How To Fix Firewall Problem In GameRanger

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How to fix Firewall problem in GameRanger
How to fix Firewall problem in GameRanger
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MsRatedrcenation: I am actually not getting nat or any other place so that I can add another router please help me

TheGreyWolfFL: wth this is the worst tutorial ever

TeoDaCool: still getting the firewall problem :(

Smarty4300: Thanks it works awesome video

Catalin Bloo: thanks dude!!! really thanks!!! you save me

Adi Adi: It worked thank you :)

Rúben Vargas: thank for helping dude, apreciated.

Massimo Berneri: you actually recorded this with a baguette

Маргулан Ерлан: Thank you!!! thanks for the help!

Frank Kortenhoeven: does it work for windows 8

Luis Gonzalez: I never leave a comments, but I need to tell u that This Help me a lot thanks!

ziad elkarimi: perfect video thx a lot

youssif alshami: Are you kidding me you are Hamster xD im Fire Storm LOL

Mohamed Tiger: i dont know what is the pasword but admin doest work my router is tp-link

TMBlackCat: Go to your router, behind the router there is a reset button, click on it, wait 10 sec and turn it on again, it should reset everything to default, try the site again after that.

TMBlackCat: whats the problem tell me

Snip3sh0w57: can u make a video on how to set your ports?

Noor Aldeen: i love you

Romario Gonsalves: I have netgear..but I don't know to find DMZ HOST

KoolingGamesVideos: Get a better mic please cant understand you ):

Gharbia Mounir: Thank you very much :)

ZoRo Zohrabyan: Hi you know how to fix unable to connect other player(s) problem ?

GolD DusT: working very well, thank you

TMBlackCat: Hmmm I don't know this problem.. This only shows how to fix connection problems with gameranger. But if it stops working try re-installing GameRanger and deleting left over items from AppData of gameranger. Click windows button + R, type inside AppData And click enter.. go to local and those 3 folders and you should see folders of gameranger.. first delete gameranger then delete those left over items from AppData of gameranger

Vinoth Pandi: bro but it doesnt work for me,my router is tp link

TMBlackCat: try this.. Username: Admin Pass: Admin if it doesn't work try Username: admin Pass: admin just without capital letter

علي الصفار: Can you show us how to open udp port 16000 in Tp-Link (TL-WR941N) and connection at Gameranger please ?

TMBlackCat: In google type "What is my IP" find out what is ur internet IP and paste him in the search box in the web browser.. it's option 2.

Tony Ta: cant find my fuking router pass

Tyler Shields: Need help I can find those username or password for the sierra wireless virgin mobile hotspot were can I find this

Vissaeus: i just remove that program lol

TastyHashBrowns: man please help me i just have this options wan lan mac clone i cant find NAT :s

Jerry Benson: very detailed video.. thanks man

TMBlackCat: When you open DMZ it opens all the ports but in same time fixes the firewall problem, I do open my DMZ but now closed, I keep gameranger port opened only and I opened static IP and nothing more, DMZ means all ports are opened and it fixed firewall problems aswell, it's up to you mate. If I had a firewall problem I would keep DMZ.

TMBlackCat: It's very easy. Once logged into your router click on the "Forwarding" and then "Virtual Servers". Once the page loads click "Add New..." In "Service port" type: 16000 In the "IP Address" type the IPv4 Adress, go to cmd > in cmd type: ipconfig > and copy IPv4 Adress from there to "IP Adress" In Protocol switch to UDP Status: Enabled Dont touch "Common service Port:" and just click Save. Now go to Forwarding > DMZ > Enable and add IPv4 IP Adress.

Robbaz IL: I have windows ultimate 7 . i have opend ports and done the stuff in control pannel (disabled firewall . opend ports both in router and control panel) still problem wtf?

Ahmed YouseF: i cant play it say your fire wall is blocking you from playin games

JuanFer Araya: Thank you !!! very good tutorial

dbzAbhishek: Thanks a lot man! You Rule!

Tony Ta: FIXED! thank you.

TMBlackCat: How to port forward in Nokia Router? Go to google and type: port forwarding nokia router And if you still don't know so what is your model of your router? Nokia what? Like there's cars.. like Mazda.. and the model is 3.. so It's Mazda 3.. got it? And you said Nokia.. but what Nokia? Nokia Azureus or what? and do you have problems entering the router's website? with password and username or u got inside ur router's website?

Edon Ukshini: I dont have real IP , so when i type my ip address it doesnt open. What should I do ?

sidahmed mustafa: i can not found the password

YOUrock Alot: my problem is that when i open it it tells me: windows cannot access the specified device,path or file. you may not have the appropriate permissions to access them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ PLEASE HELP (WANNA PLAY WITH MY FRIENDS SO freakIN' BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \\

Dhruv Dubey: can please tell me how to do this in nokia router

Nikita Chumakov: I have Belkin provider. And I did pretty the same, but When I start game in 23 seconds connection drops, I do not know what to do

TMBlackCat: Try resseting your router, can help, behind your router there is a button called reset.

HĕrǾŏ ŹayǾŏnâ: your fire wall is blocking you from playin games

Huynh Phan: My Default Gateway is blank and only has : :

TMBlackCat: 1. Re-install gameranger. 2. Antivirus can be the problem here too, fully disable it or remove it. 3. Right-click the file, and then click Properties. Click the Security tab. Under Group or User names, click your name to see the permissions you have. Click Edit, and then click to check the check boxes for the permissions that you need, and then click OK. 4. Right-click the gameranger file and then click Properties. In the General tab, click Unblock if the option is available.
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How to fix Firewall problem in GameRanger