Hi Point Pistols .45 & 9mm About Jams Malfunctions

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Hi Point Pistols .45 & 9mm About Jams Malfunctions
Hi Point Pistols .45 & 9mm About Jams Malfunctions
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SouthernDemocrat: Carried a Hi Point JHP45 in the Navy on 3 deployments NEVER JAMMED i escorted Marine Enginers In Helmand Province Afghanistan twice and Korengal Valley Once´╗┐

FuYing Bro: the 9mm case came with the pistol from hi point the .45 i got at local sports store

Ravenoussolitude: lol he deletes your comments if he doesn't like what you have to say. QQ more!

Will Cunningham: cool thanks. I need to get me one.

Shantra Mulani: I have expensive guns and also a hi-point. that high point sure is accurate and dependable for sure.

FuYing Bro: no problem. cases can be pretty cheap to heck of expensive. i think the one i got for the .45 was only 10 bucks on sale. but i have seen metal fancy ones for 200. so shop around. can't see spending more on a case than the firearm LOL

lildnbalive: Dude i here to tell u high point is trash complete trash i have shot and owned 2 and every 1 trash they are just worth the steel they are made of

lildnbalive: Maybe hi point targets people with no income

Will Cunningham: where did you get those cases?

FuYing Bro: sounds good thanks for watching

FuYing Bro: Awesome. We just started having an issue with my wife's c9. It was on its 1,700 or so round through it and was not jamming but not closing all the way. It was user error. Last time my wife cleaned it she didn't oil the rails at all. I noticed she didn't but it was all pinned up so if thought I was able to get some to seep in from the outside. I was wrong. Once we opened her up and oiled the rails she rail perfect again.

smorrow0816: How in the world does holding it correctly relate to the gun jamming? If you pull the trigger....it should fire. Not sure I got you there.

FuYing Bro: awesome

shooter77us: That's odd, because my brother and my father both own hi-point c9s and they both work flawlessly. What made yours trash?

FuYing Bro: @1985BigWheels well since you are paraplegic you most likely have really strong wrists so limp wristing shouldnt be too much on an issue. watch some videos on proper hand placement and gripping. this is most important on blowback pistols. next make sure you have good springs in your magazines, polish your feed ramp, and make sure your mag lips are in the right placement. i will do a video very soon on all of this. i have severe DDD and have been unable to do so lately.

FuYing Bro: thanks

lildnbalive: Hi point made it trash

Alan Nunnally: I love mine I got it about two months ago shoots great I'm thinking about getting one for my daughter . Great choice if you don't have a lot of money to spend

FuYing Bro: i actually have seen a glock jam from limp wristing. my dad is pretty old and has week wrists. he got one and it would jam almost every time. he now has had to stay with revolvers. its at least something. With all the firearms i own i still use a revolver for home defense just because of the reliability. And it is damn scarey looking LOL

sua xiong: this gun is good.

georgeterro: verry tru with gripping its a blow back gun you must hold tight when i first bought my high point 45 i held loose like i do my 22 pistol an it jamed but hang tight an no issues

FuYing Bro: I believe i go over this in the video. I explain it in more details on my video "limp wristing" search for it on my main channel page. Just put "limp wristing" in the search field.

RonJohn63: I know why grip affects accuracy, but why affect jamming?

FuYing Bro: Nothing to do with hand size. It has to do with your grip. Most the issues people will have with a pistol like this is limp wristing. Try filming your self from the side some time and watch the reaction in slow motion and see if you are letting your wrist take the recoil or if you are letting the slide do its job. If you find you are not limp wristing try to polish your feed ramp or try a stronger load. Hi points have heavy slides and light load will cause jams

FuYing Bro: are the other pistols you are firing recoil activated or blow back operated. You said you are not that experience with pistols. Hi points are great for first time users to see if they are doing something called Limp Wristing. If your magazine is in great shape and the slide is moving back and for with out issue then you may be limp wristing. Next time you go out try to pay attention to the strength in your wrist and let your elbows do the work to take the recoil.

J. Dalton: Man limpwristing is what people use when they really dont what going on.Easy to say..YOU WAS LIMPWRISTING IT!.No can you really amagine a world where if you didnt hold your gun rite it would jamm.Go on my page i bust the !!limpwrist!! B.S..And it not no gay crap about ramps or feedlips..Its the owner are mostly first timers and dont have the knoledge like you..To relize it mag springs are weak out the box..Thats it!!..nothing les..

FuYing Bro: The sccy is a better choice but don't blame the gun just because you were incompetent dissembling a firearm. I would hate to see what you say if you ever tried to fully take apart and put together an ar15 bolt carrier group.

