: for some reason i cant download any files please help

AMplaysmc: can u still get it if your in UK??? PLEASE RESPOND

cmtv: give me a cape!!!!!!!!

xYodaGamingx: my server doesnt work :(

Matrix Gamer: So much help :) 

Grapez Play MC: Thamk you so much i needed help with this!!

Kristo: Thanks! This helped alot!

TheToddei02: I have bought a server to times to the same server and it's still not working

CaptainBlaze: I got a dirt plan from mc pro hosting. For some reason even though it says my username is the owner and has full access. When I try to put in for example; /gamemode , it says I don't have permission to use that command. Please Help

BmcTheGamer: How Do You Re Apload It?

V0RT3XGAMERS: hey i just got my vanilla server and a need to whitelist it, how to i do it

spencer halliday: that did nothing why is it so hard

Ryan Kiser: mine says you are not whitelisted... ITS MY DAMN SERVER!

caroline Griffiths: wtf i bought a server for 200 dolars and i didnt get it!!!!

Zer0 - In(Tents) Camping Productions: You need to work on fixing bugs and glitches in your hosting service. If I would have know it was gonna suck this bad I would have gone with someone else.

Ryan Wochner: What do you do when you clck something and don't know how to get back cause I can't get back to my server control panel when my server is off. What should I do?

noaty1: There is no server to connect to

Justs Ceplis: tnx it wrily helped

DIMentiaMinecraft: rename it to "custom.jar" and select Enable Custom Jar in the CP.

bipz93: To update your server go in to multicraft hit STOP to stop the server. Adjust the version to the one you want. Hit save then hit the START button at the top.

Runemaster580: how do you add adventure maps on to the server

Techknowsitall!: PLZ help me someone i bought a server but like im not owner because people are still able to ban and de op me! Any help will be appreciated

sonicnerfboy: Thank you so much!!!! :DDDDD My server would not be possible without this video!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!! :DDDD

PcGamerJosh: Thank you!

jarle farbu: and the 90 like!!!

TheLordOfEpicGaming: Slash*

Lauwergames: i will try to

whatthepoo MC: FileZilla won't download

omzcatMineCraft: It is not working

RaZeRrecords: Send a ticket to support.

Kamarudin Yahya: Please help theres an error

Adamouska: Why is my server pending?

MCProHosting: Make sure you include the numbers after the username!

AwesTube: Trying to reconnect in 5 seconds Reconnecting to server... Connected, waiting for authentication Connection to server close hhhheeeellppp MMEEEE

☆ Jack - Daily Minecraft Videos! ☆: This is so confusing... -_- I do it and it doesn't want to place my other files... I'm trying to install "The Dropper 2" files into it...

dawinder singh sagoo: mc pro hosting my servers 1.4.7 and im 1.5.2 what do i do

TheBombMC: I am friends with Rolando (r011yp011y) :PPPPP

XGamerStudioX: /op [name]

DIMentiaMinecraft: Put the server IP, a colon, and your server port into your MC client as a multiplayer world and make sure the server is actually started and you should connect.

Harry Coffey: It says Connecting to Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message... Error: Connection timed out Error: Could not connect to server

Liam nandlall: Feed the Beast?

12345littlepeople: Thank you so much!
MCProHosting - FTP FileZilla/Multicraft Tutorial 4.7 out of 5

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MCProHosting - FTP FileZilla/Multicraft Tutorial