Mining Turtle Tunnel Program With Features

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Mining Turtle Tunnel Program with Features
Mining Turtle Tunnel Program with Features
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KidMischiefHD: What is this challenge you speak of? O_O At any rate I don't feel confident enough with this stuff to join any kind of challenge :P

Kagura95: and efficient! Love the sound of pride. In your voice while talking about it! (I accidentally sent it before I was done.)

KidMischiefHD: I'm movin' on up! Wooo!

KidMischiefHD: hellooooooooooo

KidMischiefHD: Heh heh, already ahead of you on that thought. Though I wasn't sure if it was possible. But now that you're suggesting it, I guess it is :D to learn how.

Darkmanafest.: forgot to add this but the language your code is written in looks a bit like c++ but I'm not entirely sure because I've only done c++ basic

MrJustWaffles: i waaannaaaa prayyyy

draco0039: I ran your program, which works great with a few minor issues. I don't know if its because of the 1.5 update or what , but my turtle turns but doesn't place a torch and at a lave pool doesn't place a block.

KidMischiefHD: Well like I said, I don't really do programming on a regular basis, not even as . I only just learned lua a couple of days ago too. So I'm not really trying to compare myself to anyone. But yea, I've been told the crazy stuffs Guude can do. And thanks for your nice comment :)

KidMischiefHD: I could do it too, but you see, that's exactly what we were talking about, whether and how we should make it go around. The solution I ended up with was the simplest and as I showed not too big of a deal.

TheFinalL: 52 :D

CharredChar: And to add to this.. two more things would be awesome. One is to make it return to start after its done so you don't have to run down a long tunnel to retrieve it. Second would be to come back to start where you can place a chest for it to place items when full. ...And can think of more, wow, yeah, I see how things got out of hand fast when you made this. I may take a shot at it later when I have a free day or two to try and do such things.

j3dimindtrip: "pastebin get NT2nTYap dig" is the proper command, tested and it works!

CharredChar: There is an error in the code. When you try and run it you get something along the lines of [string "dig"]:2: ')' expected. Go to line 2, replace the { with a (, it should look like this.."clear")

Chuck Norris: Im so glad i found you on youtube =D

Joe Kage: How do u keep programs from pastebin on a turtle after breaking it cus i got a treefeller program and well for startes that program didnt work but when i broke my turtle it lost tha program so can u help me out please and thank you.

KAIIN3: Why the fu I don't get these messages?

KidMischiefHD: Really? I have to try that. I stumbled onto another command that supposedly copied the code from pastebin but it didn't work. Thanks for the tip.

KidMischiefHD: *as a hobby

Liam Cotter: this is the only thing im actually looking for in a turtle program... when people in ftb use quarries they dont make tiny ones they do huge ones so they dont have to always relocate them...

TheWolfNinja2: Three Youtuber's have done it (that i've seen) Ben (The original) { bwochinski } Gopher atl (Amazing at programming) annnnnnnd Myself! :o (Slowly but surely gettin' there :D ) I think it would be awesome for you to be the fourth!

KidMischiefHD: Thank you!

RobinSoup: you should make the turtle go around the diamond ore. i could do it ;)

Colby jdx: Nice ;)

KidMischiefHD: I thought about making it return to the starting point, but the only thing I didn't like about it is that it will use twice the fuel since it still uses it up for moving. I did come up with code to do that so I can send it to you if you want, but personally, it's a waste a fuel imo since you're still going to go down the tunnel to check for ores on the walls and floor anyway.

Bill -Cardzy- Schultz: Thank you. Great little program. Works well for me.

AnonAB: Can du copy it in to a mining turtle?? If no then schould i just type it in self if i can use it?

Joshua T: should add it to return and dump in a chest and loop and continue mining not just stop at end.. if u did this i would soooo use it!

KidMischiefHD: You have to be careful about that because if the inventory gets full stuff will just start dropping on the ground. Although I have always been able to go up to 100 blocks with little problem, which to me is more than far enough each go.

CharredChar: I can only think of one thing that would make this perfect... Some way for it to put cobble around the 2x1 for any open blocks, a lot like it does to make a bridge. That way you don't have to worry about or deal with lava flooding the tunnel.

KidMischiefHD: You have to name your turtle so it can remember programs. You do that by typing in label set 'name'. So for example, I named mine diggy; I type in --> label set diggy

Dustin Nunyo: sweet dude, I know a little C++ myself but I'm not really familiar with lua lol I should check out computer craft, it seems pretty cool, I don't want the whole FTB though seems WAY to complicated lol...

Jason Dickie: type in computercraft pastebin NT2nTYap [newfilename] or something like that im very sleepy sry for bad typin long story short it imports to mc from pastebin website

Miloking101: You are smart

KidMischiefHD: Praaaaaaaaaay!

KidMischiefHD: That waste a lot more fuel, I didn't like that so I left it as is.

Kory Northrup: how do you make it a different hole size?

KidMischiefHD: Perish the thought!

Darkmanafest.: I have a question, what is the programming language that your code is written in? I can kind of follow it and figure out what bits of code does exactly what but I don't think I've seen this language in my programming class yet.

KidMischiefHD: Didn't catch that, thank you. I fixed it.

KidMischiefHD: Thanks

thesharpy9: if u go to the folders of the turtle (out side of minecraft) and drag the download in there then the turtle will have the program... just look it up :P

Kagura95: Really cute

InokoReyes: great!

CharredChar: Yeah I figured that out shortly after posting. I'm still learning so I haven't actually attempted it yet but it shouldn't be hard to do if I had an example of the code.. which I will look for later.

DradsWorldLP: and you programed all my turtles to be mining pros

TheWolfNinja2: Oh wow kid xD I love programming with Computercraft, I'm actually doing the Computercraft challenge! It's really fun and I think you should try it! :D

Riskteven: What if it runs into magma or water at the _front_ of it?

kykis100: really,13 views?

scepticzz: You should look into triangulation. You get three computers to check the coordinates of the turtles and with them you can make the turtle tell you when it found diamonds or a dungeon and so on.
Mining Turtle Tunnel Program with Features 4.6 out of 5

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Mining Turtle Tunnel Program with Features