How To Replace Fuel Line On Homelite Weedeater

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How To Replace Fuel Line on Homelite Weedeater
How To Replace Fuel Line on Homelite Weedeater
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FUEL LINE Repair on Homelite SX135 Bandit Weed Wacker
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what to drive: a great idea , thank you

Gregory Ungs: One tip that prevents many of these issues--use Motofuel designed specifically for these small engines. Go to a pro lawn equipment shop (stay out of the Home Depot/Lowes at least until you know exactly what you're buying).
This stuff is expensive, maybe $15 a gallon. But it's well worth the additional cost as it seriously cuts down on ethanol or gas/oil mix erosion of parts & maintenance issues.
They actually RECOMMEND you leave the Motofuel in the tank when storing the unit.
I started using it several years ago & never looked back.Wouldn't let the old oil/gas or worse, oil/gas in ethanol gas mix near my equipment.

Bill West: Pierce the hose with a sewing needle and thread...then pull it through.

Bill Perry: I have a homelite weedwhip& already changed fuel lines,& gaskets,fuel not going in to bulb,Is it the pump?? all help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED

Disco 672: Where can you buy the black homelite fuel line in a larger lengths? I'm only able to find it in small lengths.

Glyn Robinson: i always use ethanol free gas in everything with a shot of sta bil. no problems. thanks for the dental floss tip!

DAN THE FAMILY LAWN MOWING MAN: i use fishing line instead of dental floss worked well for me

djpaone1: Dental floss Genius

markwaltervick: Thanks for posting - had the fuel primer crack, so I bought a new carburetor and replaced just the rubber primer.   Then found out the lines to the fuel pump had dissolved and broke - I would have replaced the entire carburetor had I known where I was now, but I did not want to remove those fuel lines . . . this video helped me understand the next step perfectly - thanks very much!

Gavin Peterson: Now the primer button won't fill with gas after fueline replacement

Daniel Chisler: you don't need any dental floss you start with pushing it threw from the tank then fish it out the mouth then put on the filter then pull it threw towards the carb .and if you don't use oil in your gas you will ruin the engine.

Scott Doherty: Thanks for the video, I just wanted to see it done before I tried it. I got a kit from Home Depot for $8, has both lines and they fit perfect. It also came with a wire with a hook that you feed through just like the floss. Just punch it through the hole in the line (it's already there and the line is cut at an angle) and pull it through. Part # AC04122 / 852-510 for Ryobi and Homelite. So far so good, we'll see how it holds up.

JD Winchester: Awesome video dude, many thanks!  Your dental floss technique is sheer genius!

Beth Dangelo: Or - Feed fuel line from top w/o filter until it extends beyond opening, attach filter, pull back through, cut to length.

Michigander: Thanks! I replaced my fuel line on my 97 model and it leakes bad now I know I need the bigger fuel line. Mine has a plastic nipple piece on the end of one of the lines but I am not sure where it went its been a few years since it fell apart. Any ideas?

scotty martin: thanks,from Cortes islanb,British Columbia ,CANADA.....

Michael Wasiukiewicz: Good idea w/ the floss!

Paul Cowan: Great video...nice job the floss did the trick....u da man

Rick Stubblebine: Thanks for sharing this video. It got me through my fuel line repair. The dental floss trick worked like a charm!

rayjay6361: Thanks Brett, I found this Homelite that somebody ditched at the landfill , It cranked right up but leaked like a sieve and sure enough the fuel line is rotted and its black line, I found some 1/8 line that I had lying around and its too big so I went to cap it with some regular yellow line and be damned it fits, Mine is just about an inch short of what I need, So I'm going to get more today, This is the second blower I've found this fall , The first was a weedeater brand that needed a new Carb kit, but the whole OEM carb was cheaper by a buck lol, Again thanks for your help  :  ) 
How To Replace Fuel Line on Homelite Weedeater 5 out of 5

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How To Replace Fuel Line on Homelite Weedeater