Rocket Stove Water Heater Plans

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Rocket Stove Water Heater
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How to build a rocket stove water heater.
How to build a rocket stove water heater.
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Trent james: this thing looks great I love the design thank you for posting it. I work on a lot of boilers in power houses concrete plans things of this nature one reoccurring thing that I always notice on larger boilers ,intake air is always preheated off the exhaust or the hearth and the in take water is preheated in this way as that's my 2bits

thepoultrypeople: i wouldnt have thought of making a bell housing jacket, good idea, your weldings got to be better than mine then :) hows this project coming on? winters biting at the door again 

Terry O'Rourke: great    Terry

Alastair Cook: Hi
I like your design, and your ethos of sharing technical advances and techniques in a simple to understand manner.  

Are you using the vortex as you showed how to join the riser to a rectangular tube that you showed how to make in a previous video?

Your design now resembles the "rocket stove on steroids design", with your vortex improvements.

Have you ever considered a 45 degree self feed for the wood?  I would like to make a small stove for outdoor cooking, similar to the DK rocket but I would also like the wood to self feed if possible, like the apostle stove.  I would also like a secondary burn, but would this setup melt the frying pan?

drew aitchison: danger ? 

Inspironator: (Continuation - part 2 of 2) The other approach is to take more heat out of the surface of the stove, since that room gets unbearable and redistribute it via the hot water. You wouldn't need much pipe to add heat to the water pipe since the stove surface gets so hot, just a short serpentine run on 1 side, with input on the bottom and output on the top for thermosiphon effect. Water pipe on the outside keeps cleaning issues to a minimum. Good luck and nice work!

Inspironator: I see there are two ways to approach heating the water. If you go with Reginald Kinnaman's suggestion, you would extract heat out of the cooler chimney riser, and get more of that heat before it is lost outside. Wrapping the tube outside the chimney tube would also give you an easier way to keep the coil clean, and if you evern needed to clean the chimnea pipe, you could run a standard wire chimnea brush up and down the smooth surface of the flue. (Part 1 of 2 - To be continued)

coolo: i'd rather have you do the bell

John Holmes: I wonder if you built a water jacket around the rocket tube itself instead of using perlite for direct insulation to the rocket tube? No copper tubing, just an inlet and outlet for the water. What do you plan to do with the heated water? Have it inline with a traditional water heater and somehow keep it cycling? Seems with the extreme heat of the rocket you'd be making steam in no time.

Scott Powell: This seems to be good work . . .

Andy Dzewo: Hi, I'm 110 miles from you but worth to see you job someday. Great cooking-kitchen stove project(Oven plus). I was thinking about cochina one before..but your is much better.My thinking/projects are connected to recycling or reuse of scrap/rubbish things - so got an idea, instead of new cooper pipes to use radiators (Inertia)...Except of Vortex Idea (Victor Schaubergeger) your fuel feeder is the real Invention! Plse post PS English is not my mother language so sorry if not "clear"

Graham Orm: Thanks for that. there's loads of small companies locally I'll find one.

Graham Orm: Good stuff thanks for the encouragement. I'm half way through my steel version so I think I'll finish it while I source some stainless. Any ideas on where from? I have been dropping in on a local scrap yard for the bits I have got/scrounged but I think they're fed up of me now!

Graham Orm: Will do, you sound very Manc. Looks like I'll be learning to weld stainless.

Graham Orm: Mate are you in Manchester? You sound like a Manc. I am in Stockport half way through a stove build.

Reginald Kinnaman: I have considered taking an old gas water heater and attaching a J tube to the bottom of it. They already have a flu pipe up the middle. It would only be operable while being attended though.

Reginald Kinnaman: You only need 212 Degrees to Boil water, the top of your Rocket Updraft tube can get up and over 1000 degrees. Be very cautious.

Reginald Kinnaman: I worked around Boilers for 23 years, one thing you want to be careful of is introducing very cold water into a hot boiler. I made that mistake once and scared the heck out of me. The boiler was 2 stories high and built like a bomb shelter, but the cold water expands quickly and sounds like explosions. You would be safer to heat off the chimney (or maybe Pre-heat before entering the hotter part of the stove.) Look up Boiler Explosion on Youtube before going too far.

Bob Vance: I have a feeling this water is going to get hot hot hot. Nice design mate.

Jeff Crutchfield: Great design! The more use you can put the heat generated too, the better. Good job!
rocket stove water heater plans 5 out of 5

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rocket stove water heater plans