Tecumseh Enduro 13hp Ohv Motor

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Tecumseh Enduro 13hp Ohv Motor
Tecumseh Enduro 13hp Ohv Motor
MTD Tecumseh ohv 135 Enduro xl/c 12     Teil 2
MTD Tecumseh ohv 135 Enduro xl/c 12 Teil 2
13hp Tecumseh revving up!
13hp Tecumseh revving up!
Small Engine Repair: Adjusting Valves or Valve Lash on a Tecumseh Lawn Mower
Small Engine Repair: Adjusting Valves or Valve Lash on a Tecumseh Lawn Mower
Tecumseh PowerSport Engine Problems EXPLAINED!
Tecumseh PowerSport Engine Problems EXPLAINED!

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Kevin Robinson: I have a 13.5 enduro on a yard king. it runs great. when I let off the brake it dies .

Dustin Engelbrecht: what brand of lawn mower is that

Hamish Gale: Why do people seem to hate these motors so much? I'm looking for a new ride on mower and it seems every engine has so many people saying that they are bad. Doesn't matter if it's a Briggs and stratton, tecumseh or a Kohler people hate them all... 

carsr4menu: Yo "yamaharules163" I have the same exact mower and mine won't start up I was wondering if you got the gasket online and if you did could you give me the websites name thank you very much

War_Eagle: No, never have owned a Tecumseh, just thought that the pressure release no opening could help your kicking back problem

timefink1: yes mine did.That motor was just junk it was born that way.I junked it and got a vanguard.Are you having problems?

War_Eagle: i know this comment is old but do techusehs have pressure releases? if so, i would get that check out

warriordriver350: Yoooooooooooooo!!! on my other channel I have the same engine but 17hp but that is the same gas tank I used And I pulled it off of an old broken pushmower. !!!!!! I can't freaken believe that, that is prolly the worlds biggest coincidence ever!

DeepFriedFuzzball: @timefink1 Hey I read your comment and I have an idea what may be wrong. Sometimes the valve lash becomes too great and this makes the engine harder to turn over when it's starting thus this can put a strain on the starter, so if you adjust the valve lash it should reduce the load, Donyboy73 has a brilliant video on it, hope that's of some use to you :]

ElijahWheeler: @Dillon1791 Industrial/commercial

timefink1: You got that right, anything else is better POS Tecumseh.

yamaharules163: @timefink1 i did with one of the first style ohv vert shaft motor. the fix? buy a briggs

timefink1: Do you have any trouble with starters burning out? I have one and it keeps burning out starters.it seems like when cranking it wants to kick back and stalls the starter.any ideas?

nathanmeitzler: Check out my one video on mine I got the same niggar rigged fuel tank and same motor.

Dillon1791: @lobsterbox20 wut does I/C stand for? dumb Q i know..lol im a 5HP techumseh owner btw that just fried a ring or valve today and when it did it said POP! RADDLE RADDLE RADDLE DING! and then died with a clunk in a bath of white smoke hissing out of the intake. i let it cool of for about 3 hours then re cranked it and it idles so badly now...no smoke, just bad idle and acceleration with a lil power loss. im waiting for a HONDA V TWIN GSX OR GRX series to come it then lil techumseh is going BOOM!

lobsterbox20: good runner, but still a POS if you ask me. I prefer the Powerbuilt I/C engine to that.

Garrett Jdbe: wow it does run smooth

CSAKvids: Thats not for easy maintanance. New motors have a fixed main jet for emmisions. Bunch of bull crap if you ask me ! lol Not too bad running, but it's always gonna be a Teccy ;) still, cant complain witha free motor. Its a good running motor

PlacesRS: when did u film dis
Tecumseh Enduro 13hp Ohv Motor 5 out of 5

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Tecumseh Enduro 13hp Ohv Motor