Kahr CM9 Vs Ruger LC9: Accuracy And Size Comparison

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Don Grimes: LC9 trigger is a little tricky.  You're pulling rather than squeezing in my opinion.  After putting 700+ rounds through my LC9, my accuracy at 7 yards is good.  15 yards is fair.

Powerpickle68: Sorry,your accuracy test is completely void,nothing scientific about it.

Mateo Medellin: I CAN only hit the target if I aim up 1 oclock

Powerpickle68: Ammo is important when it comes to accuracy! What ammo were you using? I have a Glock 19 and shooting Blazer brass 115 grain fmj,I can't group for shiznit at 25 feet. With S&B 115 grain fmj at 25 feet it is fantastic. Sorry I have to nit pick but its because there are so many accuracy reviews that never talk about the ammo when ammo is very important. My friends Sig p250 loves federal 115 fmj,great accuracy! but it hates Herters like its a passion of hate.

jlmcgrot: well, to be fair, the Ruger is shorter if you remove that pinky extension WHEN comparing 7 round magazines. Those Kahr magazines are one of the biggest head scratchers in handguns. Of course, I'd rather have the 6 rounder for carry.

seth3000gt: As far as triggers go in my opinion after shooting both, the Kahr is superior as far as a target/range gun goes(lighter, shorter, crisper) , but for a panic high stress defensive situation? the LC9's could be superior. And one other detail that is critical for future buyers is that you must use the slide stop to chamber the first round on the Kahr. Even the manual states it. The LC9 is not perfect, but the Kahr isn't any closer. Apples to apples really. Take care keep the videos coming.

seth3000gt: I like your videos but it seemed like in this one you kept defending the Kahr buy leaving stuff out and adding in something bad about the LC9. Like the safety lever on the LC9 for example, you say the LC9 is a tad thinner, "but, the safety lever sticks way out so." True, but then you forgot to mention the huge slide stop on the Kahr. U fired the LC9 more acc. but then hurry and give the Kahr a second chance. I could go on, but I wont. Don't take this in a negative way. Just feedback for you.

8025chris: The LC9 is a much better pistol.

IIDASHII: True story. The first time a shot a Kahr I HATED it. I've since gotten used to the trigger, and I want a PM9 BADLY!! They are GREAT little guns.

Bob Solla: i changed out my kahr cm9 sights from two dot factory to 3 dot trijicon and wow!;what a difference!the kahr is definitely a superior shooter than the ruger lc9!i`am sure after getiing more range time,i`m sure you`re shooting way better!

William Jabines: I still use my HP-22 with 40 grs CCI Mini Mag bullets. I can place all ten in the face/head in a full size targets within 10 yrds.

sham8723: Right.... but the buyer is interested in the basic potential accuracy of the gun...dude has a point, although he's a bit unnecessarily hostile in how he expresses it.

gauchitosimone: you still have both firearms? Which one do you prefer?

N SR: I was very interested in getting the PM9 because of its compact size for CCW... but as everyone knows the PM9 is pricey!!! around $700 for it. What are the big differences between the CM9 and the PM9?

Alex Garcia: Good comparison & good video!

JerryG1911: You make my gun look like crap chad hahaha jk!!! good comparison bro!
Kahr CM9 vs Ruger LC9: Accuracy and Size Comparison 5 out of 5

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Kahr CM9 vs Ruger LC9: Accuracy and Size Comparison