Samsung Galaxy S2 Disassembly For Repair

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ellie rivera: I really need help ASAP! I dropped my galaxy and it kept turning off at random times and just vibrating softly every 2-3 seconds. I tried fixing it and taking out the battery and when I try turnint it on it only stays on the boot screen, it doesn't go further than that, what should I do?!

dreamygirl1994: hi i would like to ask for you're help, my samsung won't work I took it to three people to fix it they all say they need to change the mother boarde I asked if they could keep the memory save because is have too many dear things I don't want to loss but they said its to hard and they can't do it, you seem to have good knowledge about this would u be able to do a tutorial about how to change the I know i'm asking for too much but you would be giving me great help and it would be a favour I will be always thankful for. 

jordan lowes: hi man my simcard is broke do you think i can change the simcard i went to mitro they say i need new board but i find the simcard online 

Tyndle: Thank you for the video! I browsed few other ones but you explained the parts and the disassembling process the best. Thank you for the help, my phone that well in the toilet and didn't start up anymore now functions perfectly!! I'm still baffled that I fixed my phone only with isopropyl alcohol and a tooth brush :D

Mike Post: It's true, actually. Pure ethanol is NOT sold in most countries. It is sold with the added methanol that is toxic and deadly in very small doses.

Blitz4000: A bit true but that liquid is a solvent which evaporates too quickly and cannot totally eliminate friction and it's also non-conductive. The best way is to have the device, including you, properly grounded.

Leona Moran: My Galaxy S2 stopped ringing, no notifications, no sound with music and there is no sound when I have it on speaker phone. I tried to turn up all the setting for the volume and still nothing. I can hear and be heard on phone calls. Does the speaker need to be replaced?

MrSpywhite: @seanlen1981 buy a walldock charger off ebay, they are cheap and work well, also consider buying a second battery. that way you always have a charged battery ready to go. I was never able to get the USB charge working, it must have been damaged beyond repair.

Peace!!!: Thank you and God bless you friend.You saved me at least 250 dollars.Subscribing just to be thankful.

yoboihte: Hi MrSpywhite, my S2 power button is malfunctioning, i disassembled it and tried to look for a short but couldnt find anything, is there any way to fix the power button? The problem with it is that it starts the phone when i put the battery and it keeps turning off on the splash screen and keeps vibrating every couple seconds after that.

thehybridlycan: i spoke to soon, now the power on/off button not working. had to take out battery to put in sd card. now it wont switch on nor would it show charging screen.

TrickerBrad: I fell in a pool with my phone 6 months ago, it had not turned on since. After watching your video I took it apart and cleaned it all up and now it semi works. Thanks for the video. I do however still have some issues, the Micro SD slot is not recognising cards and, I can't get any signal from my provider. I have been looking in to replacing the atenna. It is just the antenna cable I want to replace? Online some places say the speaker section is also an antenna? Any help would be great, Thanks

aminuk23: that brush is made of plastic not wool so the answer 2 ur question is no it won't generate static.

TheSquallies: Hey, I was wondering if there are any water damage indicators on the back side of the board or is there just the one in the battery bay?

MrSpywhite: @pleepotnl have you tried a new battery and what parts, if any have you replaced?

WRINGAVIDMASTER: hahahahahahha its F***ed! microwave hahahahahahahhahahhahah

MrSpywhite: @MrSpywhite err that should be "before you flashed the stock rom, you wiped all data caches."

Sharon Zuck-Dignard: I have a Samsung S IIX I really need a circuit board if your video doesnt work - where can I buy circuit boards online? Where did you buy your parts from? Thank you

Gaynor Barnes: Get your facts straight before slagging British people off and learn how to spell !! Idiot !

Christian Salmeron: Hello, i need your help, how can i replace the power switch for my samsung galaxy s2 epic 4g d710?

Dyallo: Hey MrSpyWhite. My phone is all eff'd up. At first, it wouldn't connect to my computer (tried 3-4 different computers), all it did was start charging via USB. Then today, I tried blowing into the USB-port to clear out any dust. Then after that, it wouldn't even charge through niether USB or AC charger. I'm thinking the USB port is messed up in some way. Any ideas? Dyallo.

blue1985stfu: How is that speaker assembly held into that case? Mine just went out and I had ordered a replacement part.

jNwad A.: Thank you man! but i have problem with my galaxy s2 it is restart when i shut down also there is a problem with charging it is charge after few seconds when i plug the charger and when i unplug the charge the pointer of battrey still charge afew seconds..!!!! it is micro usb problem or what?? PLEASE..PLEASE... I WAITING YOUR OPINION Mrspywhite....

Taran Smith: Try going into settings > sound > volumes, then adjust the ringer and notification volume to full, or desired volume.

DoxTheOnenOnly: Hey dude I rooted my tmobile galaxy s2 and after rooting the softbuttons won't work anymore. I've done all the "software" methods of changing kernels and stuff and reflashing stock roms etc. but nothing has been helpful. Is there anyway to disassemble the phone and see if theres anything I can do hardware wise?

