DIY MacBook Charger Repair (Fix)

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Mike Butler: if ya got a new cord sure, but what about fixing the problem the cat made? because I'm here now..

Garret Fike: lol the nyan cat was so random! xD

mr AL: This not fix the charcher. Just change the cable. 

Sidra Ali: Is there a way to take out the bad plug without heat? I have very limited supplies so it is something else you would recommend? Is there another way to heat it up?

Sunny G: Good tutorial. Helped me repair my Macbook power cord for less than a quarter the price it would cost to buy a new  one. But instead of soldering to the board, i soldered the wires to wire. I thought that for an amateur like me, I was much more comfortable with that method.

Kitteg: Naughty kitty cat chewing on the charger!!

Sunny G: how long after soldering do you wait to test it?

jojo lind: I went through 3 chargers in my first year owning a Mac.. But I just bought a product called a Python Cord that prevents Mac Chargers from breaking.. Wish I would have found it 6 months ago.. Hope this helps someone!

Martal140: But.... but.....I already have the clips off (the real easy part!) but wanted to find out how to open the brick neatly and safely, and you just skip right over that bit. What a gyp!!!!

Robert Norris: Great video if your charger is the exact model. But on my late 2011 model magsafe charger the insides are similar but different. For example that copper sheeting is joined to the chipboard with solder and it can't be peeled back like in the video. 

Kozz Mcfrozz: (cries softly into the wind)

HORSE WILD: Thanks  for  sharing !   Where can I  buy new wire for change?

Pham Xuan Hoang: The charger of Mac is really crap! I've just found out my second core broken again! 2 chargers in 2 years. Damn it! my HP, Sony...still work and in shape. they are more than 5 years already! 

Alexander Mairena: Awesome thanks.

Anthony Perez: getting the ship knockoffs don't have the chip in them and can mess up your computer.

kpellet76: Good to know thanks

lancerooke: You can buy the cable complete with the magsafe head for 16 bucks on eBay.

lancerooke: Why not just solder to the wires? Why hazard soldering to the brick? Wouldn't that be less risky and just as effective? Just solder the black to the black and the white to the white. Keep it simple.

Silver Agatka: Is it possible to fix the chewed up cable though? I don't have an extra cable :( Could I cut it and somehow fix it?

trainlinezoo: Yeah there is lots to be desired for this charger. The magnet was a good idea but they should have added small tabs on the top and bottom so the user can handle it without touching the wire. They should have also added a power port and headphone jack to the right side of the MacBook Air and deleted one USB jack to make room for the external monitor jack. They could have included an external USB hub that splits into 6 to run printers, charge devices etc. The pins in the charger cord are terrible.
DIY MacBook Charger repair (Fix) 5 out of 5

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DIY MacBook Charger repair (Fix)