How To Make A DIY Natural Swimming Pool

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How To Make a DIY Natural Swimming Pool
How To Make a DIY Natural Swimming Pool
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Jelena Ostrovska: Load of sh*t, this eco-Nazi,  needs to  cut that off mop of his this silly grub, and stop with the John Lennon I am a smart guy act.. You have created a eco/bio hazard in your neighborhood. i.e. vermin ( mosquitos).I would have  more respect for you if you just said, " I live near a marsh and made a swimming pool, and some frogs and plants took over, my kids love it, Thanks." This is perfectly acceptable, and part of the human condition. Either your ignorant, lack integrity or your arrogance has taken over? Your belief that you are a steward of the earth, because you made a sewer pond just f*cking makes me want to kick your a**. Thanks Dave!! People wake up, chemicals did not come from some extra-terrestrial origin. We do not control the mother, your fear sickens me. You want to die from cholera, dysentery. meningitis, rock on. Quit the fear. Dave if you live next to me, you would have not made this sh*t video, promise you that!!!!! 

Rabidavid: Now this is the kind of Pond I want. Are there any more examples of Swimming ponds and how to make them, especially for those of us who don't have the money for a large liner, for instance using Clay. If you know where I can find examples of DIY clay liner ponds, please message me. Thanks

Andrew Armstrong: My biggest problem with this set up is, nothing, love it. My problem is where i live. A pool that natural would have some unwelcome additions. Namely Rattlesnakes, Copperheads and my really hated one, cotton mouths. Other than standing guard with a .22, nothing you can really do about them, especially in an environment like this pool. So, i am curious to know what you have done to keep the unwanted out.

prasenjeet rathore: putting in some lights would be awesome

john mcfadden: how much did it cost to get ringo starr to narrate that for you.he done a great job on thomas the tank tapes. and you done a great job too

Trudi López: Can you make it out of cement, without any natural source of water? Unfortunately, I got none, so I'd need it to be as natural as possible in the most artificial environment, because, even if artificial, I believe nature brings health and shine, and it's strong enough to make through anything. Possible, though?

Phillip Green: Great video, thanks for sharing.  Its given me a lot of ideas for making my own swimming pond.

Building Your Own Private Beach: Well done.

Luke Lambert: Is there a good DIY tutorial you can point to (not the Mother Earth article that seems to permeate the search results)? His vid seems like it probably has all the necessary info if it wasn't edited down. Lil help?

lightube12: so cool this is what i always wanted one nothing like natural

Antonio Cuellar Photography: So cool.. the pool of the future!

Jesse Taylor: Wow, that's amazing.  That's like a man made swimming hole.

Jamie McMillan: Wow, impressive.  Way to go.  That's ingenuity.

Escapist166: How to you avoid getting leeches?

Dany Josh: that's not seems to come cheap at all, considering the maintenance in it probably will cost high too..

jw11432: this is a cool idea, but I'd be worried about venomous snakes, such as cottonmouth and water moccasin hanging around and in the pool. certainly going to be plenty of food for them (small fish, crawfish, frogs, etc) to entice them to come around.

Cordelia Mcbride: So beautiful :)

Richard Burgher: YOU TUBE, please do SOMEthing about the unnecessary foul language in your comment section.  I would read these things, but I am just too offended by people's sudden urge to swear because they wish to impress, or because they have little command of the English language, or they want to offend quietly.  For whatever reason, at the very least the F word comments could be DELETED by YOU TUBE employees, or simply let US push a button to let you know someone is violating perhaps a simple sentence at the top of Comment sections that bans the use of the F word.  Call me a pansy, but even in today's society, in mixed company, shopping lines, or wandering through a comment section online, that word is unacceptable to most.

Pastor New Creation AME Church: For centuries human-beings swam in ponds, lakes and rivers with no problems.

rurutu M: this is just a pond with a large deep center for swimming
How To Make a DIY Natural Swimming Pool 5 out of 5

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How To Make a DIY Natural Swimming Pool