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Blair Wise: never really demonstrated any of the liquid actually going under the tile. it all came out the holes as soon as you started to put it in which means you probably should have drilled the center of the tile and scene if you could pump it under from the center. nonetheless then you didn't follow up and run your tongue over and show that it still wasn't Hollow because my guess is it was still Hollow underneath.

Shubham Lokre: Did it work for verified tiles also

john dane Shelly: Looks suprisingly simple

Alf Calleja: Cool. Where do you get it ?

belladonna1999: Seems like a great product. Have to say though,that sometimes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the old saying goes. Sometimes this happens because the tile job is old. Other times it happens because you used a crappy tile installer. It happened with granite tiles in my basement many years ago in my old house. We had a guy come in to install beautiful granite. We didn't use the basement a lot but hairline fractures started developing on their own. When I walked on the tile with high heels, I could hear how hollow many of them were. Thousands of dollars of tiles ruined. Sometimes it can also be that your cement base is uneven which will help the tiles crack unless your worker does a hell of a filling job with the glue. My ex actually used wonder board as a base for our upstairs because we couldn't do a mud job and over the years, maybe 2 tiles cracked. NONE loosened and they were ceramic which is more fragile than granite. Get references and try to look at work your installer has done because a job well done can last a lifetime and one poorly done will be one you have to repair or rip out. Good luck.

toptube4u: I have underfloor heating. This will not work

Sridevi Panickker: Looking for laying tiles on top of marble on the floor without removing the laid marble

Christopher O'Dalaigh: my tile moved enough to crack the grout away. should I regrout before using this product? or will there be enough pressure to force the adhesive under the tile?  thanks

LiarNoseOnFire: Hi !

Nice Video demonstration !

I had the same situation in two small areas in my newly laid porcelain floor in the Bathroom.

I drilled in two places only so that the sealing liquid didn't come straight out of the adjacent hole instead spreading across the loose area underneath the tile.

I used a Squeezy Bottle from a woman's Hair Dye Kit (cost nothing) and filled the Squeezy Bottle with Unibond Universal PVA.

The Squeezy Bottle had/has a Screw Cap on the pointed end which was/is almost exactly the same size as the drill hole.

The pointed end of the Squeezy Bottle was then inserted into the drilled hole and squeezed until the Unibond PVA started to ooze out of the other drill hole.

Afterwards, a quick wipe with a moist sponge and job done.

Left to set of for 24 hours then re-grout the small drill holes - virtually invisible repair,,,,!!!

goodnamesareallgone1: ty for the video, nice trick with rubbing the chisel against the tile :)

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