Hi Point Pistols .45 & 9mm About Jams Malfunctions

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Peter Pan: One way to change the way ppl think about Hi-points negative comments.. maybe not mention them. Kinda like by not making it an opening statement. In other words don't feed the trolls. Good review...

Jason Williams: Ever experienced any failure to eject issues with either of these firearms?

Jacob Estrada: Throw them both away.

michael farrell: i just got a hi point it keeps jamming on me

mjn61: Every feed issue I've seen with Hi-Points are with the people loading the mags. One of mine Hi-Points has over 3000 rds through it and I've never had it apart to clean it, I'll do that when I start having problems with it.

Ray Williams: My Hipoint JCP .40 S&W wouldn't feed with a full mag until I polished the feed ramp, and tuned the mags.

brad winegardner: Incidently,I had a KAHR .45 that didn't feed for crap brand new.Of course,it was warranted BUT a warranty isn't worth crap if the gun fails when you REALLY need it...I cant have a jam or mech. failure in the gun and tell the burglar/rapist/etc to wait and come back when I get the gun back with my extra magazine.Again,they are just fine IF they WORK and work EVERY time.

Judah Tribe1969: I love my Hi Point 4595 carbine, and my wife loves her Hi Point C9.

MrScottJ87: I had owned the hi point 9 and now the 45. The reliability spectrum of the hi point 9 seems to very wide compared to its other models. Had nothing but problems with my 9 sent it in and still had issues with feeding. My uncle and two of my neighbors own hi point 9s. they have not had any problems with theirs just me. my uncle even fired mine to make sure it wasn't just me. Ended up selling the 9. My hi point 45 has been flawless and the muzzle flip is surprisingly low for me. Lower than the 9mm hi point imo. Great value imo considering getting The 380 or 40 next

Clay Turner: not cheap it's low priced

Dean James Littlehaven: And a Update I purchased the Hi Point Carbine 40 cal. I have a put it throw the ringer and it  just keeps rockin'

Big Boi: Junk!!!! I bought one and use it as a hammer

tim pierce: Great video. I have a C9 and the 995TS carbine. Never a hiccup from either, except when I used a 10 round mag in the pistol. I was told the 10 rounders are bad for that. I sent it back to Hi Point and explained the situation, asked for an 8 Rd. they sent it to me free, no problem since.

Jonathan Enriquez: thank for thes video brow is acrosse video

Demonlord468: $175 bucks for a 45 cal??? Well crap i know what im buying next. You cant beat that with a stick. Especially if its a decent gun... cant be worse than a Phoenix Arms.

dddemeno: inexpensive, but not cheap! had a glock 9mm and a colt 44 mag. the hi point .45acp is now my home protection. glock, multiple shots for a take down. 44 mag, 1 shot, then no control. this pistol has balance for multiple hits and stopping power. try some rounds. this coming from a person that prefers a 308 2 any pistol. &they are made in the USA!!

Keng Phase: I own a 40. hi point jcp and I had nose dive issues for a clip or 2 and I put specs for the clip that came with the gun and had no issues since and I've ran 2000+ with basic cleaning havnt even messed with the pin yet

JD Patterson: Liked your video. A lot. Thanks very much.
What drew me to your video was the dual review - of the 45 AC P and the C9 - both models that I plan to buy in September (2015). I will be utilizing the 45 for my "house" gun and the C9 as my "carry" gun.
I have come to this brand from Glock (in my younger days, carried an HK 40) and I gave up my 26 and 19 because...... due to physical problems, could not rack either Glock and due to financial realities, did not want to spend a small fortune for replacing the Glock with just more big name brand weapon(s). I went to my local gun dealer and among a wide variety of weapons tried (380 up to 45 autos), I was able to comfortably and easily rack the Hi.-Points.  
Prior to my decision to go Hi.-Point, I had watched probably 45 videos on both calibers and read reviews from some of the gun dealers and there is a common thread; ugly, heavy, BUT these Hi-Points WORK and THEY WORK WELL.
Once I have completed my purchase and gone to the range, I will come back and comment. Might even put up a short vid.
Bro, if you can put 2000+ rounds through either Hi-Point without a FTF etc., then what else does the average person need to convince them that inexpensive does not always mean cheap!

ubleach: You are right they are cheap but I used to own a 9mm when I first got into guns along time ago I never had a issue with mine the only down fall with a high point is they are so clunky and for me to big to carry and the ergos are not that good for me but they actually are pretty good pistols for what they are good video and review p.s. I don't have a high point any more but I would not feel under gunned if I had to carry one I think they are good for truck and nightstand but not really good for carry
Hi Point Pistols .45 & 9mm About Jams Malfunctions 5 out of 5

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Hi Point Pistols .45 & 9mm About Jams Malfunctions