Setting The Engine Rpm On A Honda Mower.wmv

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Setting the engine rpm on a honda mower.wmv
Setting the engine rpm on a honda mower.wmv
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Dead Air: great video man!

gooburrum: Great explanation. Very clear. I'll do mine in the morning.

Charles Jones: I feel like every Australian is as smart as Tinker Tom on Fallout 4. Thanks for the advice.

David Edmunds: Can you send me a copy of the manual

violatedtantrum: OMG SPIT IT OUT!

John MacDonald: Brilliant and straightforward explanation. Thanks mate. John

Clark Bickford: If it makes you feel any better, I just took ownership of my dads 25 year old HRU216 self propelled as he no longer needs it with no lawn to mow. It still starts first pull (but I snapped the cord). I'm spending about $100-200 on it because it's worth it and still a better mower than our couple year old Masport with Briggs and Straton. I just put a new throttle plastic lever on it, and the screws holding it on whilst corroded slightly on the outside are brand new shiny stainless on the inside(25 years frickin old). That's where the money is, I can pull a 25 year old mower to bits and live near the ocean and the only rusted out nuts on the whole thing was the exhaust shield. That's more impressive than our 10 year old car, or 5 year old door knobs that are inside our house!

Sure these mowers have their shortfalls, but they are really well built and designed to last. When it fails, i'll go and buy a new one.

I'll be sure to look at the RPM and give it a tickle, thanks for your video!

Airstream Travel: Thanks mate, really helps me I've had my machine for years and was always happy but recently thought performance was not so good. Pretty sure you are right the RPM needs stepping up.

Casey Lee: Many, MANY thanks! 4:13-4:26 was exactly what I needed! Mower is running 100x better now.

J PiLou: you talk to much

dallasnellen: 3600rpm is rediculous by the way. I am looking for a way to get mine to spin to 10 000rpm plus or at least in the 8000k region. Most small 4 stroke motors these days pull 12000 to 20000 rpm . Mine is due for a rebuild. There must be someone who does an aftermarket carburetor/cams/valve springs/high compression piston for these?....and also I am thinking that ditching the standard carby and moving to a flat slide bike carburetor with the right jetting would be better... the standard flow is totally gay, totally underpowered, especially when mulching and in 2nd with throttle pinned... for me, in it's current form, this mower sucks!

dallasnellen: People, save your self time and skip to 4:13 to 4:26. This video could have been 13 seconds long and I would not be cursing the 6m 22s of my life I will never get back... this guy rambles (almost) more than my Grandmother... and that is a lot!

N Pet: Many , many thanks for posting this procedure for increasing the revs !I've just bought one of these and they oiled/fuelled it up in the shop , started it and then sent me on my way . This morning ( dry now ) I decided to give it a go , and the revs were quite low compared to my old mower of some 20 years now .......I found the ground speed and cutting torque very poor . So , I've thankfully found your video and made the same adjustments to mine this afternoon . I don't have a functioning tach ( one in the post from Ebay since last week though ... ) but I'm pretty good with estimating revs from years of equipment ownership/usage . Now I'm a happy camper . Why do so many mower sellers not give a damn about service/setup ? They're probably not prepared to move that governor spring . Cheers Mate :-)

BfSkinnerPunk: Could the lower RPMs been intentionally set so that Honda could meet environmental requirements?   or "Honda consumes less fuel!"

TheKokojoe: What does the other set screw do. Is it for low speed adjustment, it looks like it does nothing?

Daniel Lawler: Correct, as per manual max governed rpm is actually 3100rpm +/- 150rpm. 

The Rev: The engine is capable of 4kw (5.5 hp), but like almost all small engines (and many diesel engines, especially in caterpillar equipment) it is governed down to reduce wear and tear on the engine. having made your adjustment, you get more power now, but you will have it for less time, if that makes sense.

Ryan SHANNON: great to the point and drew on real world knowledge. legend :)

Insidetech101: Adjusting the governor like you did , puts some more pressure on internal gov, bearing. However will take years to whear down. Just FYI.

Phillip James: thanks very much
Setting the engine rpm on a honda mower.wmv 5 out of 5

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Setting the engine rpm on a honda mower.wmv