How To Properly Sharpen Prismacolor Pencils

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How to Properly Sharpen Prismacolor Pencils
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Tim Teatro: I've never used anything I've liked better than my KUM sharpeners.

Merry Qu: I heard on some websites that you need like a high-tech pencil sharpener for Prismacolors or it'll break. Is it true? And if it is, what kind of sharpener should I buy?

31T3 L33T N008: Well... that was enlightening, to say the least.

Joyce van Kan: Oooh okay ! Thanks so much ! 

Wendy Legeret: This has to be the best advice ever! Thank you so much! For Christmas, I received Prismacolor colored pencils and started to sharpen them. One of the color's lead began breaking. Now that I have your advice, the sharpening is working great! Thanks again!

266sasuke: Prismacolor pencils PWN other products!! :D

babescraftroom: I bought mine over 20 yrs ago, and now I know why they cost so much. I am now trying to find them because I have taken up some interest in mixed media. I want to thank you for doing this video it is very informative and I will remember not to rock my

Lolax Marks: I thought just because I had the Prisma bullet sharpener I was good, but my Prismas ALWAYS break. I'm so glad you made with video and I'm SO going to try this technique!

Ámbar Lopez: @Me4EverNatalie Hahha thats alot oc work waiting for u pal!

Blick Art Materials Videos: Yes, this technique can be applied to any pencil you are hand-sharpening to prevent damage.

Upcomeing artists: Where can i get my set of prismacolor.

sonikdude49: are these good for a novice artist like me i do a lot of shading and blending?

Blick Art Materials Videos: Blick Art Materials sells all the products in all of our videos. Please see our website by clicking in the link within the video description.

John: I got the 132 prismacolor set. You have no idea how long it took me to sharpen all of them. When you sharpen a mass of pencils, it doesn't matter how you sharpen them. You throw technique out the door.

Queen ofCool: Can you ship it to the philippines? I want to have a set of those prismacolor pencils.haha

daliamonica: Great video

Aldo Stevenson: I am glad i saw this video

Joe Honea: I have yet to use this technique shown, but i will certainly try it! I found that sharpening a bit at a time & then using, prevents the breakage that occurs during use (which reeeeally pisses me off)--I use the pencils to color after woodburning and lead breakage seems to always have the knack to occur right at the moment it's in that persnickity place that u need to b sooo careful...grrrr! Keeping ur lead short may take a bit more time in sharpening, but u save on pencil lead.

CFSB88: @SilhouetteTing I find that sharpening them with a good quality utility knife with a weighty metal handle works best. It allows me to control the length of the core - I go for about half an inch which cuts down the amount of times I need to sharpen a pencil significantly. With using regular sharpeners, between having to struggle with multiple core breakages, the sharp point doesn't stay sharp for very long and you have too little exposed core to rotate and keep it sharp for very long.

advine84: I've been drawing for 25 years and I like these videos, but this woman makes me feel like an idiot! And I thought I knew how to sharpen a pencil...

rockyscarlet: i just used your technique and it works¡

Blick Art Materials Videos: Thanks for the note - we do ship internationally. Check out our website under Customer Service and Shipping.

DEASHAWN: i wish i was sponsor by prismacolor pencils!! i use them a lot! there the best!!!

CliffsofDover: Just got my 12 color set of Blick colored pencils! At about half the cost of prismacolor premiere they're a GREAT deal! I havent tried any of the even fancier brands like Faber Castell's polychromos series but I used to have the 72 color set of prismacolor premiere and I'd say Blick's own brand is about equal quality. Velvety smooth and nice intense color! Also just got a nice set of Derwent Grahic pencils and got out the ole Bargue copies.... bout to try the "Cours de Dessin" out ;)

PaintingPotato23: me too D:

Janga kuru: this is preaty uesfull

Blick Art Materials Videos: @AndromechA Yes! We actually DO sell that sharpener at Blick! Take a look on our website... pickleblick . com/products / prismacolor - colored - pencil - sharpener /

Blick Art Materials Videos: @FRB1420 I am not sure which website you were looking at. The Blick website offers these sets at a much, much lower price.

Rene Lee: You know you're a dork when you're watching art supplies infomercials and you're enjoying every minute of it. ;)

kyrakyramyra: Is there any problem with using a knife to sharpen them, like you'd sharpen a charcoal pencil? I find I can get a nice long edge to work with that way.

FireStormBaller: @Schubelicious They come sharpened already dude.

fatfoxclown: I just tried the technique myself messy but effective you definitely gotta wash your hands after

FRB1420: @BlickVideos Oh sorry I was looking at the wrong website! Lol. Yes I just went on your website and you have them for WAY lower. Hmm, maybe I'll splurge on a nice wooden box set.

MGOFadeToBlack: every time i try to sharpen my prismacolor it just flattens even with the techniques you've shown guess im just going to keep using a belt sander

Hepburn Revamp: @MIDNAq1LINK For the price of prisma color markers I usually just go to copic. Copics blend so much better

TheLonelyImmortal: Whoa. I was doing it like such an idiot. haha :) I was thinking about every pencil sharpener I've used- electrical and crank, and they all move while the pencil holds still. Wow :) haha :)

Blick Art Materials Videos: @FRB1420 I'm glad you found our page! Blick works hard to make sure we offer products at the lowest prices. Thanks!

dezzo808: @suntanners me too -_- lol

JeffersonDinedAlone: I work exclusively in drawing, and I exclusively use Prismacolor colored pencils (soft) and Verithins (hard). I believe that they are the best quality, and their expense can be diminished if you purchase them by the box of 1 dozen and buy in quantity. I receive a substantial discount for quantity purchases. As for sharpening, I use a heavy-duty electric, and the only consideration there is not to over-sharpen, as that will waste material.

Juri Kawasoe: i love her voice...very clear and kind...:)

Blick Art Materials Videos: @0ChocolateEyes0 If you happen to find an online or printed price that is lower than Blick - let us know and we will match it!

Nathalie Gonzalez: After watching the video, I fell completely and utterly in love with the 132 set. After checking your website, I couldn't find the product with the encasement like it is on the video. Is there any way to get my hands on the 132 set of prismacolor WITH the encasement?

LuluComesFromMars: @FireStormBaller it depends on the label when you buy them; the ones that come sharpened are noramally labled 'pre sharpened.

TheSamsonite11: dude thanks so much my pencils work so well and there not cheap so when they dont sharpen right it suck

SexyOlivia65: Why can't it be like £50.00 for all the prisna colours? With the markers and all that, and the pastles?! I would have got them all then! :-(

mary w: Wish I hate looked before I sharpened the whole set (electric sharpener) and had several tips pull out. Now it won't happen again. Thanks for the tips!

cottoncandy6251: Do you sell the wooden set on your website?

pearse984: I want those pencils give them to me for free please!!! I got the art sticks they are the best!!!

awsomeofthecool: I know far too many people who do the rocking thing... Grr...

deidara27: who else is sharpening their pencils right now?
How to Properly Sharpen Prismacolor Pencils 4.7 out of 5

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How to Properly Sharpen Prismacolor Pencils