How To Build A Cob Oven - Part Three

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1f2i3v4i: Very interesting video. I didn't understand what the right opening of the door is: 17´´ high and how many inches wide?

NJ Homestead: Just found your channel. Subbed!
One question. Is there a wait time in between steps? Like, do you need to wait a day after the thermal mass, before the cob? Thanks for the great video. I'm inspired

Socol Gabriel: Is nice to see you turning back to real life:) close to natural.

Jennifer Charlton-Dennis: What type of sand did you guys use? I've read that beach sand or sand for sand boxes won't work. River sand? And how deep did you have to dig to get to the clay layer? We're in Ohio so our soil shouldn't be too different from yours. Thanks

bkpickell: I've seen a lot of people use stucco as a finishing layer. any drawbacks to using that?

Also, I see a lot of COB ovens that have chimneys.. Is there an advantage to having one vs not having one?
How to Build a Cob Oven - Part Three 5 out of 5

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How to Build a Cob Oven - Part Three