Fox Model B Double Barrel Shotgun

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Andy Elkins: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! at 9:22!

maria dunnigan: I have a Fox 12 gauge double barrel but it says  B38217  A J  Model B  on the barrel itself it says, Proof Tested Model B.  It was handed down from grandfather.  Any help of giving me value of this one A J from what you talk about AH?  Appreciate it.


Red October: I'm looking to by this very shotgun, ad for $450.00 is that about right? Or should it be for less?

Dirk Diggler: Thanks a bunch Sootch. Im a fan of these fox series shotguns. Are you deleting your replys in the comment section? I have my dads fox b series but its a chrome barrel and has a modified barrel and full. Was that ever a special order option? Also what would the value be. Im very sentimental to my guns but like to know their value. More like fun facts or history behind em. Thanks 

wanastunt: have scootch, I just picked one up, and it's my first double barrel. How do I field strip? I when i went to remove the fore grip it sounded like it was crack (after I removed the screw) any tips?

james elmore: just picked up one to day love it already!! i think mine is a 40s era
 i fell in love with it 1st sight got it for a dang good deal! thanks for the vid !!

Aaron Flanagan: I found one with 2 3/4inch too. No engraving on bottom & no plastic cap on the bottom of pistol grip. Trying to find out more about it.

Paul K: Good video, but I don't think the Model B is chambered for 3" rounds. Mine is a 12ga. & is chambered for 2 3/4".

ontime1969: Very cool thanks for giving some SxS love. I have a savage/stevens model 311A. Its not pretty but was the work horse of my grand parents farm. I am honored to have it and its a good shooter but only once a year for love. I am the third generation with my SxS and will pass it on to my grandchild someday.

TheProfessor Fate: A junk gun, but priced like it. 

Mossy500A: I just bought a Springfield double barrel, in 12 gauge. They were bought by Stevens in the early 20th Century. It looks similar to the Fox model. Cool shotgun.

Wesley Martin: hey I found one of these at a pawn shop here in my town, single trigger though (which I prefer) and fell in love with it immediately and they are asking $795 is this a good price or am I about to get screwed? (I was going to try and see if I can whittle him down to about $500 if possible)

LMO MechTech: Missed this one...thanks sootch!

DamageControl1302: Why does this guy look so pissed when he's shooting the thing? 

mpalestini: I apologize in advance but I own a model B from the 60s and it has ejectors not extractors like your demonstrated towards the end of the movie. Is that because you removed the springs or is that particular gun an extractor?
Thank you

Jacob Miller: Is that a 12 Gauge?

madgamer099: Scream like a piggy.

Paarthiv Thakur: My obese step-brother was able to make the most beautiful stripper I’ve ever seen fall in love with him because he ran the Cupid Love System (search in Google). I wish I’d been joyful for him but I want such a pretty lady to fall for me. I am extremely envious. Does that make me a horrible person?

smartacus88: freak you, troll.
Fox Model B Double Barrel Shotgun 5 out of 5

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Fox Model B Double Barrel Shotgun