Gonzalo Rayo: Hi man, I change the usb flex cable following your other video, and now the 3g conection is not working anymore, only edge, it works for a couple of days and then stop, for more than a week already, do you have any idea if replacing the usb flex cable again could it fix it, or somehow? cheers

khan333211: hello.. i have problem with my gS2. few days ago it shows the battery charging sound again n again ,,, while it isnt connect wih charger .. then i open its back case i just saw some water in it .. n now it still giving charging sound .. and when i ut the battery in mobile its give some battery error masseg on screen while it is off .. n some time turn on and some time it isnt turn on ... can u please give me any solution ... n why this is happing???? please i am waiting for ur comment please

TrickerBrad: Fixed the Memory card Slot with some additional cleaning, and also I replaced the antenna cable, This did not help with my reception issues, after googling for hours I fear I may have some how activated the external antenna at some point thus (Acording to many forums) breaking the internal one somehow, So im going to get a quote from a repair centre as I can't find anyway for myself to fix this issue. Again Great Video, Thanks!

muney: hw do u take the chip off, and hw do you change imei plz need help !!

Endo Gamy: In UK the government forbids the sell of any type of cleaning alcohol from any supermarket or chemist store.... there is a concerne that their sick Brits might drink it!!!

MrSpywhite: @Masuuuuud Without opening it and looking for broken internals? First guess would be the screen, considering it's cracked that would be the first thing I would replace.

maria mercado: My phone shut down by itself and turns back on and the power button wont work when i try to lock the screen ... What do you think it might be the problem?

MrSpywhite: Use an electrical contact cleaner that is safe for printed circuit boards, use it sparingly, and only on the water damaged areas. Apply it with a very soft tooth brush or even a cotton swab. Do not spray it directly onto the board even if it says it's safe to do so.

MrSpywhite: @DoxTheOnenOnly it's a software problem I would imagine. Wiping all data caches when installing any ROM is fairly important. So unless you damaged it physically, I am betting it's software related.Guessing that after you flashed back to the stock ROM you wiped all data caches, and after the ROM flash you did a factory reset as well?

zlaten zlate: i had the same problem... but no 1 pushed me and it fell in a toilet... with a piss... the moral of the story is that in 2 days time didnt trurn on... it turn on in 2 months... and with an externaly charged battery :) so i bought external charger and 5 spare baterrys... GL mate...

icille Littleton: my phone fell in the toilet and it stoped working but I put it in dry rice and it starts back working but then one day i cut the phone off and it never come

José Alaiza: Hey! Awesome vid! It help me a lot!!

devilyc00br0: hey my s2 is not wrking i dnt know wat happend friends bad dirty hands and took it with me and my friends had dirty hands and now it doesnt wrk when i charge it it doesnt boot or show the thingy pls if u can help me ill tell my friends to give your video a like

Luis Torres: @MrSpywhite The phone is working normally, but the screen is red :(

Peace!!!: Thanks a lot buddy.My phone turned on and is working fine.Just have one problem left.GPS keeps saying searching for gps when gps location is turned on and under direct sky.Would you please tell me where the gps receiver is.I will give that a clean and see how it goes.Thanks again.

Taran Smith: Scratched the screen? It's probably cracked, mine fell from the second story of my house, down to the first, and shattered the digitizer and the amoled display (LCD screen) the phone still turns on but no display is shown and the touch screen does not respond, so this could be what possibly happened to you, and in this case the whole front screen will need to be replaced, the LCD display comes glued to the digitizer, it would be better to have an experienced person replace it for you.

fettesps: It was my understanding that methylated spirits were commonly available there, often used by backpackers to fuel their stoves. It's basically the same as rubbing alcohol.

Sean Lenehan: Hello, I have a problem with my sgs2 that i bought 2nd hand. It says it 100% charged and when i plug it out it only charges to about 12% etc thats when its powerd off. and when i am charging it when the phone is on,it says its charging but it keeps draining all the way down.i have updated the version from 2.3.3 as i read that had issues with draining.i have tried a new battery and charger,would anyone have any ideas what i should do next

DebaterOfMath: Say "out" more!

Volunteeringjobsthai: i have a s2 too, the phone doesnt turn on- i took it to be repaired but they checked it and told me it cant be fixed!! i already have an s4 but my question is - can i take out the internal memory to retrieve my photos and videos that were on the phones memory? if i can remove it, can i then somehow? download them to my computer? thanks

pleepotnl: Sir, i also have a problem with my sg2.I fell into a pool and when i came home i did my phone in a bucket of uncooked rise for several hours. When i tried to start it up i heard some bubbling but it didnt start up. The next day i tried again but no respons at all. I followed the steps in your video but it still doesn't work. Have you any idea what the problem could be? Srry for my english and i really, really hope you answer :S Thx,

MrSpywhite: I would open it, clean it and replace all parts that have corrosion or damage. You may have damaged the screen.

pulpoconpatacas: Hello, Do you know if the phone works without all the components connected ?? because i want to discard the bad pieces, i mean, ¿does it work only if i connect the motherboard + battery + screen? without cameras, speakers, usb flex, etc... or i need to connect all them to test? THX!!

fatShowPony: Rubbish Maplin has it for starters...

Blitz4000: Would rubbing a brush on the board generate static electricity on a static sensitive device?
Samsung Galaxy S2 disassembly for repair 4.1 out of 5

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