CreativeConscious00: any competent gunsmith can increase reliability of any firearm even if just slightly, being based soley on the design

Patrick Cox: NIce Video. I have the 9mm but have not had a chance to shoot it yet.

FuYing Bro: Why would I say the Sccy is a better choice if I was working for hi point. I have over 3,000 rounds through my .45 with out one issue. Yes stuff can and will fall out during disassemble if you are not careful or if you took the pistol grips off for some reason. I have taken I do some gun smiting work and not all gun smiths are the brightest creatures and they don't know everything about every firearm.

Garry Reynolds: Thanks for your views on the hipoint bud. Im a glock fan but I just bought one of these hipoints for my gf and I must say its built pretty good for a $150 gun.

FuYing Bro: did i infer that hi-points are crap.

FuYing Bro: Agreed the roll pin is one major pain in the butt the deal with and with they would go with a different way. But over 3,000 rounds and not one jam I would have to say I would trust if if i needed to. Do I still have it yes. Do I use it in self defense, no. But if it was my only choice, yes. If you want perfection you are not going to stick with a sccy you are going to be looking into a $6,000 and up piece.

Francisco Compean: ive bought 4 hi-point and 3 came with crap mags but the guns were better than i expected

Dan63558: are u kidding me, about 6 different parts fell off when i was just cleaning it gently, i knew what i was doing, they are junk, and even if yours is working now put another 1000 rds through and see what happens, my own gunsmith had problems with it, what does that tell u, you gotta work for hi point your crackin me up, lol

FuYing Bro: Correct

FuYing Bro: any gun can have this type of feeding issue. watch my latest video explaining what limp wristing is.

J. Dalton: You i was looking forward to proving you wrong on limpwristing..But after you said CLIPS.Its just worth to me..Because i relize that you need take A.G.I coarse like have to understand how dumb limpwristing sound..We never study that subject in my classes..What if someone came in my shop and i say that..Lol..You really have to that good for it work?.Let me work your mag springs..Youll will blow any other gun out the water.

Angie Nunn: We own 2 c9mm both were bought used for less $100 a piece (legal purchase ) Hi point has supplied the new parts to up date the firing spring free of charge. Great customer service. I polished the feed ramp with fin grit sandpaper and no jams

AnotherDayInTheDitch: All Hi-Point pistols are blowback operated. If your sissy wrist jumps back when firing, that force is lost and won't properly cycle the slide.

rockriver15: really. you going to tell a bad guy to hold on while i get proper grip so my gun wont jam. i dont think so buy a better gun people

AnotherDayInTheDitch: It will cycle just fine. Parabellum, luger, 9x19..... It's all the same with exception to the nato round having maybe a bit more chamber pressure but not +P pressures.

Eric Sposito: Great information. You will never convert the haters. I own both of these as well. I had mag issues with the 9mm but I fixed them. I havent had one issue with the 45. They are the best in their price range, and I have out shot $800 dollar pistols with my Hi Point 45.

CrazedLostFan: The word cheap brings the sense of it being junk, you should consider it an inexpensive gun rather than "it's a cheap gun"

john ringo: i think about getting one every now n then, but when i bring it up, my ffl starts laughing at me. i hate that!

FuYing Bro: thanks you sir

MouseFrogToad: My High Point 9mm jams constantly. Nutnfancy had to have the one he tested fixed before reviewing on YouTube. I'm not that experienced, but I can fire other handguns without issue. A new gun should not need fixed right away. High Point has a lifetime warranty, and Nutnfancy says they have great support and the gun is accurate. To busy to call the factory, but I should get it to fire right or dump it for something reliable. Don't want to wonder if I am holding it right if it is needed...

Dan63558: i just think after all these years people having problems with them youd think theyd switch uo the machinery process and make it a bit more basic to take apart like the sccy cpx 2 for example, that pin is also a pain in the ass, no hard feelings though, i was told to clean it with crc brake cleaner and not to take it apart thats all i know, to me guns are all about perfection, you get what u pay for, and in this messed up economy maby hi points not a bad choice, would i trust my life on it? no

FuYing Bro: sounds great thanks for watching

baloney720: Good review. I plan on getting a hipoint 45 myself. But I will just say I have never had, or seen a jam from a glock limp wristing. I owned a glock 45 a long time ago, and wish I still had it, but I can't afford one right now, and plan on getting one of these ugly donkey leg bricks lol. Heard nothing but good things about the 45s.
Hi Point Pistols .45 & 9mm About Jams Malfunctions 4.4 out of 5

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