Quick FIX Orange Yellow Brassy Hair! Hair 911 Part 1

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Quick FIX Orange Yellow Brassy Hair! Hair 911 part 1
Quick FIX Orange Yellow Brassy Hair! Hair 911 part 1
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Sarah Roberts: I seriously can't thank you enough! The medium ash blonde dye saved my hair when bleaching from auburn to blonde! :)

truthful gal: I died my brown hair dark blonde but it turned red orange. At Sally's I was advised to die with a medium ash blonde but my hair is even more orange now. Please help!

Annabel Withagen: I bleached my dark brown hair and dyed it golden blonde, but now it's auburn! What do I do?!

Magdalena Maria: Hi, my hair is the same shade of orange as your hair at the beginning of the video (the "scary music" part :P) and I wanted to ask, did u apply "nice and easy" hairdye only once, to get the effect you have now, or did you did something else with your hair. I'm asking cause I try to get rid of the orange and get or dark blonde or light brown and as cold colour as it's possible. Sorry for my bad english but it's not my first language :)

Ayshe Biell: you're stunning

Jocelyn Mendoza: You saved my life literally thank you so much lmaoo!!!!!

Leslie White: Hi, thanks for this video. Got back yesterday from a horrible dye job that was supposed to be only highlights but now all of my roots are a horrible orange/brass color. I got the Shimmer Lights shampoo, washed 3 times, 1x normal, 1x sit for 3 min, and 1x sit for 10 min. Made a little difference but when should I give up and try the Nice and Easy dye?

Jillian Bowley: OMG you SAVED my life!!!  My hair was literally Bright Yellow, i looked like Rainbow Bright.  I put my hair back and put a hair band on and ran to a grocery store that was Thankfully open 24 hours and i bought the hair color you advised in your video and i also bought some purple shampoo.  I went right home and put it in my hair and my hair is normal now.  You have no idea how much you saved me though, my daughter looked at me like i had 3 heads!!!  Thank you thank you thank YOU

liz morales: what about orangey brown hair?!!? anyone?!

Candace Jackson: OMG!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! You saved me from public embarrassment!! LOL! I tried going blonde and it turned out this yellow, gold, bright orange color. I literally looked like I had bright orange highlights. I followed your instructions and sent my hubby to the store and went straight with the dye because i knew nothing was going to fix my hair unless I dyed it. However I didn't want to try blonde any further and was afraid after I washed it a few times it would fade out, so I got Clairol's Nice N' Easy 6A/114 Natural Light Ash Brown and it covered all of it and turned a nice shade of brown. The best part is it turned my hair one single color, so you can't even tell I had streaks of different colors lol. I wis there was a way to post pictures to show the before and after. Thank you again!! You are a lifesaver!

아기용인미: you look like sasha grey

lily lola: Thank you for the Video :) . However, I have a question; can I use the toner a month after bleaching my hair? 

Zoe Thibert: Thats the exact colour i was going to after i bleached my hair... and all it did was tone down the orange and leave me a copper head. 

Lynette Hynes: Thank you.....this video saved me! 

Amber Rose Smith: This is such a helpful video. Thank you so much! We have nice and easy in the uk and its cheap so yay! I went from black hair (8 years of dying black) to bleaching it 3 times (Which is terrible I know, but I did do it over the space of a month and half) the 3rd bleaching didnt remove the orange. I have tried silver shampoo and conditoner and toner but nothing is working, so this is my last bet. I am using intense repair treatments and oil on my hair to stop it from breaking and its in okay condition so not too bad. Hope this works!

fckyrface: I didn't leave it on long enough and the roots are still coppery.. It's much better than carrot top orange though!

Marian Uribe: YOU SAVED MY HAIR!!!!!! Thank you soooo much 

Mish. Michelle: the problem is that there are still some orange/yellow tones! I have a leftover box, should I reapply or get a purple shampoo?

Keira Walsh: I wouldn't put any box color on top of damaged over processed hair, especially recently bleached. The peroxide volume in the box color ( especially that high of a color, meaning that light ) is a 30 or 40 volume. This will do more damage. What you need to do is protein treatments, moisturizer treatments and give your hair a rest for a while. Then do a soap cap or aka bleach wash. Which consist of peroxide volume of 20%, bleach powder and a good high quality moisturizer shampoo. Start at the back of the head or the most resistant hair, and work through. Put a plastic cap on and watch and I mean watch it carefully. If your at a level 7 or up it will lighten very quickly. Wash out use a good conditioner. Tone with a toner, not just a shampoo toner. And not a toner with a volume anymore then a peroxide volume more then a 10% or I suggest looking into shades by redken. Lot less damaging. 

Michelle Bezesky: You are awesome thanks for the info explained exactly how it should be.
Quick FIX Orange Yellow Brassy Hair! Hair 911 part 1 5 out of 5

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Quick FIX Orange Yellow Brassy Hair! Hair 911 part 1