S&W M&P Shield 9mm Vs Glock 26: Accuracy Comparison

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Joshua Willems: not a good test.. apples to oranges..you need to compare the m&p9c for this to be fair.. you have a much better advantage with the bigger glock.. shoots like a full size..just like the m&p9c would.. that is the same as glock 26

Duncan Morrill: What ammo and grain are u using

Notta Legg: Seriously, who is going to run their gun through sand, mud, hot lava...Glocks are the iPhone of guns for beginners

Tony Trombley: you guys rushed your shots but these guns are so evenly matched right down to the weight, i know because i own both and perfer the m&p because of the slim frame better quality slide and American made. fyi the glock 26 failed the torcher test when compared to the taurus p111 g2. IM NOT A GLOCK HATER but lately glock quality has gone down hill. I will say this sw and glock have been the 2 manufacturers that have been competitive with each other and can say this the M&P line of SW is a home run for S.W.

FOVIESG: In short: What is more accurate? ... What is the best gun?

Jeremy Hodges: S&W MP shield

ChuckHydro: Do a Trigger job on the M&P also if you wish to get a fair test. Obviously you didn't do the trigger job on the Glock to make it less accurate.

Brian Mumford: Swapping out the plastic guide rod in a Glock makes it less reliable on average. 

Lee Greger: Both guns are good, as soon as I leave NJ to a free state I will be getting a Shield 9mm. I have two Glocks a 17 and a 26, I qualified in NE with my 26 for my CCW, then I had to move to NJ. Anyway great video, Sub compacts take work to get real good placements. I shot a friends Kimber .45 and had 3 shots in about 1/2" at 7 yards.

Beetle Mann: I carry an XDS 45, wanted to buy my wife a handgun for carry. Local range has huge selection of rentals. She shot the shield, nano, lc9, and Glock 26 (gen 4) all were 9 mm and she did the best and bought the Glock. What gen is that one, cause gen 4 w/ no backstrap has thinner grip.

huntbuc6: I can help if you need instruction....Ha! Funny... but you're having a blast!

CWB1863: I own a Shield in 9mm and love it.However, i will be picking up the G26 this weekend for a secondary carry.I borrowed a friends and shot better with the 26.Overall, both are great and very reliable as hell.

traybrook: By the way, I think the grouping was a little tighter with the shield

traybrook: I just got the shield 3 wks ago and love. I dont own a glock and have never shot one but am really looking forward to getting a sub compact glock. Maybe not the 26, but 27, 30, or 33.

WesleY Miller: For you guys who love the shield put the talon rubber grips on it and you will really love it!! I also have many glocks but that shield is very hard to beat guys! I've put 5,000 RDS through my shield 40 no problems love it!! Its really easy to conceal as its only .95" thick.

e schmidt: The only thing this shows is which pistol each of you shoot better.  Not the individual gun.  I like them both but as a firearms instructor I still prefer my Glock.  Been carrying a Glock for 19 years and I know they will shoot dirty or clean.  Full of clothing lint or not my Glocks will fire.

DALEK1998: my glock 19 shoots high.

Skip Wilson: I own both...love both..G26 is more accurate to me...carry both depending on weather and clothing...best of both worlds...

monkey4gsus: As a first time buyer with not big hands, what would you recommend, the M7P sield or the G26 or G19? Thanks

jeff pendo: Because most glocks shoot high and need a 6oclock hold. Great video guys
S&W M&P Shield 9mm vs Glock 26: Accuracy Comparison 5 out of 5

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S&W M&P Shield 9mm vs Glock 26: Accuracy Comparison