G Box Mx2 Review

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Matricom G-Box Q2 TV Box REVIEW - Android 5.1
Matricom G-Box Q2 TV Box REVIEW - Android 5.1
G-Box Midnight Review - Watch this G-Box Midnight MX2 Review
G-Box Midnight Review - Watch this G-Box Midnight MX2 Review
Matricom G-Box MX2 review
Matricom G-Box MX2 review
G-Box Midnight MX2 Android TV Box  Full Review (Stream Movies & Sport Free)
G-Box Midnight MX2 Android TV Box Full Review (Stream Movies & Sport Free)
G-Box Midnight MX2 Review
G-Box Midnight MX2 Review

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Patrik Ivey: Gbox is one many devices that can run xbmc.  The good thing about GBOX is that it comes with xbmc pre-installed where as others (Apple TV, ROKU) you need to jailbreak it first before you can install xbmc.  Regardless,  if you are new to xbmc, then you will need go through some learning curve to be able to use it correctly.  Luckily there are plenty of help on youtube.

mervin Jules: Why isnt there a list for newbies of the addon links or add source for example http:fusion etc.?

Alvaro Lopez: This is not live TV is it? Is it like nextflix?

extremebiker2005: Currently on amazon theres a 97bucks gbox and theres a 105bucks special edition.

But when i looked at the description i cant find the difference.

Any thoughts?

Awesome review by the way, plus saw your review on amazon as well.

extremebiker2005: how much is the air mouse?  awesome review. i was looking into getting a box. either roku or apple. but too much hassle to root them. when all i  really want is a stad alone xbmc player so it doesnt tie up my laptop

WCLM Radio: thank you made me decide to order one get mine tomorrow

WCLM Radio: i got a roku and love my roku but this looks better then a roku going have to by me one

william2652001: anyone that needs help with mashup look here http://forum.mashupxbmc.com/showthread.php?62-REGISTERED-ONLY!-Mashup-1-4-0-Pre-Install-How-To-Video

chris r: does it play 3d ? and bluray ?

misslissa01: William could you do a video on adding skins on here as well as adding mash up and Navi X? Please. I like the skin you had on yours > the one of the movie theatre. Matricom is sending me free of charge the original IR remote> as I've found you really need that remote for the menu key which is not available on either air mouse 2 or 3. They did tell me there will be an update for those eventually. Anybody interested in buying the g box should buy one w/ the original IR mouse/remote and order the air mice seperately. It is very important to have that menu button to do certain things w/in XBMC. Thank you William once again your video convinced me to buy this little gem.> Still learning though as I'm XBMC illiterate. :-)

hihiji hihi: i accidently set mines to start xbmc always how do i get of it? im stuck on xmbc

misslissa01: First off, great review> I subscribed. I've been wanting 1 of these since I saw your video. I too am new to this and not very computer savvy at all. My Aunt is purchasing this for me for Christmas and the air remote III> it does come w/ air remote II though. All I have is older TV's and you should do a video of one hooked up to an older t.v.> hint. Is it hard to get 1 CH., mash up,& ice films to work on this or do they come already installed on it? Also wanted to know if you're still liking this box now that some time has passed? T.Y. keep up the great informative vids > they're very helpful for computer illiterate people like me :-)

elektrikman34: Have the g box..any tweaking I have to do for streaming the live channels..the quality is poor..I have a 5g router with a cable.not using wifi. Thanks

WashingtonBeUpInThis: Nice review. I'm really interested in this but curious if XBMC performance has improved much since your review? Have a fairly fast wi-fi and want to stream 720p mkv content over my network.

william2652001: no I think ur good have fun and remember eithernet much better then wifi

SoggyCashew: Thanks for the info..... Thats the mouse I got! Any other info I should know about?

william2652001: well its a fuzzy area if its legal or not at least in the sense that u are not downloading the video to keep or share with others, the people who upload the vids for u to watch are in jeopardy of copy infringement stop downloading any movies if u are now couse when u get xbmc u will never get a letter in the mail saying ur in trouble also no set up for mele air mouse but get the f10 pro mouse it rocks!!!!!!!!

SoggyCashew: Ok, Great review(s) and I took your advice and ordered the G-Box today and the remote you talked about. Now I have a few questions. First, I will be running with XBMC and I have watched your XBMC setup video (Nice) and I love it BUT is it illegal? I have downloaded a few of the movies and I feel like I'm going to get in trouble. Second, the Mele F10 3 in 1 remote is there any special set-up I have to do to get it to work with the G-Box? Thank you Piper.....

tom lannon: yes.i have to say when it was working it was fantastic..seller says he is going to install new firmware.so fingers crossed that this will sort the problem.

william2652001: yes the company has fixed this issue were it would get stuck at matricom logo or android logo sumthing in there rom was corrupted witch after awhile would corrupt the nand flash and brick the item new firmware is being loaded on all new boxes shipped so no worries now to bad that hap but if u get replacements it wont ever hap again did u even like it when it worked??
g box mx2 review 5 out of 5

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