Home Made Tornado Shelter

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greenspiraldragon: Nice job. Put a latch on the inside and you have a safe room too. 1/4 steel would probably stop a lot of handgun rounds.

Joseph Zimbler: very cool

Ryan Knowles: What if you get stuck because of The house parts fall on it

Pilinchi1: All I have to say is WOW. Thank you kindly for taking the time to make and post the video. Just today I brought home 4 pcs of 6x10x1/4 steel plates and I will be building the same shelter as yours. Mine however will probably be 5x5x6H. The only things I will do differently is for the door to open inwards and I will weld some plate (with a 2-3" gap) behind the air inlets in case of a home invasion to protect from bullets or whatever else. With your little investment in the steel, your knowledge and tools got you a $5,000 return. I hope mine can look as good as yours. We'll have a couple of can air horns in ours, some drinking water, and a long list of other items :-)

Marvi Marv: I want one.

Joseph Zimbler: you should make and sell these, ide give you $1200. for 1....

HappyQuailsFarm: I think the angle iron anchor is the weak point. 

kkarllwt: A 4000 lb pickup truck flying through the air will shear that off the slab. I would have cut the floor and buryed at least 3 feet of it into the ground.
No-- I would have cut the floor-dug down about 4 1/2 feet. laid used free 8 inch block.and poured the garage floor back as 6 inch reinforced cement.  Sand gravel a borrowed cement mixer A hundred bucks for the metal for a hatch ( 24 by 30 in ). $300 and my labor--total-

Alan Waldo: I apologize if this has already been addressed..... I suggest welding a short piece of that channel over your air holes.  In case of a direct hit with debris it will not enter the shelter.

casey louderman: That is very nice, and strong built in my opinion. In your personal opinion do you think that would hold up to a strong twister? Great video, thanks. This is Tornadochase.1 hoping the best luck and always remember to be prepared because you never know what could spin your way.

mstscrapper: Very nice and yes you have a better chance surviving inside that structure then in a house. The goal is to survive the storm for a short period of time help is on it way to help you get out if the door is blocked because of a obstruction.

alex rad: why not use a propane tank?

Brian Patterson: Do you have any written plans for the shelter or a materials list? I would like to build one like this. Maybe a little smaller.

MSBINIL: First and foremost for all those worried about getting out of the that shelter, the idea is to survive a tornado, help will be there soon enough. Fantastic shelter bravo.

If you want to see a shelter NOT TO PURCHASE look up the perfect storm shelter..I love that fact they show 2x4's being shot at it but don't address the 3/4" gaps in the shelter. Yea I bought one, have NUMEROUS issues with it, their response, "sorry you're having problems". Once you get take delivery of it you are on your own, they stand behind NOTHING! I paid 5K for mine, think about that. Now I get to pay a local welder to fix their issues.

Again, very nice homemade shelter.

Will-i-am95: you sure did a professional job with this! hope you never have to use it

Tony Segrest: Nice job can't go wrong with steel. On question what happens if an object blocks the door and you can't get out?

playAgainMe: Good job on the shelter. I would feel safe in this shelter. If I only had a storm shelter big enough to drive my mopar underground so me and my classic ride could be safe.

meanstreak1986: That's pretty cool. Wish I knew how to weld...

willysnowman: Nice work!
Home Made Tornado Shelter 5 out of 5

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Home Made Tornado Shelter