How To Properly Sharpen Prismacolor Pencils

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How to Properly Sharpen Prismacolor Pencils
How to Properly Sharpen Prismacolor Pencils
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Prismacolor Premiere Pencils Review
How to sharpen Prismacolor Colored Pencils
How to sharpen Prismacolor Colored Pencils
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Prismacolor Pencils Tips and Tricks - Part 1
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Brianna Robles: Her voice was so calming I felt like I needed to nap instead of draw

Groovey Dog: Can someone tell me the diameter of a prismacolor pencil please? ( In mm )

Wolf Fandom: When sharpening the Prismacolor pencils, do I have to use a sharpener created by the Prismacolor brand, or can I use a regular handheld sharpener?

The Blank Wall: This channel is so helpful! 1+ sub

Crazyblaze Xx: This woman looks so chill -^-

nightlyfrost: how about sharping it with a knife? 

Sandy Orozco: This changes everything---EVERYTHING
Thank you so much for this

crsseventyone: One of the most overlooked details is how to sharpen correctly.

Hannah Shoe: I've heard that holding a Prismacolor pencil over a flame melts the wax core back together if dropped one too many times. Can anyone tell me if this is true?

Tim Teatro: I've never used anything I've liked better than my KUM sharpeners.

31T3 1337 N008: Well... that was enlightening, to say the least.

Wendy Legeret: This has to be the best advice ever! Thank you so much! For Christmas, I received Prismacolor colored pencils and started to sharpen them. One of the color's lead began breaking. Now that I have your advice, the sharpening is working great!

Thanks again!

Joyce van Kan: Oooh okay ! Thanks so much ! 

cottoncandy6251: Do you sell the wooden set on your website?

Eri Cast: thanks.

przosa: I love her voice, very warm and pleasant.)

Blick Art Materials: Yes, this technique can be applied to any pencil you are hand-sharpening to prevent damage.

Jordana Owens: I sure wish I had seen this video BEFORE I ruined and wasted my pencils. Thanks for the adivce, so I can prevent further damage. Now does this technique apply to my Caran' Dache SupraColor Soft Water-soluble pencils? they seem to have much more resistance, and do not break as easily.

Juri Kawasoe: i love her voice...very clear and kind...:)

DexGypMom: This sharpening method does not work every time! I followed the instructions from this video but the Bullet sharpener chewed away the matrix of the white, black & 2 other pencils in chunks, leaving a 1/16" bare neck of the color with a hardly sharpened tip. Either the sharpener is defective or the pencils are. I have been using my ancient Berol Vacuhold sharpener instead. The Berol worked great on 20 other colors but did the same as the Bullet with the black & white? All materials are new.
How to Properly Sharpen Prismacolor Pencils 5 out of 5

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How to Properly Sharpen Prismacolor Pencils