How To Properly Sharpen Prismacolor Pencils

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How to Properly Sharpen Prismacolor Pencils
How to Properly Sharpen Prismacolor Pencils
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Chak Hau: Her voice is gooood for making ASMR video

Puffy Jo: nobody sharpens thier pencil rocking it back and forth like that thats nuts

Simon Carrick: holy crap! it works! thank you! :) I also got ASMR from this

Yvette Williams: If u want pointy Prismas buy the Prisma Verithins. They are AWESOME For small spaces and corners!

Robert Caldwell: Question #3: My new Prismacolor pencils (24 set) came mildly sharpened. I thought there was a legitimate reason why the manufacturer did this and thus I didn't independently sharpen them. But while watching tutorials on YouTube, everyone seems to stress the importance of sharpening the pencils to a sharp point. Is that best? If so, why don't the pencils come that way? I also was trying not to waste the pencils by unnecessarily sharpening them.

Robert Caldwell: Question #2: Featured manual pencil sharpener: What is the precise manufacturer and model #? I'd like to order one on Amazon, as it looks like a nice one. I'd also like any recommendation that you can offer. I know in the video you state "prismacolor bullet sharpener" but the feature product on Amazon appears to be different than what I saw you using during this video. Thank you.

Robert Caldwell: Question: Why is it better to turn the sharpener around the pencil, then rotate the pencil inside the sharpener?

Tommy Ohlrich: You literally CANT sharpen prismacolors by hand. No matter how you do it or what kind of sharpener you use. Their cores are so soft and off center that the leads break before it gets anywhere near a point. And it's not a one off problem. Prisma has a huge quality control issue with their reg colored pencils.

Joshua Curtis: Where can I find the wood pencil case you have the Prismacolor pencils in?

JiYung: insane pencil mechanics

Madame Cadaverous: This helped a lot thanks! Also not to mention I do have the catalogs from bluck materials, they have a lot of things I want to try!

Berren Drown: If it is mechanically better to rotate the sharpener, then why oh why are 99% of sharpeners designed for the pencil to be rotated...

bozhana georieva: I have been sharpening my pencils this way my entire life now I feel like a genius when someone said that this is the right way

Theecouponcat: Thanks for info, hopefully it works with other brand hand ones at least for now, will be a few days before i get back to art supply store. It works well but i was turning pencil so will try other way because i can't afford leads to keep breaking, they are way too expensive for that. Thanks again

Sefe Mirabile: Did I just meditate? What just happened?


Rezerved Gaming: I have to holes for my sharpener do you think I should use the smaller hole or the bigger one

Justine Lukban: I tried many sharpener and my Prismacolor keeps breaking and I can't find some sharpener that Prismacolor made. What should I do? 

SinBlue Art: are the prismacolor premier karisma the prismacolor premier coloring pencils?

Brianna Robles: Her voice was so calming I felt like I needed to nap instead of draw
How to Properly Sharpen Prismacolor Pencils 5 out of 5

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How to Properly Sharpen Prismacolor Pencils