Homemade Jointer

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Martin Green: I've been dreaming of building one of these for a couple of years now, but I've never been able to justify tearing down a brand new thickness planer to do it. Now I'm thinking I could build by picking up a used cutter head from eBay and slapping on some fresh bearings and blades. Should be able to get it all for $200 and I already have some salvaged induction motors saved for a project like this. I'm not sure how many HP it would need for a 12" cutter head though.

Pedro Coutinho: muito bom

mindfreak001009: hi Mattias Wandel, do you have a video of your blades sharpening tools, like that jointer, planer etc.? thanks

Shinigami Lee: I love your home made tools. You have an engineers mind.

stuart: "most small planers mount the bully on the right side, which means you have to flip it and unfortunately mount it on the left side if you are going to build a jointer out of it" - master level problem

Adélson Soares: Olá vc vende a máquina.💲

Roman K: what kind of motor did you use? Can you please write the specs of the motor? Thanks

Дерекон: How can I get drawings of the machine, and whether it is possible to pay via PaYPal to your e-mail.

CGD AVID: Really enjoy all you videos...
Marius Hornberger is another person who does similar videos to yours. I believe he has gave you credit for some of the things he' has on his channel.

OK, that out of the way, Marius uses a planer/jointer combination for people like me that don't have a lot of space. These are more common in Europe but not so much in North America. I'd like to see if you can come up with a way to build something like that. Sure seems like it's possible.

Thanks for the great content!

Matt Hunt: i didnt see if someone had already mentioned this or not. you talked about the motor cover having an opening at the bottom so as to "hopefully not suck in any shavings" since your dust shoot empties out below (unless your shaving box is under the table) wouldnt it have more chances of pulling in a lot of dust? Would it not be better to have the opening pointed a long the side of the table towards you, to pull air in? just a thought. if im completely wrong, then let me know. it was just a thought.

Havre R: با سلام و عرض ادب کار قابل تحسینه ممنون میشم بیشتر از کارهایه شما دیدن کنم
Hello and thank you excellent designs are .havry Rostami of Iran

Петр Меда: Хороший станок. Тоже хочу начать заниматься деревообработкой на станках. До этого занимался отделочными работами. Ручной инструмент у меня есть, хочу с его помощью собрать необходимые станки. Matthias, чертежи и инструкции по сборке станков у вас есть на русском, а то английский не понимаю?

Vitality Massage: Initially I thought, "that can't be a flat top" (using plywood). Then, after you showed everything else and it looked so excellent, I couldn't imagine you'd not have the top flat. lol.

Fast Risk: Hi Matthias greetings from Malaysia. Fan of yours love your work :D. Hoping you could make a jointer/planer combo someday
Wishing you more success and prosperity in years to come

Johann du Preez: Hi, in your opinion, which would make the stronger and stable jointer, MDF or ply? For some reason, ply is not very commonly used in South Africa and it's quite expensive. Which other alternatives is there?

John Roe: Wow very impressive and I'm officially jealous

Jason Gardner: I Just happened upon your video "Planing boards wider than your jointer" I think that pretty much answers the question...if you want to answer cool if you have any other helpful hint. Thanks Matthias!

Jason Gardner: Matthias, I appreciate your clarification. This functions as both planer & jointer right? Since basically it's an inverted planer & stronger with the belt drive for sure. Is there really any critical difference?
{If I were too build this machine larger with the parts from a larger planer}
I imagine some kind of thin insulation on the inside of the box could muffle the motor noise...just a thought I had when I saw this video the first time, by no means a criticism...I really like your work. I'm inspired OK thanks!

Klawz: How to make plz

Johnny Dutch: He makes his own machines. What does he make with the machines? Machines.
Homemade jointer 5 out of 5

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