Baikal MP94 Combo Gun

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steelgila: I can't believe they are making them with the shotgun on top and the rifle underneath! I saw a Baikal 30.06/12gge. combo several years back that looked like a really nice outfit. Doesn't it make more sense to put the rifle barrel with sights on top and scatter gun below?

Cthulhublanca: Maybe I stated it badly, but the adapters go down from 12 to 20 and 20 to 410. Check out Short Lane.

StopMoss b: How are you able to go up in caliber and gauge?

Cthulhublanca: For about $75 you could stick a 22 to 410/45 adapter inside a 410/45 to 20 gauge adapter inside a 20 to 12 gauge adapter inside the 12 gauge barrel, and you have a very versatile survival gun. Worth thinking about if I get a few extra shekels. I'd add a 1-4 power scope and 308 ammo cuff on the stock myself.

ptong226: i just saw a gun shop had these in 30-06/12 gauge combo, which is very attractive. a powerful combo which would be perfect for protection against any predator in the woods. imagine that you have 30-06 rifle, plus 12 gauge slugs/00 buckshot. you can even bring a few flares to shoot in case of emergency SOS.

PureKrudd: Look around, I know before they imported this, they had the IZH-94, available in alot more varieties. I'm not so sure on the gauge, but I know it was available in .222!

PureKrudd: $550 on Bud's for 12 ga / .223, $650-800 elsewhere.

Killafox22: How much?

rustlervxl97: if only they had it in 20ga and 222rem

deathangellink: is there a different sigh for each barrel ? is there a way to switch from the shotgun to the rifle or you got to compensate ? i seriously think about getting one of these in a near future

MuhsinTheMomin: Beu_ti_full

William Hutchinson: Is the barrel length 19"or 24" and can the chamber handle a 3 or 31/2 " shell?

SOUTHERNANDPROUD1861: Savage was so stupid for stop makeing there combo guns ole well there loss.Thanks Baikal and EAA

EAACorporation: alecbh13: We do not have the 2011 pricing yet - this should be in shortly.

alecbh13: Awesome, I've been hoping that someone would start importing their combo guns again. Do y'all have an estimate on pricing for these?
Baikal MP94 Combo Gun 5 out of 5

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Baikal MP94 Combo Gun