Homemade Jointer

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Homemade jointer build
Homemade jointer build
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My Homemade Jointer
First Tests on Homemade Jointer
First Tests on Homemade Jointer
home made jointer. multi purpose sander
home made jointer. multi purpose sander
Homemade jointer
Homemade jointer

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Spencer Thayer: You're pretty much a genius.

Patrick Jane: adjusting deez nutz

Kyle Rogers: There's a few people I'd love to meet on YouTube. Your one of them, your work is amazing, you attention to detail is way up there. Your just incredible, keep it up

Swapster .com: 2:10 cracks me up.

Mike Cunningham: couldn't of you just put the motor on the otherside 

Deestainglass01: You are a very smart man and I enjoy your videos very much. Looking forwarded to more. Thank you.

eugenerk: Hey Matthias, are there any reasons other than right handedness and convention that prevent you from just turning the Jointer around and feeding from left to right, in order to avoid having to work over the large pulley? 

8brandt8: I'm not worthy. Nice job.

1crazynordlander: I have two planers. A Delta TP400LS 12.5 inch like yours and a big 600 pound cast iron Delta 15 inch which has a bad feed gearbox (it has high speed only) and Delta does not offer parts anymore. Thinking about doing this but since my 220 volt 15 inch monster planer doesn't have a feed I would use it. Overkill on the size maybe? I think I can rig up a variable speed gear motor to run the feed rollers to make it a good planer again so maybe get your plans for the TP400LS and sacrifice that one for the jointer. Thoughts? Any ideas for a gear motor to run my feed rollers on my 15 inch? I can send pictures if you like.

sallgood: Why do so many of you feel useless from watching this video? Just buy Matthias' plans for the machine and build it. Take your time, be careful and you will get it.

woodsprout: Christschool,  I can understand that feeling in comparing myself to Mattias.  But consider that he grew up around a custom sawmill/woodshop. 

Scott Varena: Amazing engineering skills!! What a great innovative mind! Great job!!

christschool: Sometimes Matthias just makes me want to quit and sell my tools.  I'll never have these skills.  I feel like such a loser when I see his innovations.

lowrider9367: How many hr's do you figure you have in your planer?

John Simonetti: What is the lowest rpm motor reccomended to power the cutter head?

berighteous: That's so cool. 

realemonful: I have to say that's pretty impressive


Thaabiet Barnes: can you show me how to make a really good drill press out of  wood?
Homemade jointer 5 out of 5

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Homemade jointer