Quick FIX Orange Yellow Brassy Hair! Hair 911 Part 1

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Zoe Thibert: Thats the exact colour i was going to after i bleached my hair... and all it did was tone down the orange and leave me a copper head. 

Lynette Hynes: Thank you.....this video saved me! 

Amber Rose Smith: This is such a helpful video. Thank you so much! We have nice and easy in the uk and its cheap so yay! I went from black hair (8 years of dying black) to bleaching it 3 times (Which is terrible I know, but I did do it over the space of a month and half) the 3rd bleaching didnt remove the orange. I have tried silver shampoo and conditoner and toner but nothing is working, so this is my last bet. I am using intense repair treatments and oil on my hair to stop it from breaking and its in okay condition so not too bad. Hope this works!

fckyrface: I didn't leave it on long enough and the roots are still coppery.. It's much better than carrot top orange though!

Marian Uribe: YOU SAVED MY HAIR!!!!!! Thank you soooo much 

Mish. Michelle: the problem is that there are still some orange/yellow tones! I have a leftover box, should I reapply or get a purple shampoo?

Keira Walsh: Oh, I'm a professional.... I'm not giving advice because I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm giving it because I do and I trying to help out the best I can without anyone destroying their hair and having to chop it off. I literally can do 3 soap caps on one person in one day without or minimal damage the way I told you because it's the right way and safest way. Then give your hair a break for a bit. Also coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil table spoon each heat up put on hair leave on for a couple hours, its great! And cheap! 😉 

Keira Walsh: I wouldn't put any box color on top of damaged over processed hair, especially recently bleached. The peroxide volume in the box color ( especially that high of a color, meaning that light ) is a 30 or 40 volume. This will do more damage. What you need to do is protein treatments, moisturizer treatments and give your hair a rest for a while. Then do a soap cap or aka bleach wash. Which consist of peroxide volume of 20%, bleach powder and a good high quality moisturizer shampoo. Start at the back of the head or the most resistant hair, and work through. Put a plastic cap on and watch and I mean watch it carefully. If your at a level 7 or up it will lighten very quickly. Wash out use a good conditioner. Tone with a toner, not just a shampoo toner. And not a toner with a volume anymore then a peroxide volume more then a 10% or I suggest looking into shades by redken. Lot less damaging. 

Michelle Bezesky: You are awesome thanks for the info explained exactly how it should be.

Samantha Michael: Hi! I watched your video before I highlighted my hair.. then used blue tonal lightening powder mixed with my sulfate free shampoo.. it worked!! No brassy highlights! Thanks so much!

Sadaf Rahimi: I'm in the process of doing my hair in medium ash blonde hoooppefully it be all gone I'm hoping so much and thank you so much for this video I was panicking last night and my ends are damaged but hopefully this be the end of experimenting with my hair again 

James Byron: The nice n easy hair dye works so well, its tones it quite well but not just after its been bleached, you have to wait a month or so before using it because it just won't take very well on freshly bleached hair.

Tina Duong: I've been browsing the web looking for a solution to this haha. All I found were tutorials on how to get your hair to blonde using the T18 wella toner, but all I'm asking is to get rid of my orange and settle for a nice light brown! You gave me my answer, and I'll be heading to sallys ASAP. Hope it works. :) Thank you very much!

lisabeller1: thank u for saving me ily

Nathalie Peterson: thank you!!! the nice and easy trick worked....hair ended up a really boring light brown - but 1000 times better than bozo orange!!! you're a hair-saver!

kieramcgregor: My hair is exactly the same as yours except my hair has more orange in it

27rayy: So I've bleached my hair and it looks like an apricot but I don't want to go lighter instead I want to do a dark shade . what color should I get? 

Sandra Griffiths: Last chronicles advise was spot on that you so much

Elena Rose: thank you so much for this! <3 after bleaching my hair 4 times it was this awful light orange color. so i went and bought that dye and it turned out such a beautiful shade of blonde (: 

Courtney Locker: Thank you!! <3
Quick FIX Orange Yellow Brassy Hair! Hair 911 part 1 5 out of 5

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Quick FIX Orange Yellow Brassy Hair! Hair 911 part 1