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Mares leg twirling by Jay Measures
Mares leg twirling by Jay Measures
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Nerf Slingfire Vs. Buzz Bee Sentinel (Battle for Best Lever Action)
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The BuzzBee Ultra Tek Sentinel is awesome. (Review+Internals)
Lego guns: Battlefield 4 Mare's Leg
Lego guns: Battlefield 4 Mare's Leg
S&D: "Lever-Action Irons" shorty

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WaywardAce: Will that easily fit in a backpack?

Papio Sphinx: seems like an AK-74 U and some version of the Colt M4 carbine to me, but I'm not an expert

swampmonster123: What are those two other guns on the table?

Tinstar2: @WeAreTwoDoorsDown Don't put yourself down for asking questions. There are no dumb questions...that is what I have learned. GunWebsites said it right...we all had to ask questions...that is how we learn! I'm glad to see young people who are interested in the great sport of shooting and/or hunting. Just be very, very careful and if possible, take classes on firearms and shooting. The NRA is a great source! Be cool and keep on asking questions!

plasticspine: history of the mare's leg

SuperRip7: luv the USA Western guns.

GunWebsites: @wp4565775 well it's not in many stores. but I don't think I will.. it costs a lot more then these

WP45: Did you decide on getting the .45 yet or not? Nice videos.

apower18: Local gun store doesn't open until Monday, I hope they still have these in-stock.

Matthew Hawking: That Henry pistol is unbelievably cool and looks really fun to shoot... I just may have to get one. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos.

RhuarcWoT: I guess since the stock is too short to be used as one by anyone but a toddler it doesn't count as a SBR?

Mr45Bullitt: Great range and review vids! Thanks. I like it wish I would've waited for the Henry.

MrSteney: Check out the video on here, "History Of The Mare's Leg." Pretty cool. Gunblast has a review on a Rossi with info on a holster. Looks like a fun gun to have.

GunWebsites: @EverythingisFire I think in this economy, you might be able to build a pretty large following for a day like that Good attitude

EverythingisFire: @mark16443 I think tomorrow will be "put a gun on layaway" day =]

William Dunne: @evildude109 I can't say the offence I ve taken from you, I am a registered firearm owner and why would you critize someone even if they weren't? Your just looking for a conflict and its childesh, now to explain I bought a 17 HMR full scale range revolver because I needed a 22 but the gun salesmen at the local midwestern sporting goods did not understand the fairly new round now if your don't believe me go to the website and look on the members list and search my email its the same on youtube

mark16443: @EverythingisFire ya know just cause it isnt buy a gun day doesnt mean you still cant buy your gun ; )

evildude109: @williamED15 ...Of course you can fit the casing into the gun, because they use the same casing. Wikipedia is a great resource, by the way. Anyway, the actual bullet size is different, so a .17HMR would just act like a slug out of a shotgun, because it will not get pressed into the rifling. So basically, using the setup you just described, it is as if your marlin is a smooth bore. By the way, your .17 revolver has a taper in the cylinder so idiots don't try to do a .22 conversion.

William Dunne: @evildude109 ironically no 17 HMR work in 22 but 22 doesnt work in 17 HMR I know becuase I run Hornandy 17 in my marlin 22 but I can never get a 22 in my 17 HMR revolver, something a gun dealer wont tell you

MrParkinthedark: Looks like a great plinker, prolly gonna get one
Mare's Leg, Lever Action Pistol: 4 of 4 5 out of 5

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Mare's Leg, Lever Action Pistol: 4 of 4