How To Use Your Uncalendar

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How to Use Your Uncalendar
How to Use Your Uncalendar
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A Favorite Tool - Planner Pad
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Planner Pad Review
Planner Pad Review
Planner Pad Review
Back to school: how to  use your planner well
Back to school: how to use your planner well

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Lisbeth Jimenez: Visually the uncalendar looks good´╗┐

Down the Writer's Path: Liked this enough to go buy an assortment of items over at the website. I just searched for the Uncalendar and it came right up.

Jennifer Rae: It doesn't have any words inside it - that's the point - it's completely blank and customizable.

SheerRise: where can you buy this calender? :) great stuff

Isabelle9789: This planner is amazing. I love the fact that it is customizable, durable, and spacious. I did my own review of it on my channel just because it has helped me organize the different roles and responsibilities I have throughout the day.

Jesse Berg: Thank you. That is kind.

Lacoux: you have beautiful hands ; D

bensonnl25: I should also mention that I ordered mine based off this review!

bensonnl25: I can't say enough how much I love this planner. I've had mine for five weeks and it is a planning game-changer. I don't think I'll ever use another planner. Thank you so much for this review.

Jennifer Rae: This is one the most brilliant time-management and scheduling tools I've ever come across - pure genius. And thank the GL, finally something that *looks* good, too. I work at a major university and I recommend this widely to students - I actually bought a bunch of them and just gave them out to my patients with ADHD - I knew they'd never get around to ordering one themselves. Maybe they'll be able to schedule it in with this! Bravo. I'll be a customer for a long-time to come.

Lizzy E.: How much are these. Where can I buy one?

TheLadySurvivor: Why is Saturday and Sunday always given the biggest blocks to write things in when most people are the busiest during the week and need the most space to write Monday thru Friday? It isn't convenient for most people who need the extra space during the week rather than the weekend.
How to Use Your Uncalendar 4.8 out of 5

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How to Use Your Uncalendar