Minecraft Creeper Costume (Tutorial)

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Minecraft Creeper Costume (Tutorial)
Minecraft Creeper Costume (Tutorial)
Creeper Head Tutorial - How to Make A Minecraft Creeper Costume
Creeper Head Tutorial - How to Make A Minecraft Creeper Costume
Creeper Costume for Youmacon 2011 (Making Of) - Minecraft
Creeper Costume for Youmacon 2011 (Making Of) - Minecraft
Creeper Head Tutorial - How to Make A Minecraft Creeper Costume
Creeper Head Tutorial - How to Make A Minecraft Creeper Costume
How to Make a Minecraft Costume Steve's Head EASY!!
How to Make a Minecraft Costume Steve's Head EASY!!

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MiiWii3dsFan912: THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH. When I wore this costume all the other kids Trick Or Treating Said Minecraft! and some people gave me extra candy and one kid said he saw Steve. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christine Gomez: so i made this costume for my son doing exactly what you said to do, i just don't understand why you say to tape all the boxes together.  how did you get the kids in the box.  i tried putting it over him like a shirt but he did not fit through the bottom part. any suggestions?

TakeALookAtThis: How come your linked images do NOT have a dark border around each individual block, yet your costume, and video shows  borders around each individual block?    What am I missing?

amyplays MCPE (xcxkittyxcx): I actually found a creeper head at the store. Haloween stores mostly.

Mahshid Moussavi: When I print out the templates for the face and follow the instructions I get 11.5" across on each side of the face but the box is 12''.  What am I missing?

missminx11: Hi again, I have one more question. When I print out the templet, should I make it bigger? I read in the comments that someone enlarged it to 135%. Does that sound right, or should I print it out as is.
I can't wait to do this! Both of my Sons want to be this, for my 9 year old I'm going with 12x12x40 and cut what I need too.

missminx11: Hi, thank you for sharing this! What a clever and cute costume. Do you think an eight year old could fit into this? My Son is on the smaller size. I know you mentioned it was a little snug for your Son. I know the depth has to be smaller too.
I think I could pull this off, just trying to figure out it it would fit him.
Thanks :)

Sasha Noble: Can u do a Steve 

Pablo Rogel: Sell it to me

Nerd Night Vlogs: A steve had a baby with a creeper and its baby had steves arms

Catherine L: I made this for my son and he was the biggest hit in our city's history with the costume. I've never felt so good as I did today with the comments on what I made... with your help. I would love to share a photo with you if possible. Thank you for this... might sound silly but being able to make this costume made a difference in my life I can't really explain.

ninnyworld: can you please tell me how large are 6 year old boys

ninnyworld: can u please answer my questoin i loved the video though how tall are these 6 year olds because i am really small 4 my age and i thought that that the original dimensions might fit me but Halloween is tom. so i have no time to get halfway through making it and realize it does not fit please respond today

judith parra: hi im trying to make creeper and steve for my boys. do u have the full body for steve?

nuevosshakkas: got em. i guess they dnt come out on the mobil version of youtube. thanks..

nuevosshakkas: what happenned to the hyperlinks for the template?

Ken Small: Awesome

Becky Jones: Thank you for the idea and instructions. This is my first attempt at making a costume and your instructions made it very simple. My son (age 6) won a costume contest by wearing his creeper costume and all the other kids loved it too.

Jill LeBaron: Thank you for the great tutorial. When my son (age 6) said he wanted to be a creeper, I wasn't sure that I was up to making a costume for him. You made it very easy! I really appreciate you taking the time to put together these instructions - it has saved me a ton of time and effort, and the finished product looks great! Thank you!

renee myles: i ru donte o ho ward
Minecraft Creeper Costume (Tutorial) 5 out of 5

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Minecraft Creeper Costume (Tutorial)