ATV REPAIR; How To Fix A Twister Hammerhead 150 Atv, Go-cart, Dune Buggy

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ATV REPAIR; how to fix a twister hammerhead 150 atv. go-cart. dune buggy
ATV REPAIR; how to fix a twister hammerhead 150 atv. go-cart. dune buggy
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Jace Nelson: I got one but it doesn't run

Jace Nelson: where do you live

Barry Clarke: Hi I was watching your video and you seem to know a lot about go karts I was wondering could you help me out i have a coolester 250cc it's starting and running perfect but when you open out the revs it pumps the oil into the rocker cover and out the air filter and emptys the sump I cant find the problem did you ever come across this problem before ,thanks

teckperson: I know my engine has dirt in it and it doesn't run what can I do? No one around me unless I find someone on Craigslist will help.

SwiggtySwooty Gaming: Rip off a new carb is 38.00 always order your own parts

Jacob Burrell: Hey got a problem it will not crank up we replaced the carburetor and the cdi and it still don't crank up

Mirkonin Hopsalot: I have a buggy that will start but not idle. Oddly if i pull the vacuum hose of the fuel rooster and plug it with my thumb it idles perfectly. Is this a bad rooster assembly fuel auto?

Thomas Downhill: Hi when my hammerheads gearbox keeps on wring of bolts do you know why it always dose thos and my revese gear always breaks znd se when you have a spark try putting your foot on the gass

robert fockler: Hi I have the Carter brothers version of the kart you are working on my problem is after I start it, it will not engage in forward or reverse the clutch opens and closes when I hit the gas just won't move the tires. 

spencer DuBridge: my hammerheadtwister goes in rev and fwd, but wont move the buggy. i just replaced the clutch

Sharon Petrovia: The hand brake won't hold, what can I do? I have a 150

Michael Dunn: My hammer head won't even crank over only clicks at the relay. I replaced the CDI, starter relay, and coil and still clicks???? please help?

Greg N: video helped me on my 150 carter. I too replace carb and it had the hose for draining carb and a valve to be mounted WHERE. I may use the old carb bottom cover; it had the valve as part of the carb with a hose barb

Eren Snover: On my hammer head twister 150 cc, the transmission is stuck in nuetral and doesn't click into forward or reverse, any help?

Wanda James: My son has a hammerhead twister go cart he has replaced the cid box but still will not start doesn't even have a spark what could his problem be

Amanda Amey: Hi i'm using my gf's  profile btw. My team and i are building a tank using almost the same go kart. the problem we are having is bleeding the brakes, we've tried a bunch of different ways and can't figure out how the hell to bleed the damn things. they are not like regular vehicle disc brakes. can you do a how to on those, if you could that would be fantastic! thank you!

Billy LaPlant: Hey I have the same problem as Austin H. Further down in comments. My 150cc hammerhead doesn't have good acceleration at all in forward and in reverse it flies. Do you know possible causes/solutions for this?

Manuel Campa: Hows it going i have a carter bros 150 cc basicly the same thing, i checked for spark, it sparks, sprayed gas directly into carb engine just turnes over no signes of it wanting to start it was runing just fine a few days ago until i layed it on its side while riding lol after that it was having trouble ideling and now it wont start, do you think it has any thing to do with the valve adjustment. Thanks 

Fmartiez: Hi Jeremy,
I have a hammerhead 150cc and it starts and idles but when I give it gas it moves slowly and then it picks up speed and about 40mph about 20 to 30 mph I let go and floor it and it responds but once in idle it has no power until it picks up speed gradually. I replaced the clutch, carburator, fuel filter, clutch, belt, petrooster. Any tips or ideas? it has vibration and checked the brakes and reverse and nada. please help!! 

Dustin Archambeau: Jeremy, I am having an unusual problem.  There is a, I guess, overflow hose coming off of the head of the engine.  The problem is... gas is shooting out of it when the engine is running.  I have a background in small engines but these chinese 150cc engines are not like the Briggs I am used to.  I even disconnected the gas line but it still shoots gas out???  Should I go into the gas business cause this thing is making it's own gas??  Can you help me by telling me what makes gas overflow from the line connected to the head?
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ATV REPAIR; how to fix a twister hammerhead 150 atv, go-cart, dune buggy