Boat Building; Wood Strip Classic Moth

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Boat Building; Wood strip Classic Moth
Boat Building; Wood strip Classic Moth
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William Gruff: Naturally you've named the boat 'Celebration'?

John Staiano: the tune is a cover of Antonio Carlos Jobim "Wave"...cover by Mike Auldridge...a dobro player

Raphael Tiger: brazilian song - Tom Jobim

Paul Henderson: Who is playing the banjo here? Thanks!

Frank Russell: Did they remember to cut the hole for the centerboard? oops!!

Gohot229: Great work guys. artwork really...

herrseppl: you did not celebrate when it was finished? but when its hardly done....wheres the logic?

Rudy Chadwick-Smith: @jewnatzi12 lovely job

Gustavo Salinas: Very nice video and beautifull boat! Congratulations!

Tom Trevessey: @SuperRudy94 the quality of ply decks now are really good 1mm thick mahogany veneer which matches the transom, ceder strip deck, well i haven't seen it done tbh i can imagine it being very hard to get right gaps etc, near the stem would also be tricky with the overall camber of the deck, ply looks fanatic once finished! no one really strip planks a deck. teak or mahogany 50mm strips on the other hand fitted tightly to the king plank would also look great!

Tom Trevessey: @chickenpayback tbh staples are really ugly if its bright finished, tape is a far neater way of construction.

prendetumente: Felicitaciones, Nadie que no haya construido su propia Embarcación , conoce el Goce que se siente cuando logras Gobernarla en el Mar o Lago, Sentir el Viento que te Alienta y Desafia la Capacidad de tu Nave, Yo lo he vivido,porque también construí la Propia, claro que para iniciarme en un Modelo Optimist, Lo prometo, vendrá uno mas Grande, como el de Uds, envíenme los Planos, ,Se les Agradece. Nuevamente Felicitaciones, Saludos desde Chile. Patricio Càrcamo O.

coffeefish: No keel, of any kind?

nemo227: Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Gorgeous! Everyone (almost) has had dreams of building a boat. Too few of us actually do it. Thank you for sharing your project with the rest of us.

Tweezer Sailing: TweezerD was designed by Rod Mincher. The Gen2 Classic Moths such as TweezerD are very tippy and there are better Classic Moth designs out there for the average sailor (if you are a competent Laser or Sunfish racer, a Mistral or TweezerD design is OK, if not look at other designs such as a Mint, a Titan or a Shelly). The foredeck is thinner ply to reduce weight in the bow. The aft deck is thicker since the skipper sits on it occasionally when the wind is up and the Moth is planing downwind.

/ˈterəbəl/ /diˈlemə/: That's a lot of wood-crafting to just cover it with Figerglass. But you do nice work!

Steves Projects: Great going enjoyed the video

michaelwindsurfer54 .: wheres the center board? or it doesn't need one?

porpoisefathom: hey since its composite can i rip 1/4 thick strips from planks of stock spruce ?..cuz the whole thing is gonna be encased anyway the moisture content shouldnt be an issue?..also i wanted to build more of a v shape(to help with ease of planing the sailboat hull) rather than a round bilge, is strip plank suitable for that?

Will Rupert: amazing

Alexandra Mamede: Wonderful work!! Could you please tell me whats the type of glue you use? Thanks a lot. Never stop to make them!

bubblerings: Hi. That's beautiful!... Kayak sites show clamping each strip...eeeek! I didn't see clamping. Do you just nail the strips to the molds w/ a brad gun?

5937824: Beautiful boat. Did you haved to cut any angles to get the strips to fit together properly ? Was thier any steam bending involved ? I was thinking of useing the same hull building technique to build a canoe.

Bob Linton: Im building a wood strip sailboat...Love your boat! I like how the side seats are made of wood strips. Congrats! thanks for the insperation!

njander: Very nice looking boat! Where did you get the plans for it? I sailed scows on Lake Mendota - Madison, Wisconsin years ago and am thinking your design might be fun to sail and build. I'd appreciate any info you could pass on to me.

welsh58boy: beautiful

mike s creech: GREAT JOB

Tweezer Sailing: Woodstrip construction is a composite construction where the wood strips form the core and glass skins provide the strength. Woodstrips without the glass skins would not even be close on the structural strength of a glass/wood/glass layup. I have heard of people leaving out the glass skins and it has been as disaster.

Hei Shun Liu: Where did you get the boat plans??

blacknight15029: where did yu get the plans for the boat?

Rudy Chadwick-Smith: amazing!

bubblerings: Sure beats weeks of clamping daily! -Thanks.

lgcharmedlife: very nice!

finnguy693: Nice looking Moth guys!

1956Simbo: Lovely work and music.Well done.

Miguel Dromedari: idolos!!! les quedo hermoso!!! los felicito!!"

Zoklor: That is a laborious way to make a boat, but the cosmetics of it are surely nice.

haastingschap: where did you get the plans?

keith k: WOW!!!! You guys are amazing. GREAT JOB!!

porpoisefathom: how much difference in wieght is there between core-cell and strip plank ?? and also how would you do a longer version of this?..say 32 ft?..would you have to scarph all the pieces?

Tweezer Sailing: You can't use brads. Too hard to remove when you lift the shell off the molds. We used staples, just a manual Arrow staple gun. For each strip we used 9/16 inch staples into each mold station and 2 X 1/4 inch staples between each station to pull the strips together. Lots of staples to pull but we had good luck with the staple remover from office supply store "Staples" (no pun intended). Kayak strip builders who desire perfection have developed a fastener free method of attaching strips.

MrLeonard55: Very nice work.

Tom Trevessey: @chickenpayback considering i glue up with pva!! if i didnt glass :O :D

herrseppl: i plaing make my own boat. i got already a model, i made it 100% myself, an i wana make a real one wich is 2meters long. very short for a boat, this boat can load up max to 300kg, the boat itself will just weight 31kg i desidet make it just 2meters because: its not 2 heavy it dont sink if i sit on it, it is 0.7meters on the widest spot.

SuperSarbs: Stunning. Thanks.

marcosrestaurador: muito legal seu barco a vela!

misshaunted11: hi i was wondering for the whole thing, how much did it cost?

Graeme w: Beautiful :questions How much beer does it take to build a great boat like that? Is a wooden boat covered with fiberglass still a wooden boat? could you not just have varnished her? What is the transome made from ? why is the fore bulk head thinner than the rear? More power to your elbow , Bogsdolics.

rodnisimo: Good goin! She's beautiful.

michelssanto1: Nice video, congratulations. Just a detail, the song "Wave" is the Brazilian maestro Antonio Carlos Jobim or simply Tom Jobim.
Boat Building; Wood strip Classic Moth 4.7 out of 5

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Boat Building; Wood strip Classic Moth