Fallout 3 Angel Mod + CSS Shojo Mod = Chaos

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grimreaper shinigami: what costume are you using? the thong one?

pokecore95: can anyone upload the angel race mod to a file upload site? I tried getting it off of Fallout3nexus but the file was taken down. I'd really appreciate if someone could PM me the files. Thanks!

Randy Moore: Can anyone help me get the angel? I want to know what's required for it, and I'm only concerned with getting the trap companion named angel.

Stephen McGregor: haha i know exactly the sorts of things you can do with these sorts of mods o.O add the sexus mod too bahahahahaha lol btw i had more followers in my games + better guns for all the bitches too...

Evolzar Dolkka: Seeing a bunch of oddly attractive young lasses running around in skimpy clothing is chaotic... And hot...

Cirnopwnsu: @Tankvich We already are my friend. In fact we felt this coming and started drooling even before the mod came out.

originalfriendly100: Like a freaking gang war goin' on here...except they're the equivalent of having your own A-Team.

YOUWERE WARNED: *walks in blam blam blam! k.........*walks out


alyxlyon: @BASA208 :) buy a PC, consoles + FO3 mods = No no!!!!

Atheist420: List of mods please

Howard Flores: Could this be done with game consoles?

Tankvich: >_> The loli fans will be drooling, won't they?

LaZaHK: Mental note: Don't mess with lolis.

bocaj750: o_o littel girl war?

Sekai Yukki: that's seinen anime for ya, killer lolis

KarlShota: @fk0fk0 Thanks. I figured out how to get the Angel mod to work shortly after I posted that message, but because my laptop's CPU and RAM still aren't up to speed, I couldn't use the Angel textures. What I did do was merge the Angel meshes and textures with the Shojo mod and incorporated some of the Angel Trap extras for use in male versions of a few CUTE Shop outfits. OuO

fk0fk0: @KarlShota I restarted the game after applying another mod but with all the ones i installed i can't remember what's the original name; In another video i posted, there is a link on the comments area from where to get all the mods applied to that video including that one.

KarlShota: Mods like this make things more fun. (Then there's my idea of one Minigun-toting shota/trap to a whole group of killer lolis signaling the Enclave's worst nightmares realized, but that's another story.) When it comes to Angel, how did you play as her? Did you start as her from the very beginning or did you have to use the showracemenu command via the console once you hit the part where your character is woken up as an adult to switch the model to Angel? o.o
Fallout 3 Angel Mod + CSS Shojo mod = chaos 5 out of 5

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Fallout 3 Angel Mod + CSS Shojo mod = chaos