Air Rifle Review S410 Vs Old BSA

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You dont know what you've got untill its gone.
You dont know what you've got untill its gone.

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ap72sentinal: STOP... YOU ALL NEED A LEE ENFIEL 303 OR A STG-44...or maybe even appsh

Vinnie182: I Remember starting on my BSA Lightning when I was about 12 or 13, used to weigh a lot for me back then and my dad who taught me how to shoot used to use a weihrauch 97k. Now 29 and using a Airarms S410 . Nice video.

Jon Federman: Every single video has these pathetic adverts why! Why should I have to waste my data on something I don't want to watch?

Lavo PlayZ: What BSA is that I have one and duno wat it's called

Roland Hawken: Nice looking rabbit. What breed is it?

Nick300wm: would have!

jakealater: talking about safety, 2,05 you allowed the barrel to swing freely...

TheMrWillje: Probably just for fun, to show how much air rifles have changed over the years

TheAegisClaw: Down to 100 bar when you tested it? That's pretty much empty.

stickman2661: 1 come check out my channel 2 try out the bsa xl tactical thats wot i use it really good

superhunter992: there front heavy other than that no fault at all

superhunter992: i am a big fan of the air arms guns but the 510 nothing comes close to it

Ali duncan: It's a BSA Cadet.

Ali duncan: That air weapons have come a long way since the bsa was made.

RodNDguN: Is it worth buying a second hand one?

srspower: Just because the s410 can hold 60 shots worth does not mean you can take it out three times before fill ups. You should always top up your PCP before you put it away for next time. This way you always know what power curve you're going to get and it ensures the valve and cylinder stay in top condition.

byron hilljones: H w 100 was on the cards cash flow would not stretch that far plus they are a heavy gun I wanted a light gun air arms 410 weighs around 5.5 lb . H w 97 9lb to front heavy can not steady it

Masterincommander: should have got a HW100 !

byron hilljones: Bought s410 carbine 3 month ago love it my hw97k stays in the cabinet now big difference with the p c p no twanging of the spring

ryan goodman: tes thts a great deal maybe to good to be true make sure rifle functions properly
Air rifle review S410 vs old BSA 5 out of 5

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Air rifle review S410 vs old BSA