Mare's Leg Old West Style Lever Action Pistol

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- eniotna -: That's a nice rifle

sgt. Nickel: i got one in canada as non restricted and its a hand gun... so confused but i dont want to question it... i love it so much. mine is a .44 mag and the flip trick works well unloaded... with rounds in, not so much... gravity gets in the way and you cut the bullets on the chambering of the round.. no good unfortunately...

Tallahasse Hunter: Ow yea Tallahasse style

zOsirisS19985zXxI: An 1892 Winchester configuration of this mare's leg. Great weapon.

enjoiorange: check out the henry mares leg. it has a smaller or angular lever ring

GunWebsites: none at all with this one

Shiv The Greedy Wolynx: im not much of a gun person i fall more towards blade guy but if was to use any gun this is it, whats the recoil like?

Joesph Cooke: Zombieland

Buzz135: Very nice gun

deathangellink: for those who have problem with the large loop lever, i agree that a bigger lever can be cumbersome. but there is a advantage. during colder temperature like in winter, you can use that rifle with your glove, even mitten.

Doc Holliday: I never that the custom manufacturer had them I said you can easily get a mare's leg with a smaller lever, whoever you went through clearly had a lack of options. If you read my comment you will see I wasn't saying that this particular gun maker carried a smaller lever, I was saying it is usually an option.

GunWebsites: yer dumb.. you saw some other gun with a smaller lever, so you claim this custom manufacturer MUST also have them ??? LOL

Doc Holliday: actually you can get a smaller lever. I don't know who he bought from where the smaller lever wasn't an option but usually the large loop is an add-on part

GunWebsites: no, but I agree, and I would have got the smaller too if it was an option

Guapo: this guns badass although I personally don't like how big the lever handle is. Do they Make them with smaller levers

GeorgeBonez: Can I weld a metal piece to a Smith & Wesson 1911 and call it a rifle? I think not. The laws that screw us over seem to suck in only one way dont they? I am not hacking on this vid at all but to call this a pistol is a bunch of horse crap..

Brad Jackson: I got this for free at a banquet

andres verde: @bossmod97 yes

GunWebsites: @Tinstar2 thank you for the support. we are making vids for people like yourself to enjoy.. lots more to come too !!

Tinstar2: I just wanted to say that it is amazing how many so called experts are out there who want to put down a video like yours, without any real information to contribute. I for one am grateful for folks like you who will post videos so that when I am interested in something, I can get all the information possible. I love to research things that I am interested in and videos like yours educate me and entertain me. Don't let em get you down and...thank you!
Mare's Leg Old West style Lever Action Pistol 5 out of 5

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Mare's Leg  Old West style Lever Action Pistol