Homemade Jointer

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Homemade Jointer First Cuts.
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richard salinas: a 68 envidiosos no le gusto el video¡¡¡¡

Clyde Decker: Matthias, I have noticed you use a homemade square for cross cutting dimensional lumber rather than the triangular square. I love yours because it has a longer side for those wider dimensions. I always get a snipe or two when I am in a hurry. Got plans or videos that cover yours?

Robert Vernon: What is the difference between a jointer and a plainer? Thanks

Joshua Courtney: already purchased the plans and looking forward to building this. what kind of motor would you recommend? I'm seeing used 1hp table saw motors in the 70$ range. I'm wondering what would give enough power yet still be cost effective

Chunky Savage: awesome DIY stuff... Make it instead of buying it! thanks for sharing your videos!

Jason Holland: I always in awe by your skill and your accomplishments.  Great job!

Mike Davis: Amazing. Seems like a fairly involved and daunting project, but very well-thought-out and well-crafted.

Bill Moss: Matthias - I have watched several of your videos, some more than once and I am amazed as to the amount of thought you put into a project.
I have been wondering, where do you find the motors for your projects?
Good work!!! You are the "bar" by which I measure others to.

Micha nije vazno: What is the power and RPM blades on this machine?

gratefulRed69: This guy could make an artificial hip out of wood for grandma....if he so desired. I swear..the things this guy does are remarkable. I wish I had just 1/100th of his creativity/ability in the shop.

Marvin Janes: I think I remember hearing you say that you put the metal top down with screws?  How do you keep the screws from getting in the way of the work as it passes through?

Sina Etemadian: Hi Matthias I just purchased your plans for this and was wondering why you don't use MDF for the infeed and outfeed to avoid warpage? Thanks!

metals: Wonderful work and explanation. Thank you for sharing.


Elijah Stephens: This is really neat. I love seeing the DIY people do. This one though. It just seems like it would take as long to build as it would take to simply save up the money and by a larger jointer. Well at least it would for me anyway. I get maybe 3 days a week to work on my projects and out of those 3 days I only get a few hours each day. Building something like this would probably take me months. Hell it took me a month just to finish my new nightstands lol. Anyway. I still think its a great DIY. Always fun to see the things people come up with. Thanks for the video.

the boss chef: Adjust deeznuts

superjojo555: i like the green on your homemade equipment

Philip Vino: Man... You amaze me every time....

Róbert Tóth: Really great, thanks for the idea mate! I'm going to build one of my own:)

William Perez: man you can do anything with wood I wonder can you make a car outer wood. I love you channel thanks for what you do.
Homemade jointer 5 out of 5

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Homemade jointer