Andis Master Vs. Wahl Senior V9000

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Andis master Vs. Wahl senior v9000
Andis master Vs. Wahl senior v9000
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Wavy Dave: Andis ALL DAY!!!

basil saleh: How many watts are on the reflections senior

baron von swieseldorf: Masters.. hands down

Deroga Dero1979: It look like you being paid by andis dude... Let me tell y'all Wahl seniors it's the boss on barbering.... Have my since it came up to market on PR. I NEVER Change my blade never sharpening just Lil bit of adjustment and thats it it rock like mfk. All time of fades tapers fros etc. No back and forward. I bough andis masters use it for a year and it's good with guards but not on fades. Senior ergonomic it's unbeatable power on the old engine relax smooth and quiet. It's all about skill boy 👦. Fact seniors forever master its aight. Fast feed 1000 better than masters no argument just fact. But I respect your preference. Thanks

Michael Grissett: I use them both. They're not really the same type of clipper aside from being adjustable.
The Senior is better with a guard when dealing with long hair and bulk. If you zero-gap them, you take away their ability to do what they're designed to do.
The Masters are better at fading, touching up afros, and leveling off flat tops...detail work. As far as the notches by the lever, I don't pay any attention to them, I make my adjustments based on how the hair I'm cutting looks.
In short:
Senior = power
Master = precision
At least that's what I've found in 22 years of barbering.

Anderson Otavo Vargas: hagalo en español

Michael Meenan: Nice review. Contrasts benefits and detriments of each clipper. From what I am gathering, the Andis cut cleaner, but the Wahl Seniors are more ergonomic. Thanks for your effort.

Rudy V: Bruce Wayne STFU!, this isn't mean to be some sort of legal case where substantial evidence has to be provided in order to prove your case. Just stop seriously! you're an idiot


Bero ThaBarber: I rock with Wahl all day. Years ago coming out of barber school they give you Andis, so a lot of people think they are the best. Wahl , for me is about precision, finesse, and speed. My opinion is Wahl 5 * until the end.

MILLZx1986: I've been a die hard andis fan for years but im starting to lean more on Wahl specially them new legends plus Wahl stay putting new crap out

Edgar Delgado: your comment is abstract haha you can say why? wheres the proof,evidence?Im I suppose to just take your word? in others words its just your opinion. just like i can say oster 76 are the best but is it true? everything is subjective

juan villafane: ive been cutting since 90 and the masters don't even come close,to the wahl seniors theyre too heavy and bulky and the blades can be rough on the head especially the guards.wahl senior lighter, faster, quieter,and very simple to replace parts and build your own from left over parts I traded my new fademasters for a peanut and a oster t outliner what does that tell you.......

Beehive Johnson: Andis masters over whal all day because andis guards are better they don't fall off and cut the notches on the side of the masters are a big help you can't argue that

youngvet1993: please explain why?

JON SCOTT: Due the xtremly powerful motor the masters are built for course hair. They also do an amazing job on straight hair as well but not wet. The motor in the v900 is smoother but not as strong.

JON SCOTT: Therefore while the v900 can cut thru most hair types ncliding wet. The Andis masters will give you a better cut because of its more powerful motor.

StanleyRC1: I've been cutting for 20 plus years, and I use Andis Masters, and Wahl clippers. I use my Masters a lot on fades, but I have never had a pair of Masters out cut my Wahl clippers. There has to be something wrong with your blade adjustment if you are having a problem with having to go back and forth over the same spot with a pair of Seniors. I have that problem with my Masters sometimes, but never with the Wahl Seniors or Super Taper II's. The Whal clippers cut through any type of hair with ease.

Young Savie: Thanks helped me a lot

youngvet1993: @elmimi274 your welcome that's my goal
Andis master Vs. Wahl senior v9000 5 out of 5

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Andis master Vs. Wahl senior v9000