Tokyo Marui VSR10 G Spec (M24 Replica)

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chloe chan: I am planning to buy one, what scope did u use?

Chris Bach: its a TM it only shoots 280 out f the box

norman bates: @Thermoshocker I did nothing to it. I bought it brand new that's all

Philip Foy: how did you get it so silent and get the bolt to pull back so easily as i have a g-spec as well?

norman bates: @shawn4201111 I don't remember. but you can get it on uncompany. com

norman bates: @butshoofd in an airsoft shop. not online

norman bates: @RipSTXiceman it lack of power. it needs to be upgraded. but it's still accurate over 50 meters

RipSTXiceman: It looks like your shooting extremely close range is it also accurate at long range? (just making sure)

norman bates: @chickenlad123 280 fps. if you can upgrade it, then do it, because this rifle is really accurate, it deserve to be more powerfull. but you can also use it for cqb because when you remove the suppressor, the rifle become very short. silent and accurate describe the G spec

chickenlad123: Im thinking about getting this gun and i was wondering what the approximate range of this gun is stock. Please answer thank you
Tokyo Marui VSR10 G Spec (M24 replica) 5 out of 5

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Tokyo Marui VSR10 G Spec (M24 replica)