The Complete Circular Saw Review By Mitchell Dillman

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The Complete Circular Saw Review by Mitchell Dillman
The Complete Circular Saw Review by Mitchell Dillman
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Kenpachi abarai renji: Damn indeed good tips! Thanks...

James Munn: What's your opinion on 8 1/4 vs. 7 1/4 worm drive saws? Worth the investment for 1/2 inch deeper cut?

Alpha Personal Training: Would you say side wonders vs worm drives is a regional preference? I've noticed worm drives are much more popular on the west coast 

goosecouple: How do you like the yellow metal saw horse?

Mitchell Dillman: Right On...Thank You for watching, happy you enjoyed the video!

Mitchell Dillman: worm-drive. =)

Begbucks: Nice review.

muzboz: Great video, awesome, and I love that you made a somewhat mundane building into a fun video making session for yourself! Very handy to see the features of a decent circular saw. Thanks! :)

hesham hamam: I like very Carpentry and Atakztk of albums teachers:D

selz202: haha does anyone know cisco outside of Seattle?

Mitchell Dillman: Thank You for watching Angel :D

Mitchell Dillman: The prazi beam cutter attachment allows you to make precision bevel cuts and compound miter cuts in beams and Structural Insulated Paneling (SIP's)... maintaining and cutting precise angles/bevels becomes a guessing game when using your chainsaw.

MrDanAustin: Milwaukee and Skil: nice selection! Can't do better than that, unless you want to pay 25–100% more for a saw that is only comparable or 0–3% better. And that chainsaw attachment is The Boss!

Mitchell Dillman: Right on Dan...Thank You for watching!

t williams: Actually called a skillsaw because skill marketed first, Same as sawzall became a universal name taken from Milwaukee's reciprocating saw.

jue1: How do you find the Prazi vs a chainsaw? I guess its a lot more accurate for straight cuts?

WatchingPup: your enthusiasm makes me lose the fear of power tools and want to cut wood that doesn't need to be cut

Mitchell Dillman: yep, the Worm-Drive saw is a real work horse! That Prazi attachment is great to have if you do a lot of beam and timber work, a sawzall or chainsaw works good too in most cases...thanks John!

Chris Conway: they should teach this in school

tinkletoesrus: Legend

Mitchell Dillman: Thanks for watching! =)

Mitchell Dillman: Thank You for watching...hope this helps the next time you need a circular saw! =)

gsimpson507: badass dude. your like the steady handed, craftsman version of gardening with cisco do you prefer a sidewinder over worm drive? im partial to worm myself

Mitchell Dillman: yep, after a lifetime with one of those saws in my hand you learn all sorts of handy tricks...Thanks for watching!

kueldudepaul: you prove it doesn't take much to do a lot Mitchel! you do great work even when working in the dirt. I thought all saws were the same.

Wing Lui: I really like your presentation. You remind me of the college professor with a lot of knowledge readily to pass on to the study with a smile.

Chris Windsor: Thanks Mitchell. If you could only have one saw, which would it be?

Mitchell Dillman: sounds like it may work Rob but it may take a lot of time to set up...but they do make ripping guides for sidewinders and worm-drives. Thanks for watching!

topari01: Thanks for posting. My dad was a carpenter and I have been around tools all my life. Never heard of a Work-Drive saw. Great idea. As far as I know, none have ever been available in Australia. Australia could be a new market. The saw would need to run on 230 volts.

Mitchell Dillman: right on, thank you for watching!

tilrock: Nice job on the video!

EnduranceT: Mitchell, this is a great explanation of these saws! I didn't even know there was a difference in circular saws! I notice you use Skil and Milwaukee. Is either one of these brands better in your opinion? I work for an electric contractor and we use Milwaukees.

Mitchell Dillman: aha, Thanks Darryl! you just reminded me to put up a disclaimer on that cutting scene...when you've spent as much time with one of those worm-drives in your hand as me you really know where that blade is...but that's not to say these saws won't tear you up. Believe me, i've seen plenty of that in my day too! =(

Mitchell Dillman: Thank You! just thought i'd share what i've learned in over 25 years of building houses...turns out you learn a lot! Thanks for watching =)

Mitchell Dillman: Thanks for watching! yep, the Worm-Drive is one heck of a saw...maybe you can be the first to get one down-under! :D

phil edans: we dont get them worm drive saws in the uk, they look so easy to use and powerful. plus this is what all americans should talk like, legend, keep it up.

robtwohig: Great video Mitchell! Thanks. I have a simple question; I've never seen it but would like your opinion. For a side-winder guide for ripping narrow stock like a 2x4, could a straight custom-made piece of wood be c-clamped(very small clamps) to the bottom of the base plate on the side opposite the blade. It would need rounded edges, and must clear the guard. Obviously it would take time to get the right position of the guide, and it must be parallel to the cut. What do you think?

Mitchell Dillman: the wormdrive Skillsaw is a work horse, made to work all day long. It is heavier and will outlast most sidewinders...but there is a time and a place for everything. The Milwaukee is a great saw, lighter weight but cuts great! thanks for watching :D

Mitchell Dillman: thanks pilgram (that's my best John Wayne impression:)...yep, worm drive saws are real work horses! they are heavier but will last a lot longer than the side-winders...

lou pelez: When I worked commercial contruction the worm drive was the standard. Not only the framers but the Brickies, Concrete cutting and the old timers around the job site who have had theirs for 30 years or more. You see them everywhere. But I would own both because there are great sidewinders out there that are easy and light to use when your hanging off a roof ect.

Mitchell Dillman: thank you for watching tilrock!

Mitchell Dillman: yep, me and those circular saws go way back...i can't tell you how many hours of my life i've spent holding on to one of those saws knee deep in a pile of sawdust...Thanks for watching buddy! :D

Mitchell Dillman: Yep, do what you can with what you have, right there where you are...thanks! :D

lou pelez: Im sure you can orden them no? Ebay?

Klendro M: Thank you for this great video.

Mitchell Dillman: yep, you said it...those worm drive's are bullet proof; but the sidewinder has its' time and place!

TheNuggetshooter: Another great and informative video Mitch. I always look forward to them. I got a bit nervous when I saw you using your thumb as a guide, however! One slip and you could have 4 1/2 fingers! How about some simple metal art videos for those of us with all thumbs?! :)

Pagansdad: Nice finger gauge rip technique! Lol. I like to use my pencil in the same way. The new Kids always look at you like "how are you doing that without a fence!" Thats why its called a SKILL saw ;)

Charles Struble: Mitch, good comparison, explanation, demonstration. Watchin' you rip that 2x4 shows this ain't your first rodeo... Thanks, man.

Mitchell Dillman: yeah they should...there's so much to learn about tools, doesn't seem there's enough young folks who care any more~ thanks for commenting Chris!
The Complete Circular Saw Review by Mitchell Dillman 4.8 out of 5

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The Complete Circular Saw Review by Mitchell Dillman