Extra Long Vampire Nails

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Marcel Teunissen: lovely! But am used to them, my gf wears 14 inch nails

TheEnchanted00: omg.... hahahhahaahhahaha

Shekera Brown: longest stilettoe shape fit nails

FunnyLittleRedHead: I WANT MY NAIKS LIKE THIS!!!! but real.

miyaah95: Wow those are amazing[:

fumsmusings: @LostDamnedSoul thank you

AmaLovesWow: Was looking at warewolf nail designs and found this. I was thinking of a costume to do a Alien/human hybrid, from the Alien movies. I notice that Ripley's nails are a bit goldish and brown and shorter. But I was thinking this length with her nail colour. Be interesting so see.

longbeard1407: this was a real learning experiance god glue two acrylic nails together wow that was fabulous , I really appreciate you sharing this on youtube .all the best gurkirpal singh

fumsmusings: @angelface190081 Thank you glad you liked them. I think they would scare your fiance lol

fumsmusings: @missawesome1012 Thank you

narutogayman1: so there fake

fumsmusings: This is just for a halloween look not everyday wear.

fumsmusings: @longbeard1407 Thank you for you kind comment

Mslekkering: you are crazy

daniel navarro: can u do anotherone please

jocelin guevara: wow i really loved how u did that grate imagination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emilee L: this lady has a LOT of free time !!!

FlamingParanoiaSpoon: No sexings with those on!

fumsmusings: @jocelinguevara Thank you

Irene Peace: hi there! i loved this video but, where can we find nails like these? =/

Nathaniel Gregory: hi

Makayla Wenig: For the people asking how sh would do thing its just for Halloween, and she could just do one hand, but other than that... i ain't got a clue...

fumsmusings: @CoryAndis thanx for the request

dida079: They look pretty cool...can u imagine how some girls actually have nails that long all the time...id get so frustrated after a few hours i think LOL

mrshelmab: i really liked that! it lookes so scary! i couldn't emagine how to do something like that, thank you very much!!!

fumsmusings: You're welcome :-)

fumsmusings: I used a white nail art polish.

vitani16: sweet

whoopwhoop03: @narutogayman1: Did you even watch the video? If I'm not mistaken I believe she was gluing and filing on an artificial nail. I could possibly be wrong though...

TheKrazykat2: More like TALONS!!! Your awesome at decorating the nails!

Lucy1Nyuu: @LostDamnedSoul i was just about to say.. XD

missslimshadytf: Wow u can Freddy Kruger somebody with those nails

denisejohn65: Pretty cool ! Love um !

Ndrewwho: That is so amazing and you are really talented!

fumsmusings: @dida079 Thank you. These drove me mad after a few minutes don't know how some people keep them this long.

RebekahLeigh1979: hi there. i love the video idea. do you think i can use them as a lady deathstike from x-men 2 united costume idea? cause mine are long as they are right now but they are not as long as they need to be like in the movie. if you can help me out with what i had to say above please let me know as soon as you can. if you wanna ask me any questions please let me know also. i hope to hear from you soon. thanks. :D :) :D :): D :)

fumsmusings: @BBWFetishKimmy I haven't. I prefer to make my own. But thank you for letting me know where I could buy them.

fumsmusings: @Lucy1Nyuu Thanx

MatsuLoveLust: one question with nails that long how to you take care of buisness in the restroom

gabi alcaraz: an AMAZING idea to put the nails together

fumsmusings: @Heather063 Thank you

Konstantina Bell: @CupcakeXxxSweet me tooo real of course!

Sophia DeMeo: I love this video!!!!!!!

Sophia DeMeo: Your welcome. It's awesome!

LostDamnedSoul: Nails??? Those are Talons >:D and freaken awesome ones at that.

devi maharaj: Wow awesome

barbiewmn: Wow, very nice for Halloween!

Angelina Esparza: They look like which nails

fumsmusings: @jalapenopringle glad you like them :-)

SuperDaz93: I would love nails like them but i could only have them for a weekend because i think my gf would be freaked out x
Extra Long Vampire Nails 4 out of 5

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Extra Long Vampire Nails