Dryer Repair- Replacing The Heating Element Assembly (Frigidaire Part # 131553900)

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Chris Testerman: My dryer heats but it takes 3 cycles to dry the cloths does that sound like the element is failing or could it be something else.  Oh I love the dryer belt trick lifting the drum and all I will keep that in mind next time I open her up. Great video!

Harold Flynn: Great Video. Helped me get it done! 

IHAVU: Just did this myself, took about ten mins, very easy, one thing about this tutorial, I can't figure out why you would try and put the belt on from the front of the machine when you could have done it very simply from the back where you could actually see what you were doin, not tryin to be a prick haha, I was just losin my mind watching you fumble with that hahaha, no big deal, just sayin haha

Dave D: The model is LEQ1452KF0 - Thanks

Dave D: I opened up the dryer and found the heater element was broken, put in a new, but when putting everything back together,
the drum did not align with the door, seemed like the drum was not out forward enough to mate with door correctly , what am I missing?

Josh Roemer: So, Easy repair for me. Everything went smoothly. Except now the dryer won't turn on! Before it was running but no heat. Now nothing. I retraced my steps, checked the outlet, (only one it can fit in) reset all the circuits breakers. Not sure what to do now. 

PartSelect: Hi there, My apologies - are you able to clarify your question? Thanks!

SuneviL CM.: I'm about to watch the vid.. for my model # LGQ1442ESO... thought I would shoot this at ya even before i began to see if there's tips or suggestions, for mine specifically.. and element #.. thanks~!

PartSelect: That's great to hear, Jeff! Thanks for the feedback here, and good job on the repair.

Jeff Cole: Awesome video. It helped me clean out my dryer.Keep up with the great video's.

PartSelect: Hi Jack, Thanks for your question here! Kudos for taking on a DIY repair as a dryer repair novice. If you can provide your model number, I can point you to precisely where your heating element lives. Cheers.

Jack Robinson: Being a complete novice at dryer repair the video is a bit confusing; for me anyway. You talk about removing the element housing and then replacing it with a new one. Then you mention re-connecting the thermostat and then the two wires to the heating element itself. The confusion.... Where is the heating element? It is in the housing? Can't really tell in the video. Thanks.....

PartSelect: Hi Denise, What's the model number for your dryer? Thanks!

denise isaacs: We have a dryer with the same part number but the controls aren't on the front of the dryer, the are on a panel on the back top of the dryer, if it was like the one you are working on no problem! :(

PartSelect: @1ApolloOne Thank you so much for sharing your repair experience. We're glad that we were able to help you complete this repair! We have a process for adding customer's experience when they replace their parts so other customers and learn from thier experience. You're now a DIY'er and welcome to the club!

1ApolloOne: I made the repair this weekend and it went flawlessly. Everything was just as you described. And I purchased the part from your company, which arrived the very next day and was less than half what Sears was charging. Thank you so much for your help. I would also add to the procedure to take the time while you have it disassembled to use a shop vac to clean the whole thing out before putting it back together.

PartSelect: @1ApolloOne Thank you for your feedback. Glad we were able to show you visually how to replace the heating element. In some model of dryer's such as Whirlpool you only need to replace the heating element alone other's like this Frigidiare you need to replace the whole assembly. It depends on the dryer's manfacturer. You can check out what type of element your dryer needs by searching for parts using the model number. Hope this answers your question. I will also email my answer to you.

1ApolloOne: That is a very informative video. I can read a procedure, but it's always better to see someone actually do it. One question, though. If the heater element is bad is there any reason you can't just replace it alone, or is it preferable to replace the whole heater assembly?

PartSelect: @DrMark920 Thank you for the compliment! We're proud of our repair videos and we're glad that DIY'ers like yourself enjoy watching them.
Dryer Repair- Replacing the Heating Element Assembly (Frigidaire Part # 131553900) 5 out of 5

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Dryer Repair- Replacing the Heating Element Assembly (Frigidaire Part # 131553900)