Beshe Lace Front- 'Drew'

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Drew by Beshe   Natural Hair Lace Front Wig Review
Drew by Beshe Natural Hair Lace Front Wig Review
Beshe Lace Front Elle Review
Beshe Lace Front Elle Review
Review   Beshe LaceFront Wig 'Drew'
Review Beshe LaceFront Wig 'Drew'

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79blt: I was hoping to get this wig but I have locs and since its small AND I have a big head,Im thinking its not a good idea. :-(

Tamar Charmaine: just ordered her today and samsbeauty has it on sale right now for $29.99 : )

42prez: cousin gave me the Drew she purchased. Drew was a little too BIG for her and she knew that I'd planned on gettin' one! I freakin' LOVE her...I looks good!!!!!

BeautifulMynde: Gorge!

pebbles8482: is that a 1 or 1b?

Meisha Robinson: Gorgeous, ur working that look girl! I was never a wig person, more like weaves and braids, but since going natural, I have been sold.. so thanks to yours and glamazini wig reviews, I am going to get me a DREW!!! Oh yes! Ya'll working it, and I am in love (with the wig that is) LOL.. Thanks for an amazing review!!!!

ladyred1213: This hair is so cute and stylish, love the look. This reminds me of the character "Joan" on "Girlfriends" love it!!!!!

vddavis123: I just ordered "Drew"...can't wait to test her out...thanks for the review, she looks great on you!

smartcoco: I got it in a 4 which is my "natural" hair color. I dye my natural hair medium brown from a box color...and the Drew #4 is a GREAT match, not too light, not too dark. I've been rocking it since I got it, almost two weeks ago. Folks didn't know it was a wig! No lie, my kids didn't know because, with the varied textures - just like mine is- it matches my color, textures, and volume of my own hair with minimal product. I have my big hair and protect it, too! with the Drew!!

MzVan21: wow this is cute!!

karmelqueen08: Diva, I luv luv luv the wig! Would it be a good wig for the summer?.....Like is it a hot wig or a cool light wig?

babydoll112488: You look gorgeous!!! I told myself I wouldn't buy anymore wigs til August because I've brought like six in three months, but I'm loving Drew and the freetress equal Gia you were rocking

Brownaturalady: I don't wear wigs but if I did this would be the one. Drew looks really good on you. You a mess "...the bigger the better tht goes to a lotta things".LOL IM DONE

adassa: "drew" looks amazing on you. always love your reviews!

GrowingThere: What a fun review! That wig is good!

PhillyDiva: @glamazini yessssssssssssssss Drew is in the building:)

PhillyDiva: @prhopan3 either try pull your hair out and blend with wig or use some pomade or gel to lay down edges

MrsMcFriz: At 8:13 your hairline looks AMAZINGLY REAL...FOR REAL!!!


PhillyDiva: @the1ullnvrsee no glue...just use combs that are attached to wig.
Beshe Lace Front- "Drew" 5 out of 5

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