FPV Long-range RC Options

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5.8GHz for FPV RC planes
5.8GHz for FPV RC planes
FPV long-range RC options
FPV long-range RC options

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John-Paul Ensign: I'm reminded of EEVBlog because of your accent :P

Kyle Johnson: Have you tested the range with the 5dB antenna? My understanding (from my experience in audio) was that every 10 dB is equivalent to doubling the volume level. I'm not sure how that translates to radio so you may want to try and confirm that you can actually get 3-6km range with the bigger antenna

Kory Miller: is their anyway to connect something to my 60ft tower to control a drone with add on fpv from my living room?

Joel LeRue: thank you for explain this as simple as possible. very well done

Doall Kgfun: Hello I have been looking in to rc booster and I and not find a booster that boost the signal from 1 booster to anuther booster and then to the rc car do thay do then or am I not looking for the right thing

Daniel Garrow: i think i have every 2.4 booster they sell and none i mean none of them put out much over a watt. even thou they say they out 2 or 4 watts its a lie !

SONIKBLOOD: we cant follow u,,,speak clearly and slowly,

Priyabrata Saha: can a television with it's own antenna can receive signals from a fpv transmitter? Not a tv connected via AV cable with an fpv receiver module. But directly by TV's own antenna, despite of having loss of range.

I want to know the signal type of fpv. If it is the same as local tv station or different. If the video receiver inside a television does the same work of a fpv receiver.

Here I'm talking about the small TVs, probably 5" or 7" or 9", not a full size TV of course.

I searched for this topic in RCModelReviews, some other channels, and on google also. But there is no stuff on this topic.

If possible, give a review on those wireless signals with this topic. Else help me with a reply please.

Blake Libby: Links to buy?

Casa Del Amo: 72mhz is the way to go guys

sts31: what makes an rc drone able to go long range? I am thinking of purchasing a scale rc jet and literally turning it into a drone by being able to fly incredibly longer distances and use live FPV. Is this possible? I know one big problem is battery flight time but with that aside, is this possible?

Vincent Fischer: decibel are not the same as dbi. one is for power measurement, the other is more like a radiation pattern. or am I wrong?

Yordan Velikov: I bought wolfbox 433mhz module and can get 1km only. what shell I buy to combine with thox to cover at least 5km?

Frank R. Pilot: Dam dude you speak so fast!!

Eduardo Rodriguez: Nice Help Thanks alot .

schmudge: +RCModelReviews Is possible to set up a repeater thru a 30m culvert pipe as part of the course. Approx 5 ft 100 ft Disused storm culvert that is 90 degrees to the course. Is there some kind of Repeater system that could do everyone's signal (or even just one)?
Would be a neat topic, or I could just use a big mirror.
back to the trench

Kevin Avis: Ive got time for this guy , he knows what he's on about

owenkilleen: would this work as well Bruce? http://www.banggood.com/900Mhz-LCD-display-Mini-GSM-Repeater-Signal-Booster-Signal-Amplifier-Indoor-Antenna-p-1058761.html

Roy Lawson: Really enjoy your videos!  Makes me want to visit the land down under.  Question about the booster...

Would the antenna still provide some gain if the power was not applied to the booster (meaning booster connects to radio and antenna, but power is on a switch and the switch is off).  What I have in mind is using the boost as an insurance policy (flip a switch and my range gets extended).  Because it could cause problems for other people to have on all of the time, I would rather use high gain antennas and modest power most of the time, and the booster just when I need it.  But I want the switch to the booster to be a simple toggle switch with no antennas to change.  Do you know if there are any repercussions with this approach - either significant loss or possible damage to the transmitter module when the power to the booster is off?

XDarkDioX: Hello.
The only problem I have had with the boosters is that they eat up battery quickly. Even a 3S lipo (back of the radio) rated at 2400mah last only ~hour with 2 watt booster!
At this moment I am considering adding a 5.8ghz booster to my drone, but the draw back is the battery lasts much shorter and thus the flight time will commensurate.
This hobby is interesting in the fact that there are always trade offs.
And I am tempted to get a 433 system, but, why have all that range if the video link is going to be relatively short down in low altitude within trees etc. So, I have turned my challenge of 5.8 and 2.4 into a see how good I can make it.
FPV long-range RC options 5 out of 5

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FPV long-range RC options