How To Make A Takedown Bow - The Limbs (Tutorial Part 2)

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Danny's Vlogs New Channel: green screen?

irlrp: Good idea to use skys :p

The Jokester: Could you use a skateboard deak it's got that recurve we are looking for

The Jokester: What else could you use for bow arms

Alex Shield: excellent tutorial video to get started with bowbuilding as a whole. im pretty impressed about the idea to use old pair of skis for the limbs because getting them right and not (for example) twisted or not same draw on both limbs is not an easy task. Im shooting a bought recurve at the moment, but im building my own targets, quivers and arrows and im sure i will rebuilt this bow with some personal tweaks etc and hopefully i can show you a video of an succesful result ;) thx for you hard work

General Songs: bamboo limbs are OK to use right?

Jericho Khris: are there any other materials you can use instead of skis?

3dcad: I'm in the process of making a recurve bow completely out of either Yew or Rosewood and am looking for mathematics for steaming/bending the limbs. Does anyone know if there is any type of formula for this?

steve gomez: Can we make the bow limbs With Wood because i'm from Sri Lanka And It Will Take A Few months For A Skis To Get Here

Rudinho Mafioletti: Hello, I would like you put a link to mold the limbs of curves? Ty

Dr Bre: A have same one but don't know what to use as a string 

Possum Tom: score i got some fiberglass skis from the dump for 10 bucks

Markus Gustavson: you stupid, bows in Wood suck, dont make Your bow in Wood, carbon or something...

Hendrik Hans Havermoudt: people go on ski vacation once and buy full gear, then after like 5 years they sell theirgear for real cheap because its rotting away somewhere in their garage.

Zack Bertin: nice job fella. im working on my second one. the first has straight oak limbs. got some skiis for this one. did u use downhill skiis? i snagged some cross country fisher skiis and it dosent seem like the tapper needs fixing.

ObeWan DaNoobie: Your city is so beautiful. Where is this place ?

Paul Parker: Hahaha 'the rabbit goes out the hole, around the tree, and then back down the hole', I thought I was the only person who remembered it this way! :)

Tom K.: You can buy old used one for 2-4 bucks :D
This shoudn't be a problem :D

4everlikemary: It's super cool! I have my own bow for archery but never thought about making one myself! Now i really wanna make one!

LuisVasDeCamoes: are you crazy? why the hell would i destroy my skis even though i dont have any
How To Make A Takedown Bow - The Limbs (Tutorial Part 2) 5 out of 5

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How To Make A Takedown Bow - The Limbs (Tutorial Part 2)