Beshe Lace Front- 'Drew'

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Drew by Beshe | Natural Hair Lace Front Wig Review
Drew by Beshe | Natural Hair Lace Front Wig Review
Beshe Lace Front Elle Review
Beshe Lace Front Elle Review
Review | Beshe LaceFront Wig 'Drew'
Review | Beshe LaceFront Wig 'Drew'

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79blt: I was hoping to get this wig but I have locs and since its small AND I have a big head,Im thinking its not a good idea. :-(

Tamar Charmaine: just ordered her today and samsbeauty has it on sale right now for $29.99 : )

42prez: cousin gave me the Drew she purchased. Drew was a little too BIG for her and she knew that I'd planned on gettin' one! I freakin' LOVE her...I looks good!!!!!

BeautifulMynde: Gorge!

pebbles8482: is that a 1 or 1b?

Meisha Robinson: Gorgeous, ur working that look girl! I was never a wig person, more like weaves and braids, but since going natural, I have been sold.. so thanks to yours and glamazini wig reviews, I am going to get me a DREW!!! Oh yes! Ya'll working it, and I am in love (with the wig that is) LOL.. Thanks for an amazing review!!!!

ladyred1213: This hair is so cute and stylish, love the look. This reminds me of the character "Joan" on "Girlfriends" love it!!!!!

vddavis123: I just ordered "Drew"...can't wait to test her out...thanks for the review, she looks great on you!

smartcoco: I got it in a 4 which is my "natural" hair color. I dye my natural hair medium brown from a box color...and the Drew #4 is a GREAT match, not too light, not too dark. I've been rocking it since I got it, almost two weeks ago. Folks didn't know it was a wig! No lie, my kids didn't know because, with the varied textures - just like mine is- it matches my color, textures, and volume of my own hair with minimal product. I have my big hair and protect it, too! with the Drew!!

MzVan21: wow this is cute!!

karmelqueen08: Diva, I luv luv luv the wig! Would it be a good wig for the summer?.....Like is it a hot wig or a cool light wig?

babydoll112488: You look gorgeous!!! I told myself I wouldn't buy anymore wigs til August because I've brought like six in three months, but I'm loving Drew and the freetress equal Gia you were rocking

Brownaturalady: I don't wear wigs but if I did this would be the one. Drew looks really good on you. You a mess "...the bigger the better tht goes to a lotta things".LOL IM DONE

adassa: "drew" looks amazing on you. always love your reviews!

GrowingThere: What a fun review! That wig is good!

PhillyDiva: @glamazini yessssssssssssssss Drew is in the building:)

PhillyDiva: @prhopan3 either try pull your hair out and blend with wig or use some pomade or gel to lay down edges

MrsMcFriz: At 8:13 your hairline looks AMAZINGLY REAL...FOR REAL!!!


PhillyDiva: @the1ullnvrsee no glue...just use combs that are attached to wig.
Beshe Lace Front- "Drew" 5 out of 5

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