Replacing A Leaking Power Steering Hose

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Replacing A Leaking Power Steering Hose
Replacing A Leaking Power Steering Hose
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Sameer Williams: Would the power steering pump make your check engine light come on

micheal “synthryder” moiseiwitsch: Can air leak in thru the steering gear and fill power steering system. Dodge 3500 gasoline.
2002 we changed the hydro boost power steering pump, steering is bubbling out with lots of air. We're guessing that air is sucking thru the steering gear box.
Is their a way to detect where air is sucking into the lines. Also the brake pedal is slow to return about 2 and half seconds.

Jacob Steiner: i hav a 95 gmc yukon 1500. its sluggish going uphill and trying to give it gas. could this be the cat being too clogged?

Lisa Morris: Hey Scotty, my mom's mechanic says she needs to replace the power steering return hose on her 2002 kia optima v6. We've ordered two parts but he says they're the wrong parts. He described it as the long line going from the rack and pinion to the reservoir. Will you please do a video of how to replace this part? Or maybe even where its located under the hood so we can know what it looks like. Thanks

ManDroid: Hi Scotty! I have a  2001 Dodge Durango Can you get the hose out without any special tools like a torque wrench or will it do with a cheater bar? Also, will this process on the car on the video be the same on mine? Thanks!!

Chanel Wade: I gave a 2005 Chrysler 300 it has a leak I'm trying to figure out where the leak is. I can't find it 

Jay Santos: How can I tell if there are any leaks from the rack and pinion itself?
Or are they limited to the hoses only?

1impalaman: Generic PS fluid in a Mercedes?

Jarmahent: After I changed the hose my car is making weird noises when i accelerate and when I turn my wheel. Other than that my car runs fine but Tha noise is scaring me. What is it?

Hector Atanasio: Hi Scotty, I have a 1998 Mercury Sable. A friend told me you would have to lift the engine to get to the power steering pressure line on the wall. Is this true. Or would I be able to reach it by removing the tire as in your video. Please let me know as soon as you can. I want to do this myself.

Carbonyll CO: hey scotty!!!! quick question. I have 2012 camaro ss. Why does a hose from steering column go into condenser? Is there a way to by pass that if i wanted to delete condenser all together. Thank you so much!!!

MrEraider60: I have a 2004 Chevy Impala, and just recently, I lost my steering due to the cold. Today, I found out that the power steering hose near the bottom of the engine has broke off at the end. Can it be put back on or will I need to replace the entire hose?

Mountain Parameters: This is weird because I just fixed a power steering leak in my Merc ML430 yesterday, then I stumble on this when I am looking at Hand Warmer videos. I think I Googled "using ATF for power steering". So I assume the browser 'shaped' my suggested videos, but how the heck did it know I was also working on a Merc? Perhaps that part was just co-incidence. Anyway, I got lucky and it was just a loose clamp (brought the vehicle in from Japan and it turns out they were all loose), but in the meantime happy to have discovered this channel as a resource for solving my future problems.

Kyle Mickuykendal: great video awesome friend thanks for sharing about how to replace the hose on the return line in conjunction with a power steering fluid leak ...
this has really help me. a billion times ..

aik bacha: I have Honda civic 2008 it's staring is peeking how to fix and ghair all so making noice when I am changing the ghair please help me 

Thomas Salley: That was an impressive pour!@1:59

Gail Barker: Hi Scotty:  Would the concept of this video help for a 2008 Pontiac G6 as they are wanting to charge me over 11 hundred plus tax just for the hoses plus tax including labour....and an additional $350 plus tax if we require the pump replaced....My husband is quite handy with cars and has proper tools....He worked all day and evening and is in bed and the car is not here so I could look under the hood...Please give some advise...Thanks.

Walid Elafany: hey there i have a  2002 c240 mercedes and it starts fine but i when i get ready to drive it and hit gas it stutters and feels like its beginning to lose power but it doesnt but then later on when driving if i stop at a stop sign it will shut down and i would have to start the car again but it would start fine again,and when i am at a redlight or stopped i hit the gas it would take about 4 seconds to accelerate if you know the solution to this is would help alot. Thank you 

Joe Nicastro: so scotty I repaired my steering lines with trans lines and compression fittings how do u feel about this
Replacing A Leaking Power Steering Hose 5 out of 5

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Replacing A Leaking Power Steering Hose