Sxr 250 Rtc Sport Bike

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sxr 250 rtc sport bike
sxr 250 rtc sport bike
SXR 250 rtc sport bike customized
SXR 250 rtc sport bike customized RTC Motorcycle Street Bike 1799.99 RTC Motorcycle Street Bike 1799.99
250cc Street Legal Motor Bikes Sport Motorcycles 250RTC $1829
250cc Street Legal Motor Bikes Sport Motorcycles 250RTC $1829
Walmart trip home 250cc
Walmart trip home 250cc

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VikingsFan1998: How much is your insurance on it a month?

Quentin Rouseau: Does it have an alternator?

Amir Muhammad (tayjon11): Can you make a vid of how to take to seats off and wheels if u removed them to apply. The tape

grantd272: Where do you buy this?

FOX STANG: do you still have this bike ?

panzormi: i havent been on this channel in years so sorry i never replied if u see this video ignore it this bike is a piece of crap it looked good when i first got it then everything stared breaking it doesnt go fast enough to ride on major highways plz dont buy this bike unless u want a scooter thats all it is i no longer have it i hated it

Warren Epps: Do you know the name of the grips on ebay I was going to get some blue ones for mine

mrmee1229: What's it's top speed I got a icebear 

KevyMoto motorcyclista: I just purchased a white one. I won't mod it much, but will change the air filter, chain, sprockets, once the engine is broken in. The motor is capable of 85-90+MPH, my buddy has had his up to that. I don't plan on going that fast, but breaking in the engine is a must. 

Brando Franada: Freakin' Haters  I put props on what this guy has done to he's bike.    think about it if he's doing your mama  Haters.

Lee Boy: Where can I buy a fender eliminator kit for my sunny 250cc RTC

Hector Oviedo: Love the bike color

Hector Oviedo: Hey can you show me your carborator. I want too see where the cables are connected. I have a the same bike as yours but in black. 2012. It works I just ned too plug that one cable , I dont know where it goes pls show me in a video

Juan Torres: Hey I have the same bike just want to know where I can get parts,

Ksc 203: Good work man

mrmorgan41: your other video you said you had it for 3 months and it was running good?

aaronzack14: mmmcoming(com) sells these for $780. if that doesnt tell you how cheap these are, i dont know what will.

greg0014: well the bike is a 250c its not a 600 or anything like that I have the same bike that I got a month ago from a friend and its not running right im trying to get parts for don't know where I look on scooter dept and they told me that they need the item # I gave them the list and its on there wed site how long does that crap take ???? I real want to learn on this bike just cant seem to get the parts I need for cuz I want to ride it already

Spencer Pelton: duyde start it up. I want to hear it

panzormi: No this bike was cool for a month it's a piece of crap it broke every other day I sold it if ur beginning just get a 600 a 250 is for people over 80 years old
sxr 250 rtc sport bike 5 out of 5

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sxr 250 rtc sport bike