Snow Plow Quad Home Made!!

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Sergio McG: It takes more time to set-up this system than to use a standard shovel. No wonder people is getting fatter!

IsmokeTouch: @theOats11 you can buy electric jack, then just mount it

itsfoo24: Tutorial?

fabz1973: @giotuner Grande hai fatto un lavorone ho comprato un poseydon anch'io ma a Roma non è che nevichi così spesso :) Ma l'idea mi è piaciuta molto Complimenti.

giotuner: @fabz1973 La pala passa sotto il telaio e si attacca dietro dove c'è il gancio traino e la alzo e abbasso con il verricello ;)

fabz1973: Come cavolo hai fatto a montare la pala???? la alzi col vericello??? :)

giotuner: @MrJackle7 WT Motors Poseydon WT400 4x4

giotuner: @NIGHTSKYE1 yes

NIGHTSKYE1: better off with a hard rubber blade at bottom

nutter ireland: CAN i give a tip an easy way to curve steel blade is tac weld two round tubes on blade then apply weight [truck wheel] to middle other side it gets a great curve then cut off taked tubes .or just get it brake pressed. then you have a c shape .

MegaCumminsboy: better put a steel bar across the bottom

Marcin Nowak:

uncleben03: That sound hurts my teeth.

biggred333: I've got my helmet on!! lol sweet plow, im building one soon

giotuner: Thanks :)

Brad101: i like your idea but i think next time you should roll the blade a bit so the snow will roll foward, much more snow and it will be comming over the top

quadarinxxx: sounds like it gonna crack any moment. nice

scubasteve728: yeah nice plow seems to me like you should put some weight on the back of the plow or on the push bar that will help it dig into the ice and snow much better

giotuner: Thanks! ;)

giotuner: Thanks!
Snow plow quad home made!! 5 out of 5

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Snow plow quad home made!!