How To Create Your Own Amazing Cosmic Star Ceiling

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How To Create Your Own Amazing Cosmic Star Ceiling
How To Create Your Own Amazing Cosmic Star Ceiling
Laser Stars Video
Laser Stars Video

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Jack Michel: insane video! Im gonna send it to my gf

MrTruthteller123: wow what childish crap of a video, my 5 year old can do better than this garbage. Hey sureguideforyou...don't quit your day job, making videos is not your forte, and with all the comments telling you so, you are a moron if you can't take a hint.

Zephi Roth: wow.. incredible beginning.. the video suckss so much there is no tutorials here b*tch you're wasting my time

Hoang Tran Cong: great tutorial thanks for sharing

mikahnozuafify: a favorite from me ;-)

MattVagex: Im impresive.....

nevercry2100: Respect

mikahnozuafify: Hello, How are you?

Carl Marshall: See folks this guys watching everything Marshall Nightsky Ceilings creates.Ask yourself one question,just one question. Why have we not seen your work on Tv & in National press. I rest my case.

TuuubYou: best! :D

tinchik12: what? is the name of track?

Kidshaz booya: great quality

ngo minh Hai: Good

gohanteen123: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ObamaYoureFired: very good video again

Michael Stewart: I think I have watched hundreds of videos on youtube and I don't remember ever giving a thumbs down but I signed in just so I could on this video.

yoru1023: -This video is put together REALLY well!

Minh Tran: YOu are gonna be a big youtuber my friend this is some really good stuff! Good luck!

AssaultFireX: Subbed


Carl Marshall: Fantastic but its Marshall nightsky that took the design to the tv.Your like a vampire sucking of other peoples work. COPYRIGHT!

Miba Reywes: Do not label your video HOW TO if it's not a how to! I wasted 4 minutes of my life on your stupid story about a kid and his mom! I just want to know how to make the ceiling, I don't want some stupid story, I don't want a small, bad quality video of someone's friends saying how awesome the ceiling is. If it's not a how to video take down the how to title!

Supah Doups: Terrible terrible. Pretty obvious we'd wanna make a star ceiling to awe and amaze people.... duh!!!

Dong Phuong: Wonderfull, sub/thumb/faved you :) MORE VIDEOS!!

r0bin1995: Best video evaaa

MrFreakySlowmo: Why doesnt this have more views?

ElPatron177: awesome? job!!!!!

Văn Tuấn Nguyễn: i pus this video on stumbleupon

sangcuteo: That was great, good job!

MRCARLiNO100: Thanks, very good!

How To Create Your Own Amazing Cosmic Star Ceiling 3.1 out of 5

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How To Create Your Own Amazing Cosmic Star Ceiling