Scooter Carburetor Adjustment

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Scooter Carburetor adjustment
Scooter Carburetor adjustment
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How to tune a carburetor in a GY6 chinese scooter 150 or 50 cc
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Scooter Carburetor Idle Adjust
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how to adjust 139qmb/gy6 carburetor mixture
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Derek Boseley: what the hell just put it back together what about float height cleaning tutorial some people would be confused

3rd Cordova: sir can ask a question . sym jet can handle 135 cc? or an oco carb?

Riley s: I just got a 2008 sl50qt-7 is there any way to delete or find a diagram of how the fuel and vacuum lines goes to the charcoal canister

need2knw80: what do you use to keep your block so clean

jesse g.: after attaching new carb. 50cc still won't start. fuel does get to the carb. and there is spark. but yet nothing. when I poor had directly into the intake it does start.
any thoughts?

tbone: what pilot and jet would you suggest for better performance on a 125 4 stroke

Hunter Bucklin: I got a 50cc scooter i just got out of the shop. it ran perfect before they messed with the carb, now it only goes 5 or 10 mph and struggles. when i remove the air filter it runs like it should, is this a jet problem?

林紹宏: 亂拆一通

Jay Aardahl: I have a 49 cc Chinese moped it starts and runs but soon as I go to drive it it cuts out?

ricardo Gomez: I need help I got the gy6 carburetor I get gas to the carburetor butt it won't start well it starts for a second or two and then it wont start I check the spark plug and its dry when I use a different carburetor from one of my other bikes the bike runs right what can it be I have also cleaned out the carburetor I adjust the fuel adjustment screw and there's no change no difference any help will be appreciated

Christopher Spohr: My main jet came apart into 2 pieces? all main jets I've seen are 1 piece???

twistdshade: Thanks man. I was stuck on how to re-jet the sucker and you have the exact same carb as me. You forgot to mention that the main jet actually comes out of the bigger brass in the middle. I thought it was one piece.

It shows it at the end, but maybe add some annotations to be more descriptive :)

Kevin Stearns: one important adj u left out the floats.

Kurt Bennett: Hi there. I have a gx150 spiderbox and just bought a new carb from buggy depot. Apparently there are chinese ones, but this is 'supposed' to be the more expensive one. Paid 100 or so bucks. Anyway, put it on and there is a lot of backfiring. I did not adjust anything. Just put it on. Is there a way to richen it up without swapping jets? I'd imagine this is a carb that is supposed to be able to be put on without an adjustment, but I've got way too much backfiring and its getting worse.

NZHorizones: What was this carb on, a 500cc 100cc 150cc?

Jim Rogers: i have a scooter that will run only about a min or so at a time, i bought a new carb with the same prob, i know it gets gas to the carb, the electric chock gets HOT to the touch really dont know if the chock works or not or if it could be the prob...HELP PLEASE

Tony Toni: I swear I just want to kiss you, you deserve to have donations made to you.

Rosemary Onyegbule: What brand and cc scooter is in this video?

Wooshvooshboosh: I have a 49cc Zhongneng scooter that was given to me by a friend, it runs at a max speed of 30-35, He told me I could replace or modify the carburetor to bring it up to a ~55 mph max speed. I cannot find the model of the scooter, so I believe its a knock-off, but it has the exact same carburetor as the scooter in this video. It actually looks quite similar in terms of air filter and engine to yours as well. What do you suggest I replace the carburetor jets or entire carburetor with?

Lost N Musik: Very Helpful Video. I am just getting me feet wet on a new Roketa 250 54B liquid cooled that wouldn't start right out of the crate.  Battery was charged, fluids checked and fuel added to the tank.  There was zero Vacuum to the fuel pump.  After watching this and 1 other video about the source of the needed vacuum to run the pump, (intake manifold port)   I suspect to find the vac. hose to runs everything vacuum related probably was never connected to the port on the intake manifold. Great job with the video by the way and thanks for the valuable information.  With any luck, the loose dogs will be chasing me down a country road before long..... 
Scooter Carburetor adjustment 5 out of 5

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Scooter Carburetor adjustment