Fox Model B Double Barrel Shotgun

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Randy engelbrecht: "

The American Outdoors Channel: You said it can handle the 3 inch shells, but the barrels were stamped with 2 3/4 inch chamber. Could you explain this to me?

Seth Struble: Is there such thing as training loads versus defense loads for shotguns?

Ingalls Creek Wilderness Outfitters: My father last night did something really unexpected last night and lent me the money to buy a CZ 20" Coach Hammer shotgun, I hope the new shotguns are as good and as durable as the older one you're showing. Thank you.

james edixon: I have a Worthington 16 ga purchased at Michel hardware in Ashtabula , Ohio in 1940.
Worthington was a hardware wholesales Co in Cleveland until approx 1950s. They would
contract shotguns from various company's from time to time . Mine looks to be the same
as your picture - I think it is a Stevens model made by Savage . I hunted rabbits and birds
with it when it was new. It was misplaced in 1946 and found in a bedroom corner 1985
when my uncle died. It's in new condition and is a favorite of all my guns.

tony montana: By my opinion double barrel side by side shotgun is very easy on the eye beside 1897 winchester pump shotgun, to make long story short,you can not go wrong with side by side shotgun,i would buy it with exposed hammers on ,gives me a goosebumps You mister are one bad ass,stay this way

Bob Hill: Excellent video as always, I loved your explanation and the history. I've never heard of the A.H Fox company, so I appreciate the increased knowledge. I could see the resemblance immediately to the Savage 311. Have you or anybody heard of the T Parker gun company?

popoaggie: I have an A.H Fox Sterlingworth made in 1914 and take it out a couple times a year for pheasant and chukars. It's in mint condition and is 102 years old this year. Very high quality American made double gun that no one in this country makes any more.

Evan basso: winchester

Phil B: I just bought one just like this for $275.00 and it is almost perfect cond. with the exception of the front sight pin needs replaced. The bluing and the wood are in ex cond. I wanted a 12 gag for some time. The wait was worth it.

Eric Rohrer: got one. a little rusted but nothing a gunsmith cant handle. i havent had the opportunity to fire it yet but im surely looking forward to it

2628802: I have a 16 gauge. And shortened the barrel to 20 inches. Why is this not good for home defense?

Rory Gibbons: they weren't required to have serial numbers till after 1968 it would be on the bottom of the frame ahead of the trigger guard if it has one.

Joe leblanc: was there a 20 g double FOX that was made in Spain??

Joe Guzman: Thank sir for your videos very good information god bless you and your family and protect you everywhere uou go

blaw569: Someone gave me a Fox B for free. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

Rory Gibbons: I bought my first Fox B when I was 23, I'm 74 now and still shoot them, I foolishly sold that first one but then replaced it with the Savage 550 12 gauge and converted it to double triggers so I could have instant choice of choke, also restocked it in quality Walnut with hand checkering, I'll pass this gun off to my son.

VICTOR FALCON: Where is the serial Numbers in this arm?

SparkyCigar: My grandfather bought his first car in 1958 for $25, it was a 1939 chevy. $25 could buy a lot back then

m2101: Hi Mr. How are you?
I have a question for you. I bought a Stevens sxs 12 gauge.
On the receiver side a dog image is engraved and shows a number 5100. All numbers match around the gun.
Double bead sights and looks exactly like this one you are showing.
Do you have any information on this shotgun, and is it safe to use modern loads, not talking about magnum loads or steel.
Thanks for the videos you post.
Fox Model B Double Barrel Shotgun 5 out of 5

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Fox Model B Double Barrel Shotgun