Beretta Nano Review And Comparison

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Don Clark: would you recommend this over the S&W bodyguard for conceal carry??

DevineCrimsonThunder: That nano has a terrible bore axis. No external slide lock? I'll stick with the shield. 

a4dude: Nice review, i'm seriously considering buying a Nano.

partriarch: Nice review.  Bought a Nano some months ago, and am quite impressed with it, considering the small size, light weight, and shooting qualities of this piece.  Bought the Trijicon night sights for mine, which makes a world of difference in low light situations.  Also put on a Pachmayr No. 4 "Grip Glove" for slightly enhanced controlability.  Have other pistols I could carry (.40 S&W and .380 ACP), but find myself returning to the Nano as the best combination of values.  I like this piece for personal defense, and carry it all day where allowed by law.

frickbot: Pisses me off that i'm a better shot with my nano than my px4 compact because I really like my px4 more but its all about the end results. 8/8 hitting a can at 10 yards is good for me and I can do it consistently with the nano.

1979rdg: according to the manual the snap caps do not protect the firing pin from damage beretta recommends them for loading and unloading purposes they recommend you use the derooster button to derooster the gun

joerigg14: Do you pocket carry the Nano? If so what is our thoughts?

Heffe67: Fantastic review. Nano is one of the carry guns i've been considering, and it's now at the top of my list!

Steelers86860: The lack of a slide release makes it harder to clear jams.

don seguin: I love my ranger green nano very nice and solid pistol

Stance Punk: no slide release. just pull back the slide.

MrBigden37: Actually you are supposed to slingshot the slide in any combat self defense reload, not the slide release.

Vanessa Garza Vise: I LOVE MY NANO! Now to find the perfect holster:/ i ordered the one from Beretta, but i'm sending it back. I don't like it.

coldgripva: :) Actually, I've had the same thought!

jfourn295: Seems like its pretty much a mini glock lol

Karl Hammaker: The Nano was originally designed for 40 S&W, but Beretta came out with the 9mm first. They haven't announced, as far as I know, when they will produce other calibers.

BHammer: Can it use 40 S&W?

coldgripva: Thanks. and yeah, I agree on the trigger pull ...

crudblue: Excellent review. I have been looking at the LC9, Nano, and Shield and your review has helped me stay with the Nano pick even with it's reported FTE issues. I tried the LC9 at the range and it indeed does have quite a bit of muzzle flip and very long trigger pull.

Shawn Hinzman: And the sights on the LCP are pretty much nonexistant... just a notch milled into the top of the slide.
Beretta Nano Review and Comparison 5 out of 5

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Beretta Nano Review and Comparison