Shooting Video With The Nikon D800 And D810

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Shooting Video With The Nikon D800 and D810
Shooting Video With The Nikon D800 and D810
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Scott Bowen: one of the best commentaries on the d800

Christian Lacasse: Thank you for this great review!

GeoPar: With shooting slow motion using 720p at 60fps, is it good practice to shoot all footage from then on for that movie using 720p or can you go back up to 1080p at 25fps etc?

Stephen Clare: Did I miss how to adjust resolution?

Laurence Grant: Nicely paced video. cheers. Would like to see more about staying in focus while moving !

Shakil Shekade: Best

Micro Doulo: WHAT IS THE BEST SETUP ON Nikon d810 for video

ÖZGÜR KAVAK: thanks a lot for the fantastic video

John Hughes: Can you talk a little faster :-) Your audience is here to try to learn, a little to fast to learn anything ....

Andrew Kling: What lenses did you use in this video? Primes? Do you have a video on picking lenses for the D800, or what to look for in a video lens, etc.

renderuthis: This 810 is making me crazy. Sometimes i turn the switch on back from camera to video and it does not change. I make my settings then hit live view and other settings pop up. I have s for shutter priority in live view but the camera does not care!? the shutter switch changes nothing. i spend hours trying to learn how to do the simple but cant. It took days to learn i must keep my fingers on my focus buttons for auto focus c. i thought the only usefulness was to take your fingers off. I know more functions means more to learn But i already know what i want and for a year i have not learned to do the simple with this camera. and why is the fastest shooting 60 fps.
Edit: I got it working. I reset default setting. I got the auto-focus continues working and the mode working in Live view. I have no idea what I could have done but it works now. Crazy thing!

Aztec Arts: Why Manual mode (M) VS (A) mode ?

Pavel Pshichenko: On the d800, can record onto sd card while monitoring through clean hdmi out?

Picturemation Vighon: you;re an idiot

S Dj: how to set autofocus WIDE area for video on D7100 ? I am stuck with normal area autofocus in video?

Carey Nussbaum: Great job!

ladyhawkna: Sorry.  I needed a to b .   Speaking way to fast.  Guess I need to find beginner 810 shooting with video

jeremy rundle: Great

madhu sudan Ghosh: Nice Demo Tutorial

Starving Artist 101: very nice thank you
Shooting Video With The Nikon D800 and D810 5 out of 5

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Shooting Video With The Nikon D800 and D810