AppRadio2 Running ARLiberator With AllShare Cast Dongle

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Charles Nunez: Thank you for your reply. Since I don't have an hdmi input on my AVH-X4600BT could I use an hdmi to av converter and use the av connections on back of the HU to connect with allsharecast dongle?

Charles Nunez: this may seem like a stupid ?, but do you connect the dongle via an hdmi cable to the head unit and how is this accomplished since my avh-x4600bt has an rgb input and I have not seen such a cable. Please let me know

Teejay Carlos: how many volts to power up the allshare cast? Are you using a car charger? Mine is just lighting up ( Blinking red Light ) but not loading onto the screen. I am not sure if the power is enough.

Ian Solanzo: Hey man are u running on 4.3, kikkat 4.42 or 4.2? Coz I'm having problems with mine. Touch feature don't work. I'm js wondering if using the allshare cast will fix it

Ben Fyfe: Shawn smith... im in the exact same situation. Do you have a remedy?

richard van wetering: hi the allshare cast dongle is that wifi underway? or is it used for wireless mirroring from phone?

larrybowden12: Sounds like somebody is running the Hp-905s :-)

Angel Rivera: Hi I know this is very old but could you tell me how much you paid for the allshare cast dangle?

Mariny Marini: hey steven! i just bought the app radio 3 and i have a s3 but its rooted with synergy rom. and when i connected my phone with the cable nothing happens. but the music works via bluetooth. how can i connect my phone so i can start using my apps and pandora? i downloaded the appradio app but still nothing

Archie Dodge: Do you have to do the connection process each time you get in your car, or can it connect automagically?

Tom Ziegelbauer: Steven, Off topic question in the beginning it sounds like you have a task setup in tasker to speak when you are connected to your head unit. What is the text to speech TTS software/voice you are using. I have been searching for a good male voice and the one you are using is mighty good....thanks.

Jettaii: Hi Steven, first of all thanks for the video. I'm interested in the same setting as you already use but there's one thing I'm still a little bit worried about. Do you have to go through the settings menu everytime you connect your mobile with the AllShare dongle? Thanks for your help. Cheers, Matthias

omo aikhoje: I know it's been a while but what ROM did you use while connecting via the Dongle? Trying to figure out what roms work best. I already tried triangle away and it resets but does not connect. Perhaps my settings in triangle away are incorrect. Thanks

Steven Rodriguez: PAC SWI Google It

mike badea: What connection did u use to connect the hdmi to the radio?

Robert Graham: I have teh Galaxy s3, with App radio 2 and arliberator and I'm rooted and I'm having the same problem as kforce with the audio and a minor screen lag.......The lag I can work with but the audio sounds high pitched and Like it's only getting part of the signal, definitley not hdmi audio. Has anyone else experienced this??

jerzybest: thanks steve for shareing this video and i really like the setup you did but in order to do this do you have to root the phone? and can i do this set up with AVH-X8500BHS ?

ShawnTrapZ: Hi Steven, thanks for Vid I am just starting my AR2/S3 "adventure" so R U using, Tasker to eliminate so many start up steps? R U still using AR Liberator & a Rooted phone? As of now i have not rooted my phone, i connect my S3 via "MHL-to-HDMI" cable to AR2 & see my phone screen, in landscape mode, on my AR2, i just can not control phone via AR2 touch screen, i have 2 use the phones screen. Do you know if there is any way/app to enable the use of the touch screen on the AR2 with out rooting?

dave fisher: So it works with your S3, it should theoretically work my Note 2? Same 11 pin micro usb plug. I have ARLiberator, but i must be goofing the connection process. I even have the official samsung HDMI adaptor from their website. But seeing how much easier it is for the All share thing, i might just get that, and roll with it instead.

skummar77: Do I need pioneer android wire too.and I will able to use all apps from radio
AppRadio2 Running ARLiberator with AllShare Cast Dongle 5 out of 5

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AppRadio2 Running ARLiberator with AllShare Cast Dongle